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Started by Two Faced, September 20, 2010, 12:43:40 AM

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Two Faced

Holy crap, Elliquiy, I can't count the amount of times I've ducked in and out of this site and that's why before I even get to describing what I want I'm going to let you know that I might do it again. Because of this, be willing to contact me on AIM if I become inactive (which will generally take me a few weeks, so... if we have a quick game, that shouldn't be a problem!) My main problem in wandering away is that I am several different kinds of picky about a good writing problem-- so please, don't take offence if I seem disinterested! That being said...

I'm back! I need games, because I don't believe in restarting games that have been inactive for over a month. Okay, I suppose that's enough of me rambling, let's move onto what you're here for.

I'm a pretty open person, and I'm willing to play nearly anything! I'm mostly looking for [M/F-- with me as the female--] games right now (though I will play others, if you have an idea that's interesting enough,) and I'd love to play [something with superheroes...? Maybe tongue in cheek Dr. Horrible style] right now. People often request for me to play fully dominate males in M/M games and it gets a bit old after awhile, but I can be talked into it. As for what goes on in the game... well, like I said, I'm open to a lot of things! I love to plot things out in advance, and if you have even the slightest idea I'm sure we can work something out.  The plots and cravings that I put on here aren't the only things I'll play, they're simply the things I was thinking of at the time, but I would currently like something [plot heavy]!

This is my O/O thread. Please take a look before requesting a game with me, because there's a lot more detail about... everything in there.

Thank you for your time!
A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated.

Two Faced


The Gentlemen of Fortune

We have no sea. But we'll still sail.
We have no ship. But we'll still ride.
We have no swords. But we'll still fight.
Hide your gold, baby. We're coming for you tonight.

The Gentlemen of Fortune takes place in the early 22nd century. Our setting is the massive city of Terranerra-- what used to be Joliet, Aurora, Chicago, and everything in-between. What was once Joliet has become the lowest part of the city and consists largely of factories. The pollution is unbearable to all but those who were born and raised there and has even been noted to have caused faint mutations in both flora and fauna.

This is the fault of the factories that plague Terranerra, and if you'd listen to some people, the fault of the businessmen who run them. Those people would try to convince you that the businessmen must be stopped, that the companies need to be destroyed by any means necessary. The upper class needs to be eliminated.

Isaac Ashby is one of those men, and he'd like to offer you a choice-- to take up arms with him and his gang (as second in command, techie, artillery, medic, or decoy) and destroy the businesses by stealing and destroying everything belonging to them that they can, or you can side with the cops and try to track them down before they can cause too much damage. If you're a romantic, you can even sit on the sidelines and watch it all burn down around you.

The choice is yours, but the decision you make will affect the outcome of Terranerra and it's inhabitants...

This is an open plot; a character may be put in at any point and place. It is also set up to be a more plot-heavy game, though there are a lot of variations on which way the plot can be taken. I'm really interested in this one right now...

A Tale of the Sea
[M/M only? Possible M/F, given the proper convincing to change the noble's gender.]

Overlooking the massive trade city of Waterwalk is the DeMaynne estate, owned and only just recently occupied by a ruling noble family. Their reach extends far along the coastline and a good day's distance into land and it was far from a little known fact that they often chose to move around.

The people of Waterwalk seem relatively indifferent to the change-- while they hate having the nobles breathe down their neck, trade and market have prospered because of it. Likewise, the town has hardly seen the DeMayne family in turn even if they knew close eyes were being kept on them.

This is why people do not recognize the dark-skinned man strolling through the docks as a man of nobility; he certainly did not look much like either of his parents... Or, at least, he did not look like his father's wife. Those who knew the truth behind this were far and few between, but those who suspected it were a dime a dozen, if only in the cities were the young noble had been seen strolling about with his family.

Here no one seemed to know him, and while he was catching a few stares it was likely due to his upscale clothes rather then them knowing his identity. This was a worker's dock, no place for the rich and he seemed to know exactly where he was headed. He stopped at one of the smaller vessels, a trade ship that more often then not transported spices. More important then their cargo was the fact that this particular ship has always been owned by the DeMaynne family and that there were very few sailors nearby...

And that made for perfect conditions for a stowaway ship.

