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Author Topic: Xanatos and his Fantasy/Sci-fi ideas  (Read 1037 times)

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Xanatos and his Fantasy/Sci-fi ideas
« on: September 26, 2010, 02:16:07 PM »

Things to Consider Before Moving On

-As is the case with many others, I would like partners who can write well. Mistakes are expected, so do not fear about hateful remarks. For a good idea of the writing I would prefer to see, use my own writing as an example. I will be looking into your writing if you PM me. I don't expect to find stellar writing (although that is always good to see). I know not everyone is an amazing writer.

-I would like a partner who is willing to put time and effort on the creation of the RP. I am not saying it has to take forever, but I want some time put into it instead of it being rushed. My experience with rushed RP's is not the best, thus I would like to stress putting time into an RP will result in a better RP (generally).

-I am not against males playing females, since I play mostly females in the first place. However, any male players must play convincing females. Also guys, keep in mind that my O/O's usually are quite different and a bit more conservative than most other guys. You might not fit with mine, so be sure to check into my O/O's before getting too attached on the plot.

To get a hold of me, please PM. If you post in here its not a bad thing, but PM will work much quicker. The Red lettered notice that I have PM's is always the first thing I notice when getting onto E.

Plot Ideas

He Belongs to Me!
Type: None Stereotypical Succubus plot, Fantasy Sci-fi hybrid, none traditional female/male role
Subject Matter: Could be anything, definitely NC at its very least. Probably some Vanilla in the beginning between husband/wife.
Characters: M/F/F (Human male, Human Female, Succubus. If partner wants none human character, I am open for ideas. I, however, prefer humanoid looking aliens.)

A married couple which live together in happiness find themselves suddenly torn apart as the husband is seduced into an affair by an unearthly beautiful woman (succubus). The wife is shocked and horrified that her husband could betray her, but soon realizes something isn't right. She decides to fight for her husband; though, soon realizes she is in for more than she realized.

Brief summary: As noted above, this will be a mix of fantasy and science fiction. The married couple will be from the science fiction world while the succubus is obviously from the fantasy world. The wife will have to deal with an unknown world (fantasy) and all its dangers to get her husband back. The fantasy and science fiction worlds have only just come together via a portal, so things are really getting crazy for both worlds. This means that there is likely to be a lot of crap hitting the fan that she will have to deal with in her own world and in the fantasy world.

I am leaving this intentionally vague because there is so much that can be done here. I want to work out the details with any potential partner. We don't have to think up every little thing ahead, for times sake as much as just to avoid the tedious, but I want the major details done before we start if it can be done.

Characters: My male character will not be submissive nor a pansy; the marriage is an equal marriage with both man and woman being equal in all things, sex included (though a slightly submissive wife from time to time is fun). The husband simply falls prey to the magic of the succubus and will be rescued from it by his wife; this means she has to be strong and able to take care of herself (she might like to let her husband have his way with her at times, but this does not mean she can't think independently). Most importantly, I am looking for the wife to be able to think reasonably, and realize her man is not behaving like himself and that his "new" woman must be manipulating him. I will be playing the succubus as well; unless my partner wants too. I would like my partner to play the wife at the very least. NPC's and or any other characters made can be decided upon during the discussion of details.

Lastly, expect plot, plot and more plot. Also expect sex. I am on E for a reason. You just don't have to worry about me going sex crazy. Plot is more interesting to me than mindless sex.

Possible Outcomes

-The wife gets her man back (this is my primary outcome)
-Potentially the wife ends up seduced by the succubus as well, both forever her pets. (This would obviously be a "bad" ending.)
-Any other idea we might like.
Type: Undecided
Subject Matter: NC, BON, Vanilla, Possible Extreme (if partner agrees/find a story need), anything else wanted.
Characters: M/F or F/F (I do so love to play female characters, so I always lean towards F/F but am not against playing a male)

This story will involve my character, and possibly his/her girlfriend/wife who live with several pixies (all female). Pixies are not fully intelligent like a Human but are not completely stupid either. They seem to have the intelligence level of a 10 year old or younger, quite curious, playful, mischievous at times, innocent. Pixies are about the size of someone's hand. They bond to whomever they first see upon birth. My character and possibly the girlfriend/wife would be these people that the pixies bonded to.

