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February 04, 2023, 09:06:48 am

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Author Topic: New ideas, lacking old play  (Read 1024 times)

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New ideas, lacking old play
« on: September 24, 2010, 01:11:31 am »
So, through a series of relatively unfortunate events, I have been left with a number of seemingly abandoned role plays. With one partner actually extending an apology, the rest have seemed to have fallen from the face of the intraweb. And, because of this grave injustice, I am at a loss of time-consuming, meaningful storywriting. Without further adieu, I will introduce various plots, later to be revised with possible pictures? ... My cellular doesn't quite accommodate this feature, currently. And I apologize if you are deterred by my use of the mobile site, but I am still quite literate.

(1) It began with the Fireflies

This is a long term roleplay that I am considering opening up various stories pertaining to this theme. I know this may seem like a confusing mess, but hear... er... read it out:

In the middle of summer, in a not too distant future, there came a sudden change over the wildlife. Not exactly change, it seemed almost like an overnight mutation of various species. The first night of August is welcomed by the new moon, leaving everything dark, except for the fireflies. But there is something bizarre about the insects. They flash brilliant neon, but when tried to catch in a jar, it bursts into flame. The fire, however, is violet and blue. Upon closer inspection of the bug, it has completely transformed. Having sprouted brilliant, powder-blue wings, the insect resembles a butterfly. But the combustion of the creature becomes of grave concern and shelter indoors is sought.

As day breaks, the sun shimmers in its glory, exposing the darkness of what had happened overnight. Houses seemed to be gouged from the inside out. Debris littered the streets and fire filled the cloudless sky with a haze of smoke. Small piles of sparkling blue ash lie everywhere, notifying the people that the cause seemed to be the fireflies. But another odd finding is soon made to make night and day both feared: regular housepets, after consuming the fireflies began to mutate. Their bodies growing and disfiguring, sprouting talons and horns. They resembled monsters that each thought could only be spawned from Hell itself. The world, through its mutating wildlife, soon began to reclaime the ground it had lost.

(a) The first story involves the beginning story and the ensuing flight from the threat. Forced to be nomadic, a group of humans resort to their adaptive ability and attempt to find a haven. This story does end, rather sadly, resulting in the death of all controlled and personal characters involved.

(b) A Tarzan and Jane story. After this odd apocalypse had gone on for several years, humans were able to stave of extinction by building domes from the mutated earth. Metal stronger than diamond became the staple material. And each colony is expertly maintained for the sake of survival. However, human curiosity cannot be removed and the colonies begin sending scientists into the outer world to try and find change. One such expedition gets interrupted and a female scientist gets separated from her team. In the continued mayhem, she is saved by a human male and his still canine companion.

(c) An Ergo Proxy-like story. The mutagen, spread by the fireflies had finally begun to affect humans. A colony failing is subject to the transformations and become beasts of the apocalypse and tear apart the colony. When an assault team arrives late, they discover just one human body in the wreckage. Alive, they take him to their own colony to run tests. The tests are inconclusive, but as the male regains health, unexplained events begin to occur. A suspicious officer of the security force begins to follow the male, but becomes frustrated at near negative results. But he still hides a secret and a desire to reintroduce humanity to a world they had long thought was forsaken.