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Author Topic: The Flow Coma General RP Guidelines..  (Read 496 times)

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Offline princeben07Topic starter

The Flow Coma General RP Guidelines..
« on: September 21, 2010, 10:21:25 PM »
Theme: Horror/Action/Fantasy

Thread Title:

The Flow Coma

Objective: To make it to the END of this RP.

October 21st, 2090, 4:16 PM. People from all walks of life are in a panic. An energy called The Flow Coma has taken over almost 1/3 of the entire planet with no known solution or cure. Animals, plants and even spirits have been affected by the Flow Coma. The unknown force is able to place a living being or entity into a Coma-like state for about 3 to 5 weeks. After which time, strange biological, spiritual and emotional changes are rendered to the body. Heightened senses, greed, anger, irrelevant speech and immense power levels are some of the symptoms of a being that is taken over by the Flow Coma.

What exactly IS The Flow Coma?

Come and Roleplay to find out!!

1. Immunities of The Flow Coma:

I. Light cannot hurt it.
II. Nuclear Bombs are absorbed by it.
1.The Flow Coma can absorb even Cosmic Radiation, changing it into
various “scatterbits” of
protein, scientifically breaking it down, much like bacteria eating away at nuclear waste.
2. The Flow Coma can even metabolize a set of human bones in less than 12 hours.
3. Cold cannot stop it.
4. Heat cannot stop it.
a. Heat up to 2500 degrees cannot harm the Flow Coma, however, further notes may reveal a clue.

III. Atomic Energy is NEUTRALIZED by the “Aura G-11” of the Flow Coma.

1. Aura G-11
a. Suspected “Core Power” of the abilities of The Flow Coma. It is able
to shift forms from human, to
animal and even vegetable, with the personalities of various organisms in which it has faced or have

b. Aura G-11 is also able to be used to disable the general powers of the Flow Coma, but only for a
short time before it reestablishes communication with the Flow Coma. (For only two turns)

c. Upon further examination in 2060, it was deemed that the Aura G-11 could be used for an anti-Flow
Coma vaccine, but it was later concluded that this particular “Strain” was not strong enough to resist
the constantly-changing Aura G-11, being able to absorb even counter versions of itself, feeding it
back into the Flow Coma Energy.

d. Any over exposure to the Aura G-11 will result in rancid scents emitted from the sweat glands, which
could quite possibly devour the host, returning the grotesque husk back to the Flow Coma.

IV. Dark Terror or any kind of energy influenced by emotions are ineffective.
V. Not much IS known about the Flow Coma, only in that in times of hatred, it will appear, consume all and
continue to devour the very essence bit by bit.


Each participating Roleplayer will be GIVEN a certain ability, ONE ability mind you, that will be crucial to the END of the destruction of the Flow Coma. Please be aware that your ONE ability will not be compromised by the Flow Coma. Now, each ability may run in multiples of two, four or even eight. A chart of measurement will be done as well to determine how well you can work with your RP’ers to increase damage to the Flow Coma when confronting it, or an attempt to get away until another assignment in the Roleplay is designated.

II. Character Sheets:

You are NOT required to post a character sheet. Your normal Character sheet for your roleplay character is all that is required. Now please remember that even though you will be using your normal name or alternative, as some do on this site, the character that you CHOOSE will only have ONE ability. So you will have to find others that have this SAME ability if you wish to survive the Flow Coma.

A. Characters

1. You have the option of customizing your own character, as long as it is interchangeable along with the storyline I am proposing.

2. You are not allowed to use your own theories. This is the database for the Roleplay, and that is all you are allowed to use. Hair, skin, religion, ect., and clothes are up to you.

3. ONE special weapon will be given unto you later on in the roleplay, which could be found lying around or even given to you by another character who cannot USE that weapon.

4. NO GOD MODDING!! I’ll kill you off and find someone else to do your share if you choose to
do so.

5. Vehicles:
a. You can choose ANY kind of transportation that is in the up and coming list that will be provided to you. Please choose carefully, as some vehicles will have a limitless amount of fuel,
depending on your special ability.

b. Vehicle SAFEHAVEN
A vehicle safehaven is a place where the Flow Coma cannot reach, usually protected by an Hourglass of Gothra, which will be described a bit later. Park your vehicle there and you might
have to continue on foot with your fellow roleplayers.

Please Standby for further instructions.

Benny ^^