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Started by Zeitgeist, September 24, 2010, 09:21:05 PM

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No, not the free loving late 1960s. Alien flowers. Wriggling, orgasm inducing flowers. Mmmm  ;D

This will be a story set in my Vicenary world, and thus a female/female character role play. I will explain briefly in the following paragraph but go in more detail thereafter. Therefore if your interest is piqued, read on as you desire.

Two scientists, one a bio-engineer, the other a computer scientist/technologist clone a unique flower, and using sensory probes and connectors can control the flower and its orgasm inducing properties. After lab tests, the flower is introduced at a sister party (orgy) for interested and willing participants. The pioneering and inventive discoveries make the two wealthy and popular beyond their expectations.

Note: I'm considering the idea of a third person as an unsuspecting and unaware 'lab rat' to be the first to experience the cloned flower and its properties.


A unique and special flower is discovered. It was unofficially given the name of Pitaya, though more commonly referred to simply as 'pussy butter'. It's found that when picked from the ground by its stem the flower becomes agitated, and when rubbed on the female genitalia, the wriggling stamen releases a topical aphrodisiac that induces a euphoric and hallucinogenic orgasm unlike any felt before. Not unlike a new, illicit drug the flower becomes. The frenzy gets out of hand rather quickly and the powers-that-be soon ban the picking of the flower, having to go so far as to even place guards around the perimeter of the wild flower beds to keep people from picking them. The fear is the flower would quickly become extinct. More studies need be done concerning the flower and its properties.

Our story picks up there, and the two scientists (be they committed or casual lovers) work together to clone the flower and using bio-engineering/cybernetic means control the flower's agitated state, preserving it so it does not expire. After lab tests they introduce their invention to an exclusive group, a sister party, for any willing and curious participants.

While the story will center around the invention of the flower, the themes of the Vicenary too will be shored up and emphasized. This can include casual sex, polyamory, incestuous encounters and semi-public masturbation. These two women could be exclusive lovers, casual partners or share the same auntie but different mothers. The could even be sisters if so desired. As noted above, a third person could play the part of an unsuspecting lab rat or guinea pig, coherced into being the first to experience the new and improved, cloned version of the flower. Given this theme the story could take on a bit darker and non-consensual direction.

My signature contains more info on The Vicenary, as well as a shorter essay by Keya that should get anyone up to speed in short fashion. Its written to be lighthearted and fun, hopefully it is!

Feel feel to reply here with any comments, questions or interest. PM is fine also. Thanks!