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Author Topic: Adv. writer seeking dark, twisted fandom play - FMA, FF6/7/Tactics  (Read 813 times)

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Offline As Day FadesTopic starter

Adv. writer seeking dark, twisted fandom play - FMA, FF6/7/Tactics
« on: September 20, 2010, 11:52:36 PM »
As the title suggests, my current (and most common) desire is fandom play. Ever since I began playing around in various series years ago I found I enjoyed messing with them, with their characters, with their settings, bending the believable without it all somehow breaking - making it feel real, making it somehow in-character, despite how... 'different' some of my plots can be. I enjoy the twisted. I enjoy the dark, the perverted, the, quite simply, 'fucked up'. =) Read on and perhaps you'll get an idea of the depraved places my mind enjoys going. It's all just harmless, fun fantasy after all, mm?

Alright, covering the basics: I am looking for someone to fill the female role(s) in several different fandoms. I can count my 'offs' on one hand and would prefer a writing partner as equally open-minded. While quality is far more enjoyable than quantity, I see no reason to not shoot for both~ I'd prefer someone who can hit the three to five paragraph mark pretty consistently, thought slightly less (slightly, as in, two to four) is cool if we decide to play over a messenger. More is always welcome. If you can't hit those kinds of minimums, or haven't quite mastered the grade school differences between there, their and they're, then I might not be the right player for you. If you like what you see so far though, read on!

Fullmetal Alchemist  -  (Various) - Definitely my favorite anime/manga series ever right here, and in it I'd say Izumi barely squeaks past Olivier as my favorite female, though Winry and Riza do have their appeal. (I am familiar with both the first anime's and Brotherhood's storylines.) Lots can be done here. Izumi taking care of her boys. Olivier made to bend to Fuhrer Bradley, or something involving her and the men of Briggs. Riza being made to tend to her Fuhrer's needs, she having been made his assistant, done in private, done with his wife in listening distance, or even in front of Mustang or the Generals as a show of breaking those who thought to oppose him. Winry unable to choose between the brothers, opening her heart to both first, and her legs second. Or she (or Riza, or Olivier) gets into a situation where she's taken captive and abused. If we want to play around in the original anime's storyline, where it was Mustang that killed Winry's parents instead of Scar, then perhaps she could get fed up with waiting around at home for Ed and Al and seek to join the military in some desperate, foolishly lovestruck move, and as luck would have it she ends up getting assigned to Mustang's squad - she'll hate him, and he'll take it upon himself to put her through some very intense tough love.

Final Fantasy VI  -  (Kefka/Celes, Kefka/Terra, maybe both) - I have a few ideas for this one. What if, at the end of the game when the group has confronted Kefka in his tower, what if one of(or both of?) the girls has been secretly aligned with him from the beginning? Or on the fence the whole time, and right then is when she makes her choice? Celes could help slay her friends, willingly taking her place at Kefka's side to rule the world. Or Terra could turn to him, maybe from a slave crown, maybe fearing they're not strong enough and hoping her betrayal will earn safety for her 'children' in Mobliz. Or maybe something can be done in a past setting, when both were younger, up-and-coming as pawns of the Empire. There are numerous delicious opportunities for the mad clown to dominate, torture, modify or whatever else we can think of in his twisted artistic fashion: pre-game, mid-game, post-game, it's all good.
(NOTE: Currently filled. Thank you!)

Final Fantasy VII  -  (Cloud/Tifa/Aeris) - The infamous series of scenes where Cloud is forced to dress up like a female, like a female hooker no less, and accompany Tifa and Aeris in search of Don Corneo... There's just so much opportunity here for some fucked up fun, from start to finish, and it's something I would like to explore. Who even says the trio has to see the Don on their first night? Maybe they end up degrading themselves for awhile in there, all in search of a lead... Working at the Honeybee would be enjoyable, but before that I would like to really play out the girls convincing him to, and helping him crossdress all over Wall Street. The transformation. The humiliation. The embarrassment. The giggling. The gentle assurances that it's not that big of a deal, and the whispered promises that they won't tell anyone, ever.

Final Fantasy Tactics  -  (Delita/Agrias, Other) - King Delita Hyral sits upon the throne. Queen Ovelia is dead, and every single person the kingdom can afford is out searching for her killer, coming up with nothing but dead ends. Delita is making sure of this. His tracks are covered, and while he's ordering people to search aimlessly he's also making the public love their new king. The recent murder aside, the lands finally seem to be calming, and peace is truly beginning to settle in. Agrias, Ovelia's sworn bodyguard, returns from her journey with Ramza to find this to be the case, and to find herself needing to learn what really happened. But at what cost? Will she commit herself to becoming Delita's right hand if it means an opportunity to get closer to the truth? ...Just how much will she put up with from His Highness to fulfill her duty? This is another setting which I love very much, so if you'd like to try something with other characters, or even originals in the FFT world, let me know.

I've avoided going too in-depth with the above ideas because nothing is set in stone, and I would like a player who is up for brainstorming a bit, swapping ideas back and forth and developing something together rather than just going with a setup I've written. (If I wanted to do my own story I'd be writing fanfics!)

Also, there are a number of kinks I've been especially in the mood to play lately; this is by no means a complete list of what I'm into, and while some of the aforementioned scenarios would play a good host for some of them, others I'm tossing out there just to toss out there, to see what catches you're interest: torture/severe beatings, humiliation/degradation, gore/mutilation, character death/snuff, vore, femdom, impregnation, worship(physical or verbal).

There's a slew more that I'm into, both kink-wise and fandom-wise, but right this second I'd say this is what appeals to me most. If I seem like we'd be an interesting match but you're not seeing much you're in love with, or if you'd just like to get a better idea of me as a player, this ad is pretty tame by my standards, as I'm just kinda sorta whippin' it up - check out this link for further reading, if you wish.

I think that covers all the important stuff. Hit me up, mm?
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Offline As Day FadesTopic starter

Re: Adv. writer seeking dark, twisted fandom play - FMA, FF6/7/Tactics
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2010, 12:17:40 PM »
Small edit.

Offline schnookums

Re: Adv. writer seeking dark, twisted fandom play - FMA, FF6/7/Tactics
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2010, 03:15:09 PM »
Good to see you back :)

Offline As Day FadesTopic starter

Re: Adv. writer seeking dark, twisted fandom play - FMA, FF6/7/Tactics
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2010, 05:38:38 PM »
Thanks dude. =) And it's good to be back...ish. I decided to ease back into things by looking for a few specific cravings here I've never quite gotten to play out. Figure that might help me get back into the swing of things more fully.