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Author Topic: Call Me Wicked :P {{My Characters and Ideas}}  (Read 1217 times)

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Call Me Wicked :P {{My Characters and Ideas}}
« on: September 22, 2010, 09:30:56 PM »


(For Vampire X Fae, Fantasy Setting)

Name: Harlem Jiearn
Nickname: Harley
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Race: Vampire Fae
Sexual Preference: Male
Height- 5'9
Hair Length/Color-  Long-Mid Back- Auburn Red that is crimson red in the sun
Eye Color-Silver Green with Natural Dark lashes and her eyes always look smoky and full of mystery
Weight- 115 lbs- Muscle not included
Clothes- Usually nice curve fitting black corset, black pants that allow quick movement, has swords crossed on her back within easy reach, has dagger attached to her boot.
Piercings- Three silver studs that follow above the curve of her eyebrow on the right side
Tattoos- Has tribal tattoos from her shoulder down her right arm and then down her side, curving out and around her hip.
Other- Has scar down her left eye and down across her lips, Large black Fae wings.
Bio: Born between two races, Father was a Vampire and her mother was a beautiful Fae,  Her mother had been the daughter of a very well to do man who had high status in the clans, his father had met her during a raid and they had fallen in love. Her mother had gotten pregnant and left and her father was extremely pissed and after Harlem was about four months old he killed both her mother and father, he was going to kill her to but her fathers father took her away and raised her. Harlem always knew she was different and when she was 12 her wings exposed themselves. Her grandfather tried to hid her but the clan found out and killed her grandfather for betrayal and she ran away. When she was 14 she found a teacher who taught her how to fight and take care of herself, Both clans found out she was alive and label her an abomination and they send people out to kill her, but thanks to her teacher she can take them out. She now has a very high bounty in both Vampire and Fae clans, she's wanted dead or alive
Personality: Doesn't Trust, Keeps to herself. Has many things she regrets doing.. Tired of Being hunted but wont admit to it openly, wants to be safe and loved but is very afraid of being betrayed and turned in for her bounty. Can be cold hearted and isn't afraid to slit your throat.

(Story Idea for Harlem)
Both the Vampire and Fae Clans have been enemies for as long as they can remember, Fighting over everything possible, Money, Land, Crops. When The Fae Leader's Niece ran off and got pregnant with the Vampire clan leaders son, The leaders brother flipped out and ordered the Fae leader to kill the young couple and the male refused, he had much more important issues to do. So the male killed his daughter and her lover.
The daughter of said couple was taken by her Vampire Grandfather, the Vampire's leader who hid his granddaughters true race, telling Harlem she was a vampire, One day when both clan leaders where at a exchange Harlem's wings were exposed and both clans knew what she was. That very night the vampire clan attacked and killed her grandfather and attempted to kill her, she got away.
Now both Clans label her an Abomination and have hired both Vampire and Fae men to bring her in for the bounty, dead or alive.

What I need: Either a Vampire or Fae Assign that try to bring her in, Not really sure of the details so if you would like to discuss her, I'm okay with that. ^.^

Name: Faolán (FAY-lawn) {Gaelic-Wolf) Giolla Dhé (GIL-a DEH) {Servant of god}
Nickname: Wolf, or Fao(Fay)
Age: 17-26
Sex: Male
Race: (Werewolf usually) Any
Sexual Preference: Bi
Height- 6'2
Hair Length/Color-  Spiky Midnight Black
Eye Color- Grey
Weight- 204- Muscle Included
Clothes- Usually Muscle Shirt and jeans
Piercings- Tongue
Tattoos- A Celtic tribal tattoo of the Tree of Life down his back
Other- Is Irish and grew up in Ireland
Bio: Depends on Rp
Personality: Depends On Rp


The Trick of the Trade
-> She had always been popular for the fact that she was different, She wasn't one to take peoples shit and she was an out right Teenage Rebel. Seventeen and she'd been through more shit then most girls have.
He was her teacher, He had noticed her because of her low Math and Science Scores, Sadly she needed the grades to graduate and when her parents called and begged him to Tudor her until she passed both tests, How could he refuse.
They had meeting set up and they began. Over time the Teacher realizes she isn't like how everyone puts her off to be. Away from school she still has her same bad ass attitude, but shes different around him and he finds himself growing more and more attracted to her.
He was married but wasn't getting what he needed from his wife.
The Girl admits her own attraction to her Teacher and the two of them start a secret relationship, but things get trickier as their arousal and attraction for each other thickens, Can they keep their love a secret or will the walls around them come crashing down?

For The Better?
(Either MxM or FxM)
-> She was treated like an animal her entire life, Having been abandoned at the tender age of three, she had to learn to survive on the streets.
When she was barely seven she was found by a seemingly nice man, he promised her everything she would ever want.... She went with him and he started to treat her like a dog, Locking her in a small closet and only taking her out to beat and rape her, to torture her till she would obey him. Being a Meth Addict he started selling her body to friends for drug money.
This went on till the girl was 16, she escaped and was found a day later with a large bullet hole in her chest.
She had attempted Suicide and when asked why she simply refused to talk to anyone. Being a Mute for many years of her life was a way to cope.
She was sent to an Asylum where she was worked with for months before they had to send in their best doctor.....
Things quickly start to blossom between the two and the doctor learns that she's his key to forgetting his own terrible past....
(I need someone to play the doctor... ^.^)
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Re: Call Me Wicked :P {{My Characters and Ideas}}
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2010, 12:41:42 AM »
Added- The Trick of the Trade

Offline DoctorGreen

Re: Call Me Wicked :P {{My Characters and Ideas}}
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2010, 08:00:25 AM »
Hello, I would like to explore the Trick of the Trade RP idea. It sounds like it has some structure already. I  don't think there is much for me to add.

PM me if interested

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Re: Call Me Wicked :P {{My Characters and Ideas}}
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2011, 02:32:46 PM »
Updated For The Better?

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Re: Call Me Wicked :P {{My Characters and Ideas}}
« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2011, 04:13:54 PM »
updated some small details.