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Author Topic: Starting Fresh  (Read 707 times)

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Offline DarkAngelTopic starter

Starting Fresh
« on: September 22, 2010, 08:50:51 AM »
Its was Chilly the summer morning , She sat on the porch drinking her coffee. She felt the wind kiss her cheek as it blew softly.  She watched the forest as some of the deer slowly came in her yard.. Jaxon was vacation of sorts.. She wanted to start over with her life and maybe find things she never did before. When she came to Colorado to the Cabin , She didn't expect how much she would love it .. She was surrounded by the glory of nature.. What she didn't know was something was watching her.. She heard the wolves and she even left out dog food for them or scraps. Though she knew she shouldn't , She couldn't very well help her self..

The same deer came an ate and a few other animals as well. But for her she wanted to see a wolf. Not sure why or how .. But it was a need really.. She started to feel a little anxious as she took her meds. She looked down at them. They were just anxiety pills. She guessed being a Doctor has put her in the outs and to many things has happen.. Her stalker really was always sending her a suprise with cut off animal heads , or some thing else far worse.

She had enough, It was time to get away and relax. Hoping that with out anyone knowing where she was , Her stalker was not following her.. She didn't even know who he was. or why she deserved such attention. She knew it wasn't her fault , but she felt like she did something wrong.. The butterflies in her tummy started to move again when she got to upset . She got up and started to walk in the forrest.. For some reason she knew that no matter what was out there they or it would never harm her.. She couldn't explain why or how but she just knew..

She started to do her morning walk...

I wonder what she will find.. I need a Male Partner and I'm not sure if I want a Werewolf or a Vampire.Taken
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Offline DarkAngelTopic starter

Re: Starting Fresh
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2010, 09:18:33 PM »
Like I said Most of My ideas are more Towards Fantasy and The Paranormal..

Raine was in the City of New Orleans , Where the music was always playing on the street. You can always count on the Laughter being heard as well, as she moves silently through the back allies. There was only a few people that new about Fantasy beings, Or what she liked to call the Faye. She was something among the Faye but not Quite right . Her wings remained hidden behind her trench cloak, She heard laughter up ahead as a few drunks finally washed them selves out of the Bar, The being she was hunted well all she knew was nothing what so ever, She was paid to kill the Faye that so caused trouble.

Once upon a time she would love to be clueless about all of it , Where she didn't have wings and everything was just black and white, But not now the events that occurred changed her life for ever. She meet on of the very oldest Faye possible. She used to be a private detective so chasing down someone wasn't new to her, But Chasing down someone that was naturally faster then you was unheard of,He was rich and lived long enough to know that Dieing was just not a fun thing to do, Though in my opinion I think he did it more then once.

Any how I gladly ended up working for the man err Demon , No not Demon more of the lines of the Fallen. How did I get my wings , Well it seems my family forgot to tell me about some secrets or Bones in our closet that didn't want to come out ,So now I'm part Angel and something a little bit darker , And I'm chasing someone for two weeks, He giving me the slip time over time but I finally caught up with him. Now the question is what the hell am I going to do when I catch him.

once again I'm looking for a Male and Doesn't mind playing some kind of Fantasy Creatures (Please No Anime) Taken
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Re: Starting Fresh
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2010, 02:38:45 PM »
Welcome to Hell

She was Exiled to Oblivion Gate , Her father didn't want her to marry a King.. She was just a lowly Princess.. and she was the youngest of 6 kids.. Her father was High Mage in Lardos  . He was also King. So to banish his daughter made the news around the world as she was pushed through a portal and hit a soft sand..

Kira looked around as she dusted her self off. "Well this is going to be fun" she looked around as she realised she landed in Demon City. Its was a place where most Mages and Faye got landed into during Exile. Oh it couldn't be anymore Complicated. The Demon prince was a pain in the Arse . He had whims like no other and if it please him to see you walk around naked in his fair city so be it ..

Demons here where different not like the other plans of hell where if you were even a mere mortal you be eaten for breakfast. Here the Demons loved the Mortals or Faye . All considering they had things we want and we have things they want. How else is hell to get water, and their lush green Fields.

She was sure right about now the good Ole Prince would be getting a letter about her Exile.. Her damn Father needed his head cut off . She growled as she threw her hands out to see if she had any of her powers. Lucky for her , She had a few to help her along the way.. She started to walk towards the town .. The Demons had many portals to different places . To see the City of Demons well it was a sight to behold. With lighted up building and signs and Demon women walking around with very little if nothing at all clothes.. It was hard to take in.. But those that are use to traveling to the City off and on would get used to it really fast and learn there are somethings you just don't do in the City..

Few Months Past since Kira Exile. Did she ever get around to see the Demon Prince . Hell NO! She found a Job working in a Demon bar serving the Demons Drinks and living in the upstairs apartment. Her boss a Shadow Demon . Took Pity on her and set her up maybe it was because he knew that he had a prize when they started to get more business or that he knew the Demon Prince him self would walk in and Talk to her every night with out her knowing it..

She got clothes from some of the Demon Men . They became her friends as she looked forward to  seeing them every night.. She looked at her self in the Mirror , Her long Red hair and bright green eyes  and Pale skin.
She was wearing her usual leather pants and boots with a Corset . She usually put her hair up, But tonight she let it down , It almost looked like fire in the light. 

What she didn't know was that she was going to meet the Demon Prince himself tonight. Nor did she know that there was a bounty on her head when her father found out she was still alive. He was angry that none of the Demons considered that Killing their barmaid was bad juju.

She open the bar. turning on the sign that said open as she started to polish the bar waiting for the Demons to come in for Happy Hour.

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Re: Starting Fresh
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2010, 05:27:36 PM »
She was a hired  body guard . He was something only dreams were made of with special powers to boot and 400 years of life. She showed no emotion as she worked for the Family of Moonstar. She was good at what she did , But when someone tries to kill her boss and she takes a killing strike for him . Is he willing to save her or is he going to let her die?