In the beginning of the story, we would show interaction between the couple and their pixies. I imagined the couple slowly finding out more about a fantasy world under their noses as the plot moves along, if this starts out in a modern setting. They could then get pulled in along with the pixies on some kind of adventure or terrifying experience, etc.

Key Elements:

-I hope to design a story with a partner interested in this, that way its more than pixies, couple, sex, w/e. Story is what matters most to me. The idea just evolved from a picture involving pixies and a guy trying to paint.

-Pixies are going to be a main part, but not necessarily the main plot. What I mean, is that I want the pixies around. I have found a strange fondness for them, so I want them around even if they are not the main characters.

-The couple is not the parental type with their pixies, so to speak, the couple "has sex" with them. By that I mean, they rub up the pixies to get them off and then have sex with each other. They do treat their pixies well, just in a different manner.

-Once the fantasy part takes place, anything can happen within bounds of our O/O's, and I want the couple to explore this and definitely with the bad things happening too. Probably some NC and more. If this idea starts out modern, both the man and woman will be quite out of their league in a fantasy world and at the mercy of anything bad that happens along them. Good stuff can happen as well, no worries. I just like some bad mixed in to make things interesting.

Alternate Star Trek
Type: None Cannon Star Trek, Alternate Reality
Subject Matter: Could be anything.
Characters: Nothing set

An alternate path which could have happened will play itself out in this version of Star Trek. It will be a much darker, grittier version, much less idealized as it was in TNG. The feel will be more like DS9 with even more edge. It will take place around the same time as the cannon TNG/DS9 etc. I am using Memory Alpha and my memory (as I have watched every episode of TNG, DS9, and VOY) as my sources of information for how I alter events to make this alternate time line.

The New Reality

The Alpha Quadran is home to multiple powers, some familiar some not so familiar. The Klingon's are not the allies of the Federation, they are off and on again enemies to the Federation and all around them. They continually seek to expand their empire, wishing to enslave more than just their Romulan underlings; the Romulan Star Empire had been toppled during a period of frailty, caught off guard by a massive Klingon invasion fleet which swept in and ripped the empire apart (this happened much earlier in their history).

The Cardassians and Breen joined together in an alliance named the Union and quickly became a threat to all. With the Breen's advanced and strange technology and the Cardassians ability for cunning tactics and skillful battle plans, they became a threat quicker than anyone could have imagined.

The Federation has not been a peaceful government for years, instead, battle hardened and wielding some of the most advanced technology in the Alpha Quadrant. With few inhibitions, the Federation unleashes their power when threatened and has turned back the Union and the Klingon Empire on numerous occasions, though has suffered many losses despite their technological advantages. Within Starfleet and often in or around the field of battle, Betazoids are used to their fullest potential to harm enemies of the Federation. Unlike the other powers, the Federation does not commit acts of evil; however, the Federation isn't afraid to make the hard decision even if it means killings millions to save billions.

Remnants of the Romulan Star Empire fled to Vulcan, without anyone knowing, and infiltrated Vulcan society. Slowly they began to reverse the pacifistic nature of the Vulcan's which led to the Vulcan's breaking with the Federation. The Vulcan's and the Romulans would eventually make contact with their ancient kin the Debrune; an old off-shoot of the Romulans/Vulcans. Together they joined, once again becoming the Vulcan's and would go on to build up their fleets, many of the Romulans hoping to strike back at the Klingon Empire. While the Vulcan's are not a major power, they are not a minor power either. They can defend themselves adequately enough to warrant a good battle plan to attack them; they cannot, however, withstand a concentrated invasion from any of the powers should they choose to make anything other than a half-hearted attack.

The Tzenkethi remain a major rival to the Federation and have made several attempts at invasion into Federation space, though each attempt has been rebuffed. Despite each attempt at invasion, each time the Tzenkethi have been reluctant to engage in a prolonged war and hostilities eventually end. Their behavior continues to baffle the Federation.

