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Author Topic: New Ideas - Males Needed :) [Still Updating :)]  (Read 680 times)

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New Ideas - Males Needed :) [Still Updating :)]
« on: September 26, 2010, 07:37:13 AM »
Name: Essie Delamora
Age: 18

Essie is the only daughter to King Fraser. He is a rotten King to his people and country. The only thing that he seems to care about more than his money is his only daughter. The problem is - she isn't really his daughter. The Queen had an affair which cost her her life. She had being planning to take her daughter and run away with her lover. But King Fraser had her killed before she had the chance to run. And he took the baby in as his own. The peasants loved the Queen. She was everything they would have wanted in a ruler and they all knew about the affair and the child. Unfortunately they had no way of getting into the palace to get the child out. Not until now.

Her real father got together a group of men that were young and able to break into the castle. Some were former guards, others were peasants that wanted change and they formed a plan to take the Princess. They hoped that she had her mothers personality, despite never really knowing her and living with the cruel king for 18 years. It meant that if they managed to kidnap the Princess it would be the first steps in ensuring that they could get into the palace again, capture the King, and bring his daughter to the throne.

What I'm Looking For:

  • One of the males that break into the palace to kidnap the Princess.
  • Have them eventually fall in love
  • A few paragraphs per reply with good grammar, spelling and description.
  • A good plot and story.
  • Playing multiple characters/NPC's.
This is open for anything. It could be that one of the other men that breaks into the castle also has a grudge against the king, trying to attack the princess and either succeeding or not. The guy that kidnaps her gets caught by her father and tortured for her whereabouts. Anything can happen and I'm open to discussion to add to the plot.

About My Character:

My character will be stubborn, argumentative, a little spoilt, a fighter, a smart mouth, sarcastic etc; but she does have a good heart in place despite these traits. I was thinking making it hard for him to get along with her, as he will need to find out information from her - valuable information about the king, guards, the palace - everything that they might not know yet but she's uncooperative. Maybe once she sees how people are treated by her father she starts to realise the truth, but she'll be close-minded and uncooperative at first believing that they are just trying to turn her against her father. Even when she's told that he's not her real father.

What I'm Looking For In Your Character:

Strong, slightly dominant, also stubborn and argumentative, a good fighter, that sort of thing. I don't want to list too many things that I want him as this is your character and I don't want to be building him for you. So they are just a few traits to have as well as others. :)

PM me if interested to talk. I'd love to work something out and adapt/add to the plot etc. So, let me know.
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Re: New Ideas - Males Needed :) [Still Updating :)]
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2010, 07:58:31 AM »
Idea Two

Good girl/Bad boy type RP.

I was thinking of maybe having her with a disability, either blind of deaf. Not both though and him being the dangerous guy. Now, either he meets her through his friends bullying her for her disability or maybe she's the daughter to a rich man that get's kidnapped and ends up in the dark world. Either way something brings them together so they meet.

At first he is harsh, breaking her naive image of a perfect and good world, letting her know about the dark side in their city that is full of crime and drugs (if she is blind then that will be easier; plus thinking if she's the daughter of a rich man that's kidnapped this will work and he can be poorer and mixed up in crime) and a lot of other bad things, but in time he comes to realise that she is delicate as she realises the same with him but in a different way and they fall for each other (or something to that effect. The idea still needs developing so ideas then let me know).

I want this to have substance and plot to it, not just about sex, though sex will be involved and a theme throughout, if not by our main characters maybe others that are around them that are part of his gang or something. :)

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Re: New Ideas - Males Needed :) [Still Updating :)]
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2010, 08:10:47 AM »
Idea Three

Could It Be Her

He's a cop with a haunting past. Five years ago, when he was 23 and this girlfriend was 20, she disappeared on her way home from work one cold winters night. They had an argument on the phone about her walking home after her bus stopped a few stops early and couldn't go on due to snow. She called her boyfriend to let him know that she was walking and she'd be late because of this so not to worry. He offered to pick her up. She refused not wanting him to go to all the trouble. He finally caved, but wasn't happy. She was stubborn though and he decided it was safe enough and that he didn't want to have a fight about it when he'd taken the time to plan a meal to celebrate their anniversary and to propose to her. So he waited.

And she never showed.

Five years old and she's still missing. No body was ever found and no one was arrested and charged with her murder. Most people including her family have given up and believed that she was killed. After all, it's being five years with no sightings. He couldn't cope and though he is still a cop, he's moved home, to another state to try and get over her, but he hasn't. He's turned to alcohol to try and cope with the guilt and the memories, but it makes things worse. One night he is out, off duty when he drives into the red light district, thinking maybe if he can just concentrate on another girl then things will be okay and he'll forget about her.

And despite it being illegal, he picks up a prostitute. Having being drinking, he doesn't notice that she looks just like his missing girlfriend. He takes her to a motel nearby and he has his way with the girl for the night (as that is what he paid for, to have her the night). In the morning, he wakes up sober, grabs a shower and lets her take a shower. When she comes out, he notices for the first time who she looks like and it makes him wonder if she is really his missing girl. The only thing is, she doesn't remember her past or him.

Is it her and the mystery going to be solved as to what happened or is it a look-a-like and just wishful thinking? And what happens to their relationship. Especially with him being a cop and being hopeful it's her, he wants to get her out of harms way and into a better life, whether she's his missing girl or not. But she's too scared, especially as her pimp is waiting for her return and she knows the punishment all too well for what happens if you don't go back to them with satisfied customers, or return at all.

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Re: New Ideas - Males Needed :) [Still Updating :)]
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2010, 09:39:50 AM »
Idea Four

His Turn For Games

They had laughed at him that night in the club when he attempted to talk to them. They had laughed in his face and told him to get lost, that they didn't look at ugly losers like him. He would show them though. He would show them once they woke up. The girls, best friends had gotten themselves into big trouble together now. He had planned this for weeks and now it was happening. Here they were, the two girls passed out and he'd set everything up while they were unconscious from their spiked drinks. Stupid cunts.

Now they were naked, mid air, supported by chains and ropes so neither of them were touching the floor, but at just the right height so he had access to all their holes. One girl was on her back supported in the air, her arms tied behind her, and her ankles tied up to the side of her thighs. Her legs were spread open in the contraption. Above her was her best friend in the same position but on her stomach. They bodies almost touching. Only their tits and nipples the point of contact for the two girls. Each girls face was forced up and tied so that it was staring up at their friends pussy and ass, so their captor had easy access and could make them watch as their friend got fucked. If he needed lubrication then he had a mouth underneath to also lubricate him. Perfect.

Here I'm looking for someone to play the male and one of the best friends. I'd play the other and any other characters we may like to bring into this. This could start off as master slaves and turn into master/mistress and slave with mine been the slave. :) Like? PM me to discuss further.

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Re: New Ideas - Males Needed :) [Still Updating :)]
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2010, 10:18:59 AM »
PM sent about your first idea  :-)