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Author Topic: The "IT" factor  (Read 682 times)

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Offline Dark RhainTopic starter

The "IT" factor
« on: September 24, 2010, 11:39:18 PM »
THIS Intro is Rated PG at MOST

here goes the premise is...

i have this idea
kinda well a sci fi/pscholocial horror thing.

about human sexuality
what triggers it
how to harness it
If a person could litterally give you something to make your sex life better
or a person could bottle that "IT" factor

They could do wonders for the world

or MAYBE just for themselves

in the context of the story..there will be accomplices for the protagonist..and guniea pigs to be "tested/ or experimented" on
to see what triggers certain responces
willingly or other wise...

A woman in a white coat stands in a conference room. Around the table sit people of ALL The Sexes...
on one side some white haired, pinched faced older ones on the other all in white coats and scrubs are younger... although the terms "Old" and "Young" in this day and age was not necessarily as it had always been. Medical advances had increased life expectancies dramatically. And for the right price slowed down the aging process to almost 0.562%.

IF you had enough money, you COULD literally ROLL BACK time..
IF you had enough, you could ALMOST live forever...

But... you won't probably want to.

The year is 2101.

The world outside the window has a strange bullet like shape to all the buildings.

The air is crisp and apparently clean... Appearances, Andi knows can be quite deceiving.

Because, you see, the world this board of directors wants the see, and what IT IS, are two completely different things.

The researcher, dressed in VERY old fashioned clothes, tossed heavy bundles down in front of each of the "Older" members at the desk. Stopping at the middle to late aged man at the head of the table.

"Yes, but MY DATA Backs it UP! What I need is funding to continue with my research!"

"This is needless research..Money to spend money.."

"NO! READ what you have in front of you!..You Know what I KNOW most of you can't read HANDWRITING any more so I will TELL you what is says.."

"There's my proof! WHY papers? Why not JUST Data comp it? We could all have easily down loaded and assimilated it in a fraction of the time?"

One youngish looking older who apparently had both the money and didn't care about the risk factors of having multiple procedures down answered, his voice slightly accented.

"Because ANDI and HER TEAM,,are fish out of water. They would have preferred life a century ago..They still believe in being through in their research and MOSTLY Humane..Is that NOT SO Andi?"

Andi, the head researcher of this pilot program chewed on her lip.
"Yes." She said with a sigh, she KNEW Lute, could persuade people to see things his way..IF she wanted the funding, she would HAVE to convince him to see her point of view.

"Yes it is but, that does NOT Negate my findings."

"Then Tell us, please, what you HAVE found so far..start with a test subject. I presume, one whom, is a good general example."

Andi swallowed Lute was being reasonable..May be all was NOT lost.

"Th-Thank you."

Andi went to her team and they rifled through their papers each. Each had a speciality. Each wanted to suggest a test subject. Andi reached into her pocket as the whispered to each other in common English.

Andi and her team spoke in a way that most people in 2101 didn't. Their dialect VERY old fashioned and peppered with colloquial slang.

They sounded like they should have lived a century ago..

Andi had anticipated a request such as this and she had made a little comparison chart for herself, from all the suggestions from her partners.

She turned to them, "Gimme the file on test subject 349U872."

Lute chuckled..."Gimme? How quaint!"

Andi cleared her throat as members of her team prepared the room. The lights went low, the window scenes faded, and on the Major wall behind her
a projected image appeared. That of a female.

She was wired and being, monitored some of the equipment looking positively antique.

Andi cleared her throat once more as she looked over at her team..They all nodded to her. She swallowed and began to speak as she did the image began to move. Her own breathing a bit shallow.

She began, "Test subject 349U872..."