More can be added if desired. That, above, is the gist of my changes. As always, I look for people who are willing to work with me to create the story.

Note on Sexually Explicit Scenes (not necessarily the sex act): I feel this gritty version of the timeline works well with sexually explicit scenes. What I mean is like sex as torture. Maybe a prisoner is stripped and forced to suffer sexual torture; I.E. stimulation against ones will, humiliation, use of genitalia as a way to inflict severe pain, and so forth. I don't intend to get into major detail, but I will detail it nevertheless to a point where its quite obvious.

Why do I bring this up? Because I don't want my partner(s) to feel I'm doing it just to throw in sex. If it fits, I will use it. Sex, sexual torture, and all sexuality involves either good or bad is realistic and shouldn't be ignored merely because its seen as distracting, bad, pointless, derisive, whatever. I like enough realism in my stories to feel that even a fantasy/sci-fi setting isn't just some cheap knock off.

That said, I do believe in tasteful use of sexual content. To much does muddle up my creative juices. So, having said all of that, I will not abuse it. Just know it will crop up from time to time.


Taken Life of the Vile
Type: Dark, Evil, Rape, Life from evil's perspective, etc
Subject Matter: Possible Extreme, definite NC, BON, possible Vanilla (between Main Chars), monsters, etc
Characters: M/F, F/F (maybe other combination's, aside from M/M, if more characters are wanted.)

This idea is a twist on a fetish I have, women in peril. Instead of an RP from their point of view, I propose one from the bad guys point of view; the people who place these women in the peril.

The main idea I had was that the primary characters would serve/work for a temple that makes regular sacrifices (whether dead or alive) to evil powers that demand females. The story would follow our bad guys as they go about getting these women in various ways. Not all of the plot is about the peril, though some focus will be on it, yes, for some salaciousness.

So what it will involve is; How our characters live their lives, how they capture the women, how they serve/work for the evil forces, how they view the world, etc. I want this to focus less on the peril and more on them, but have enough peril to fulfill my fetish for it.

Obviously this idea is vague, and all up in the air. I want this to be a fantasy setting, though, nothing else really works. Feel free to give ideas so we can discuss.

Type: Exploration, Strange Happenings, Master/slave
Subject Matter: Possible EX, possible NC, possible BON, possible VAN, monsters, etc
Characters: M/F, F/F (maybe other combination's, aside from M/M, if more characters are wanted.)

A Succubus is bound to a mysterious and powerful man (possibly not Human), and finds herself living within an impossibly expansive castle. It does not seem possible that the castle is so big yet no matter how much she explores it, she cannot find a beginning nor an end. Many things happen within the confines of the walls; what these things vary as wildly as the planes themselves.

Key Elements

-The plot will revolve around the Succubus as she lives out her daily life, now the sex slave to a being far more powerful and cunning than she. Her daily life will consist of anything we want, but definitely some master/slave interaction/sex between the mysterious man and his new Succubus.
-While she wanders, free to roam, she will encounter things within the castle. Maybe other women, other creatures.
-I am looking to encase many ideas in the confines of a single area, instead of using the typical "travels days between villages in the wilderness", instead it will all happen in the castle and pretty much anything is possible.
-Perhaps this castle has links to other planes, but not so much that she can escape, instead a part of the plane seeps into the castle. Example: creatures might appear in a strict area and anyone not of that plane cannot go into the plane but can interact with creatures from the plane that have crossed over.
-Basically anything else agreed upon. I'm hoping to make a plot, though, the plot will likely develop on its own because of the mysterious nature of the castle and how it and things in it function. 

Sojourn of Lament
Type: Adventure, etc
Subject Matter: Possible Extreme, NC, possible BON, possible Vanilla (between Main Chars), monsters, etc
Characters: M/F, F/F (maybe other combination's, aside from M/M, if more characters are wanted.)

A young mage in training living in a small town is among the beautiful young girls of her town and sought after by many of the local boys. She is nice to them, but is not interested in a relationship in her life at the moment. One boy in particular is obsessed with her and will not leave her alone; it is not completely harassment, more like always trying to talk to her and be near or around her. The young woman grows tired of him but isn't sure how to deal with him without being mean.

