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Started by Kaizen, September 21, 2010, 11:50:34 AM

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I don't mind stealing bread
From the mouths of decadence
But I can't feed on the powerless
When my cup's already overfilled,
But it's on the table
The fire is cooking
And they're farming babies
While slaves are working
Blood is on the table
And the mouths are choking
But I'm growing hungry

Not accepting new roleplays at this time.

I am interested in RP'n just about any type of story that is modern or historical, westerns are a favorite.

PM me if you would like to discuss a scene, I am very fluid with these ideas.  I'll work with your ideas and we can make something do-able.

My current ideas:

The Assassination of President Garfield
--> Read about the assassination here
I would like to RP this real historic event.  One person would play President Garfield, the other person would play a series of characters: The assassin, 16 different doctors, Garfield's wife, and various staffers of the President's. If you are interested please PM me and we can discuss details.  I could play either side.

Not Available Keeping the Clothes On - Sex in Public Places --> Uncontrollable Attraction
   - voyeurism, instant attraction, light consensual, clothing
Two people could meet and have such raw attraction that they couldn’t help themselves.  Or a couple that had been dating for a while is looking to try new adventurous things.  The settings could be anywhere, a nightclub, movie theatre, bus, subway, taxi-cab, or anywhere else.  Chances are good for multiple one shot stories taking place in many many different locations.

Not Available Arranged Marriage --> Welcome to The Family   
- NC
I can see this RP going any number of ways in a variety of settings - but I would like to keep things realistic.

Possible Themes:
- romantic - the couple eventually learn to love another
- tragic - homicide (possibly double homicide) or suicide
- adventurous - run awayayayay
- even comedic! - they keep trying to kill each other, but they keep surviving somehow...

Possible settings:
- rival mob families arrange a marriage to make peace
- a tradition of two villages, each village sends one child to be married from each generation
- middle ages royalty arrange a marriage for acquisition of power

Not Available Civil War --> Gone Back to Georgia
-forbidden romance, possible war violence
I could play either side, Confederate or Union.  (Union would be the more realistic of the two) the opposition troops are garrisoned in her town and the officers are quartered in her house.  Although her family forbids it, she can't help but harbor feelings for one of the young officers.  Heartbroken, her fiance was killed fighting against the occupying forces, but she can't deny her feelings.

Characters I would like to play or mimic their style:
Seasick Captain
Raoul Duke
Ford Prefect or Arthur Dent
Bubble Boy
Don Juan
more to be added as I find them

Please reply through PM.  I’d prefer if no one posted on this thread, I’d like to keep it uncluttered.

Thanks for looking



Talk show - I want to host a talk show.  Each episode would be a one shot, I would play the host and any NPCs and I would ask questions and prompt conversations.  You are a guest on the show.  Make a character to be interviewed - any character fictional, historical, cartoon, realistic, anything goes.

Quarrantine - Inspired by the movie.  An apartment building is infected with a very fast spreading rabies virus.  The building is quarrantined, people get infected.  Last as long as you can.  Everyone dies.

Dude Looks Like A Lady
- light consensual, crossdressing, futa, comedy (definitely)
A guy or gal picks up the hottest woman in the bar.  They go back to his/her place with a lot of heavy foreplay on the way.  Just before getting ready to do the dirty, he/she finds anatomy that shouldn’t be there… This one is a bit extreme for my taste, but I think everyone should step outside their comfort zone occasionally.

Big Tease
   - heavy foreplay, light consensual, comedy (hopefully)
Guy meets girl – it could be through mutual friends, an online dating site, at a bar or strip club (a means to an end), and the girl teases the guy in every way she can think of.  Sex is not necessary but could definitely happen (after A LOT of teasing of course).  She could be a virgin and saving herself for her future husband or she could just naturally love to be a tease.

(Once again, I would like to remind you not to post on this thread please - if you want to discuss anything, please PM me)