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Started by Serraphyna, September 22, 2010, 01:25:47 AM

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Hi everyone, I'm Serraphyna or Serra. As I stated in my introduction I'm a bit new to RP; but I'm looking, I'm willing to learn and really wish to see more. I've done a bit here and there, but need to see a bit more.

As of now, I will play only female characters but in the future I do wish to expand that play a male character. I am looking for just about anything. Although I do not think I could play a dom character, I would love to play a sub. I am interested in as I said just about anything. I will be posting ideas as I get a bit braver. Right now I'm looking for someone to RP with (obviously) and at the same time teach a bit, show me more of how this works. I am willing to work on any story line, as long as for now it stays Female (me) and Male (you), no I do not care if you are a female playing male. Just looking for interaction and attempting to take a step into being a active member here.

I have filled out the ons/offs here, and they are subject to change, as I'm still figuring this out. But if you are interested please let me know, you can IM me on yahoo that is usually up on my computer, please let me know your from here though! Thanks all for reading, and I look forward to the RP's together.

Secrets Of Serra (O/O)

Serras RP Ideas

Will be a bit off with my posting will try for once a day for my rp's but could be a bit longer my muse is acting up.


Hello Serra and a big furby hug to you. I been wanting to try ring again, but i can ony go at a slow pace. Once a day isn't an option for me sadly. I been wanting to play something similar to a past game. I want to play the character i did in the below thread. Let me know if you want to try something. You could make up a new character or you could use the characer my partner played.  Of course a new thread would be created.

For reference:
Kora's Legacy
A sci-fi game about a young women who is finding herself in a strange space adventure with a man who she is struggling to understand. She is getting more and more involved with a strange organization that seems to be hideing something. Things are not quite right, what will she discover?