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Started by Chevalier des Poissons, September 24, 2010, 05:47:43 PM

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Chevalier des Poissons

If you can't be
Then let it see
I was the one who will say

Can't find a day
To bright my way
Are those clouds inside the sun?

I am not the one who will do
The confusion inside you
Love was not supposed to make you cry
So why would you give me a goodbye?


I have lost my find
Where will I mind
You are everything I love

I don't feel vain
It was not pain
I think I'm falling in have

And you cannot know where it is
All the reasons behind this
But I'm not the one who will be gone
If the one I love is not alone

But I'm not the one who will be there
While you are somewhere


When we will pretend
Our little end?
One plus one makes some funny

Fall from the cry
Until I sky
I know this is not too many

And we will have to find a way
To slip the words we want to say
Then again I am not supposed to know
When I just have to let you go

Then again I will not be there to know
Should I just really let you go

Once again I really don't want to know
That I just have to let you go

September 24th, 2010
Original concept by me. Can you find the hidden poem?
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

A & A


It's very beautiful..almost brought tears to my eyes,yet I am having teary eyes. ^^''
a lost I see so far and yes it can be something  like let the love to go away,if it returns to you then it means it's yours.If it doesn't never was Yours.
Sometimes it's better to just let go,no matter how painful is..even if the "love" brought you joy/happiness for a short time..

Nice one Poissons!
No more RP's.I am swamped for now.