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Author Topic: oWoD/VtM Brave New World  (Read 582 times)

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Online RubySlippersTopic starter

oWoD/VtM Brave New World
« on: December 31, 2006, 12:24:04 PM »
I want to run a oWoD game for vampires that are Caitiff this means have no clan (no social Caitiff must not be imprinted with any clan traits) and may be Thin-Blooded 14th or 15th Generation or Dhamphir the children of the last generation of true vampires.

The plot wou d be after Gehenna the Technocracy using Code: Regnorak unleashed hell on the Ancients as they awoke in miost cased nuking cities to get them as needed. This under a terrorist campaign by Al Queda. After they got done all the clans fell the Ventrue under direct assault by the Technocracy Men-in-Black. The remained Kindred are those with no blood ties and weak blood now granted support by the Technocracy. After the WEEK OF TERROR the global authority of the UN took over and under one government a new utopia has begun. Well all is not perfect a strict caste system is in place and vampires are pretty much well treated if they are discrete, each city has a BOARD OF DIRECTORS made up of stronger Caitiff (or those that fell in early with the Technocracy) that handle Kindred affairs. Each is self-sufficient and maintain the Traditions.

Humans fall into five castes the Deltas (do service jobs and the like, are usually attractive), Gammas (workers in factories, skilled trades), Betas (information specialists), Alphas (leader caste) and Epsilons (special types Technocracy mages, vampires, garou that are in the club, Banes and the like). You can guess who runs things. The same scale goes for the top caste Epsilons-Epsilons are only technomages vampires generally are lower but can become fairly influential.

Yes just like A BRAVE NEW WORLD the novel with vampires and behind the scenes lots of intrigue. The Warrens the barabric areas exist and have vampires not in the good side of the new government, humans that don't want in the system and remenants of the Sabbat some who have surviving Elders. Yes they do attack into the cities at times and cause problems.


Yes in the system humans know vampires exist are deemed by the government as the next evolution of humanity kind of like they are engineering humans for space or living in the sea. Outside the great cities its far different.

Offline Ajoxer

Re: oWoD/VtM Brave New World
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2006, 10:38:51 PM »

is a TRULY brilliant idea, RS. I mean, this is one of the more brilliant ideas I've seen. I actually might be a bit interested in joining, but I'm a brass tacks kinda guy- What are you focusing on here? Are we thinking combat, politics, exploration?

Online RubySlippersTopic starter

Re: oWoD/VtM Brave New World
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2007, 12:04:32 AM »
Well complex can be fighting, role-playing, exploration, politics and the horror of the NWO after all its a perfect society of a sort where most are in cute little boxes. But of course there are thse outside the Great Cities and they are rather barbaric and in need of education. Be that peaceful or at the end of a jackboot that is no matter. Not that those under an Epsilon caste can know the truth they cannot handle it being weak minded and unworthy of such knowledge. lol

Simply put the Epsilons include the elite the ones that are not brainwashed, humans that are family to the vampires and werewolves joining the NWO, banes and technocracy mages of the superior order. They have traditional educations, access to forbidden knowledge and the like. The traditions are a little different enforced by the NWO and technocracy.

Tradition 1: Do not act against the Epsilon Caste and the NWO.

Tradition 2: Do not reproduce you vampiric gift without permission of the Epsilon-Epsilon.

Tradition 3: You have the right over all those below your station Delta to Alpha, use this for your pleasure and the good of the NWO.

Tradition 4: Sharing knowledge to those of lower caste not unless needed is forbidden as in they don't need to know the truth of things it would just confuse them.

Online RubySlippersTopic starter

Re: oWoD/VtM Brave New World
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2007, 01:37:32 PM »
I've got much a of a Chronicle worked out and will be based in the Eastern Economic Region basically the NE has been pretty much converted to one huge city with green space. West of there is a huge WILD ZONE mostly due to the destruction caused by the Technocracy when they leveled the ancient vampire Nosferatu. Oh did I mention there is effectively the ocean over a large swath West of the city with bridges. In the water are Bane creatures and other creatures. To destroy Nosferatu they had to use a Geological Antimatter Warhead to literally rip him out of the Earth so they could destroy him. Thankfully his Obfussacation did not stop technological means of detection. I worked out how each Antideluvian died and most were rather ,um, destructive. Set was easiest they used their orbital solar concentration satellite and some old fashioned nukes to get him in Cairo. Nosferatu took a few tries hence the heavy damage in North America but the eighth time was the charm.

Its considereed a very active area of uncivilized activities. So hunter teams and the like will have much to do.