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Author Topic: Hmm RP Samples Modern Day Theory/Slipstream  (Read 685 times)

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Offline princeben07Topic starter

Hmm RP Samples Modern Day Theory/Slipstream
« on: September 21, 2010, 11:51:32 PM »
(OOC: a new character and a new story. This takes place deep in the bowels of a hidden laboratory. The name of the Company is called Third World Enterprises, run by Prince/Dr. Artonian Lotus, aged about 125 years from biological growth enhancements.

The date is set for June 16, 2036, the 25th Anniversary of the Company itself. It had finally succeeded in acquiring cures for many types of illnesses, but above on the outside world, things are in chaos.

Disease-infested water has killed off most of the populous, but some places have managed to get divided into sectors and sections, temporarily safe from the forbidden zones as declared by the Government. Mutation is the norm for some, but there is a special meeting being held in a far part of the galaxy by The Abyss Council, creatures of a higher intelligence, whom are trying to figure out just how to HELP the planet, so-named Earth-02.)

*The time was nigh; Earth-02 needed a little help. But with mutation running amok almost everywhere, how would these super-intelligent beings find an answer to this problem that was most irritating to them? One of the creatures was a tall and slender female, dressed in a pale-looking dress. To some, she was about six feet two inches tall, but to other beings, a mere 45 feet tall in other forms. She bore long silver hair that was neatly tied into a ponytail. Taking a few more steps, she was greeted by a giant two-toed Sloth that traveled along branches of trees that were in the courtyard. This Sloth had a baseball-sized red gem on its head and was a bit nimble for a slow animal. The girl, who was in her mid twenties, or so it seemed, began sitting herself on a nice chair, next to a very long table that had fruit all on it.*

"Galaxies among galaxies to examine and my brother decides to choose THIS forsaken part of the Universe. Why do I get myself into these futile squabbles in the first place?"

*Was what she said to the person that was sitting next to her. He had iron-clad boots on his feet and was very quiet right now. His long, flaxen red tendrils slithered and moved about in a very strange motion. He finally decided to purse his lips and speak a sentence. *

"BECAUSE dear cousin those things down there ON that planet are going to wipe themselves out from existance if we do not intercede. The first thing we have to do is examine how this mutation got out of control and how they greedily let it continue. Is THAT sufficient enough to answer your petty questions?"

*He was basically scowling her for asking something to which she already knew the answer. His name was Corpus, and he wasn't the one to play silly games with many people. He took in a deep breath, exhaling once more, paitently awaiting for the arrival of his cousin, who wanted to help cover the subjects at hand.*

"Well, while you TWO bicker about this, I do believe that we should further delve deeper into the very species itself. Humans are very interesting lifeforms and we should take it seriously without a shred of doubt. They've built cities..."

*The rather dirty-looking child was suddenly interrupted by the girl again in a fit of arrogance outbursts first.*

"They've bombed innocent people in the name of religion....!!!"

*The child once again sighed, then would continue on with his speaking,* "They've invented music to entertain themselves...."

*The girl once again, in another outrage, interrupted once more.*

"They've learned to split atoms and invent sharp weapons to bludgeon other as well. You can't give praise to things that are!!!"

*The child once again would let out a sign...this was going to be a very, VERY long meeting....*

(OOC: all are welcome for environments on Earth-02..feel free to adapt anyway you like...I want to give this a try.....) ^_^

Offline princeben07Topic starter

Re: Hmm RP Samples Modern Day Theory/Slipstream
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2010, 11:52:19 PM »
*Daniel Composition, a descendant of the Plasmatoids, creatures suposedly composed of Pure Plasma Energy, gently slipped on his laboratory coat, placing his favorite Platinum pen in his right pocket. He had a very bad feeling his lab reports weren't going to be complete in time.

Shadows glistened past him from the hallway; for his bedroom door was always open for people who needed to ask him any type of question. he looked over to his trophy cabinet, staring oddly at the sword that encased in it. It was a plae blue color and had ridges on both sides of it, taking on an eerie glow of white, grey and black that seemed to leak from the sides of the cabinet. He could'nt even lift it, let alone try to use it. Yet, it was having a problem being mounted inside fo the cabinet.*

"This is going to be a very busy day. I wonder where mom is.."

*Artonian slipped on his house shoes, piercing the room he was in with shifty eyes, slowly taking on the motion to let out a sigh. He was scouting for his morning cup of coffee, but it was to no avail. he only grunted to himself in a timid fashion, curling his fingers to slowly form a fist.*

"Deviline didn't leave my coffee this morning, AGAIN!!"

*He blurted out angrily, pushing off his legs to stand up fully. He knew this work day would begin very awkwardly if he didn't get any coffee in him. Sooner or later he would come to terms with his other co-worker Daniel Composition, who was a favorite employee there. Seeking energies from the Slip Stream, the Prince raised his hands up to his head, contacting his fingers unto his temples. A light glow would eminate from him, in an attempt to mentally communicate with all staff members within the complex.*

"Yes, this is the Prince. I'm asking about my morning coffee and Lady Deviline didn't prepare it like she normally does. What's .....going on with her this morning? This is the fifth time she's done it in the past 20 years. If anyone sees her, tell her that Lotus needs his coffee dammit!!!"

*Such an attitude he had without his coffee every morning, especially on today. It would mark to 50th Anniversary of the Company and all of its accomplishments. The outside world had appreciated what Third World had done up to this point, but there was still a slew of matters to handle. He started the motion of walking over to the bathroom, taking off his robe for a quiet and refreshing shower. He looked in the mirror at his purple skin and yellow cat-like eyes, letting loose a sigh once again. He knew he was a mutant, able to absorb the energies of multiple objects and change the effects of time itself. He never really used the abilities. His last attempts were when he was only fifteen years old. The result was his only childhood friend remaining in a coma for over six weeks.

Everywhere he went, people from all walks of life tried to comfort him, saying that the mutation was only temporary. Hell, it had been over 125 years since that happened. Most of the people he went to high school with were already dead, so what did that indicate for him? Mutation HAD to be cured or further explained. Since not many employees were allowed to even "visit" the world outside, The Prince sighed at the fact that he COULD go outside.

The hot and steamy water cascaded all over his body and into his white hair. He closed his eyes, wodnering about his future with Third World, but was it really worth watching countless people war with each other on giant monitors? One would think not.*

~~~~~June 16, 2036; Seven Fifteen A.M.~~~~~

*At the same time, another mutant, (wouldn't you guess? XD) made a step out of his room. He was over seven feet inches tall first off, and had a very huge brain. It was almost basketball sized. At first glance, you'd think he was some sort of freak, but he was probably the smartes lab worker in the company, but worked for only 114 dollars an hour. His name was Micheal Gudiz the First, and there were five other clones like him. Two were female and the other three were spin-offs of the original. He gently smiled at some of the skittering co-workers, who knew not to say anything about his rather bulbous head. Armed with a floating lap top, Gudiz walked gracefully and happily down the long hallway to his mini-company, Creature Creations, INC., a sub-division of Third World.

Daniel would catch the pulses of Psychic Energy Gudiz always gave off in the morning, grimmacing in chills of fear. He peeked his head out of his room to see a tall silouhette approaching slowly. Daniel reached over for his time I.D., being sure to walk WITH Gudoz since his work desk was a mere two rooms away from his Lab.*

"Hey BIG brainiac!! Wait for me!!!" *He would yell out, bolting out of his room, making sure the door slid itself shut while he wasn't occupying it.*