One day while riding her horse, she is thrown from it and almost knocked unconscious, leaving her barely coherent. The young man, sees her and in a moment of desperate desire rapes her. The young woman doesn't quite know what is happening until the end, when she realizes he is raping her.

For many days she secludes herself, frightened and ashamed of what happened to her. Unable to think of anything else, her anger grows to the point where she confronts the young man ending in his death. Realizing what she did, the young woman completely freaks out and runs back to her home.

From here, I was thinking one of two things happen.
-The town seeks to arrest her for murder but her uncle helps her flee, arranging for her to get far away. This leads to her joining and adventuring group or whatnot, which she hopes will help her escape the trauma and redeem herself for the murder she committed.
-Or, the town understand the motives and can't bring itself to hang her but can't bring itself to live with her either and forces her into exile.

A third idea, though not actually fully related to the above is the town leaves her to die out in the harsh winter weather, naked. A dragon, young to moderately old finds her and makes her a pet for a time. This might eventually lead to adventure. (This was more of an afterthought/combining of an old idea.)

After this initial part of the story, I am not really sure where to go with it. So this would require some brainstorming with my partner.

I would control the girl and my partner would control someone else, a friend from the town or a person she meets. This game could have multiple characters or NPC's controlled by me or shared with my partner.

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Re: Xanatos and his Fantasy/Sci-fi ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2010, 12:29:10 AM »
I added the "Pixies" plot, added more info to the "He Belongs to Me!" plot, and edited the entire first post

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Star Trek and Peril Based Ideas Added
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2010, 09:22:18 PM »
Added "Alternate Star Trek" and "Life of the Vile".

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Re: Xanatos and his Fantasy/Sci-fi ideas
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2010, 10:32:40 PM »
Added the "WanderLust" plot.

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Re: Xanatos and his Fantasy/Sci-fi ideas
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2010, 12:39:43 AM »
Added Sojourn of Lament.

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Re: Xanatos and his Fantasy/Sci-fi ideas
« Reply #5 on: November 07, 2010, 03:12:51 AM »
I love your alternate star trek one, and would love to play it out with you. I have read a lot of the mirror universe books, every one that I can find, including the Myriad Universe ones.

Would you want me to be a Federation captain, captaining  a more heavily armed Defiant, or the next level up, as the Federation is more warlike and willing to make hard decisions.

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Restarting an RP
« Reply #6 on: January 03, 2011, 01:28:12 AM »
I am looking for someone to help me pick this RP back up.

Before you read the posts, let me fill in some basic plot.

-Fantasy setting, custom; not fully fleshed out. Was fleshing out as I went.
-The two characters (both women) are life long friends, young, somewhat naive (my character more so), and are slowly falling in love with one another; neither realize it because they are such good friends that both pass off the feelings as just friendly feelings.
-They are sent to an all female "boarding" house like place. The woman who runs the castle is actually a Succubus who collects young women for her own sexual pleasures. She enthralls them and then uses them at her own whim.
-More to come later; will discuss already existing ideas in PM.

I would prefer my partner to be female for this one. I would also prefer the other character, already established to remain similar, if not the same (which is preferred).

If you are interested please PM me and we can talk details. I would like to start off where the RP stopped, but except for a few set things I wanted to happen, everything else is open for discussion.

Lastly, the RP is one of my older ones; my grammar is much better now. So please don't let the sloppiness turn you away if you want better from a partner.

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Alien Abduction Short Story
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2011, 02:22:57 AM »
I just got the desire to do a short kinky alien abduction story. I don't normally do shorts nor alien abduction, but I think it could be fun. Maybe a few twists could be thrown in. If anyone is interested please PM me; keep my O/O's in mind please, as I will be looking at yours.

Roles: abducted female(s), aliens
Type: Non-Con, possible EX (partner dependent), BON, (anything else that is wanted)

I'm only looking for one partner, so if there is more than one abductee, they will be controlled by me or my partner. I have no real solid idea of what I want to happen. Since its going to be a short story, I don't see need for a solid plot.