Confess your Sins to me.

Started by robitusinz, January 02, 2007, 01:13:58 PM

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For some odd reason, I wrote "Confessor" as my web site on my profile.  I'm not sure why I did it whenever I did it, but, I've got this crazy idea cooking up in my head.

I would like to play the role of a priest.  I don't care about the relgion's specifics, it doesn't matter.  For simplicity's sake, let's call it a Catholic priest.  As a priest, my job is to hear peoples' confessions.  That's about it, really.

OOC, I love listenning to and learning about peoples' deepest, darkest secrets.  There's no blackmail involved, no real rhyme or reason for it, other than simple curiosity.  I'd find playing the role of Confessor to be quite interesting, and I'd love to read what will get thrown at me in such a role.

If you're interested in playing the role of a confessee, that is, someone who comes in to confess, then please contact me, and we can work out any details.  I'm flexible...this is not a "plot" yet, it's merely the start of one.  I'm open to just about anything...perhaps you're the town whore who has a thing for the new priest, and decide to use the confessional as a seduction tool...or you're the sweet innocent with the impure thoughts who's corrupted by the supposedly moral pastor.  I don't care to draw any Dom/sub lines yet, if ever at all...this is just open to someone who shares this kind of taboo-naughty idea with me.
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