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April 23, 2018, 08:22:48 PM

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Author Topic: Sudden inspiration!! almost no thought needed  (Read 363 times)

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Offline Dark RhainTopic starter

Sudden inspiration!! almost no thought needed
« on: September 25, 2010, 05:32:30 PM »
I have a game in mind that I have a bunch of pre-made characters!
I see it as maybe a series of incidents rather than a day to day type story.

Almost like a series of memories..

I am thinking of calling it either..
MY 3 Men..and How They Changed Me
Brother, Lover, Master/ Teacher

It starts in a private school in NY within reasonable travel time by train or car to NYC.
A new family has moved into to town, the father being the new swimming coach for the school. He and his wife grew up in this place, but right after graduation they left to go out west and persue dreams in a music career. Hes taken his family all over the world as a studio musician and producer, foolowing the dream and push his kids to succeed where he failed. Both musically and athletically.

The main Charcaters are the kids. They have lots of friends all over the world, but are up rooted to often that they aren't close to most of them. This past summer they met a young lady in summer camp and the brother fell in love. The girls were best friends and probably more.

Their parents decided they wanted ONE normal year for the kids so they've come back to the place they fell in love.

The girl meets and falls for the school Man-whore..he's a star athlete, has a rock band, gets all A's in school, drives a hot car. Everything comes easy to him. So his dad makes him work despite not needing too. His dad is a divorced man a VERY successful lawyer. Part of the reason this boy was is so callous towards love is, A. HE was the one that walked in on his mom cheating on his dad, and she tried to bribe him to keep it quiet, and two the two times he fell in love he was left by the first and publicly humiliated by the other's NOW he refuses to get too close...has a new girl every week, as soon as the get too close he says"It's not you It's me" and leaves...until he sees this new girl...then his whole world turns upside down.

Her Brother doesn't like this guy, and he is VERY protective of his little sister..even though they are apart by minutes. he's maybe TOO protective..despite he himself being a bit of a player on both teams..

That's basically the start....later on I see her in collage and finding "Professor Peterson"  who shows her a whole nother SIDE to sexuality, in a "club' that he belongs to.
I have some name suggestions if any one is interested I will play The lead female. But I still need the three men and at least One bad girl and the lead's Friend would help too..although any roles not filled I will write or can be written as  NPCs