It wasn't until hours later that he was discovered.

A noblemen who holds power over a ship sneaks onto it knowing they won't know his identity if he's discovered. He wants to play at being a seaman, mostly to conquer a nasty fear of the water due to a jellyfish getting tangled around his leg when he was a young child. He did not factor in how stowaways are treated out at seas, nor that once they're out there he holds no power whatsoever-- they could throw him to the water and he'd be done for. He traps himself with a captain who does not take kindly to stowaways on his ship, nobility or not. And all of the DeMaynne family bares the family crest tattooed across the left side of their back-- it wouldn't be too long before the captain spotted it.

He should present the young noble with an ultimatum-- do work or get tossed to the water. (Or worse.)

As time goes on, the young noble should grow increasingly adept at doing these tasks and even becoming fond of the Captain, having spent a good deal of time around him due to sharing his cabin (he could not sleep with the crew, fearing what could happen.) As time goes on, the nobleman begins to make this clear...

In Case of Zombies: BREAK GLASS
[Comedy with the occasional dash of seriousness? Possibly entirely serious.]

It's the zombie apocalypse. These are not 'risen-from-the-dead zombies' but rather 'rabies zombies.' The virus (spread via saliva, [which is only produced in the first few days,] mucus, and eye fluids-- not blood, scratches, or bites in which no saliva enters the wound) works in stages, knocking out all of a person's senses one by one and causing them to go into a frenzy them in the meantime. The virus pushes the body to it's limits, with the majority of vital-organs slowing their processes down. The zombies, the 'creeps,' are reduced to basic instinct, primarily the urge to feed. With their ability to physically process sensations down, they fail to realize the strain they put on their body. This comes from constant running (the strain on the muscle is increased due to low blood oxygen thanks to slowed lung and heart processes,) never sleeping, and over-eating due to a slowed GI tract.

This leads them to die off within a week with severe muscular dystrophy, often times spending a day or two paralyzed before inevitable death.

This is the story of some of the survivors attempting to wait out the storm, rescue a friend, or take the creeps down (either having been bitten and having nothing else to lose or simply being over zealous.)

I have five characters ready for use in this game. You may chose to involve any assortment or combination of them. These characters, in short, are: Lydia Moretti, an athletic tomboy, Dev Jarvi, a (surprisingly cowardly) college boy with a specialty in gymnastics, George Styles, a man who truly believes he's a reincarnated soldier from WWI and dresses accordingly, Shimon Goodman, a surprisingly tough and resourceful man, if a bit underpracticed mentally and socially, and 'Happy', the grumpy sledgehammer wielding flower child. I'll give more information about these characters upon request.

Of Training Dogs
[M/M only, very possibly EX]

This game would take place during II. A German prisoner of war is captured when a group of Red Army trained dogs (A German breed, Saarlooswolfhonds,) come into a German camp in Russia in a seemingly friendly manner-- at least until the signal to attack is given. Most of the Germans die as the field commander who had trained them and his squad join in on the attack. The prisoner, noted to be of some importance, is restrained for some time and is close to passing away when he stumbles upon the commander's deficiency in understanding the finer points of the German language. Knowing this is an important subject for the commander, he strikes a deal-- to be kept alive in exchange for teaching him. The commander agrees to this, but with conditions. If he is to be kept around as such, he will be kept like a pet: he will be well groomed first-most, like a prized pet, and he will follow commands as his dogs do, to act like them whenever the commander so orders.

The prisoner will be trained to act as a dog. He will wear a collar, and walk on his hands and knees when asked; he will refrain from talking except when asked and he will drink and eat from bowls on the floor when asked as the commander sees fit. This will not be a private affair, he is a pet to be shown off, much to his shame. If he doesn't listen, punishment awaits.

This game is very likely to fall into extremes. It is one of the few games where I will accept bestiality, though it isn't necessary. This game is going to be BDSM-- it is simply set up that way. To what degree we can discuss in PMs.


Am I a good man?
Am I a mad man?
Its such a fine line between a good man and a...

We have with us now a vigilante. Not evil, he'd say, taking care of the evils. His techniques are extreme, borderline torture and sometimes things far worse then what can be considered conventional torture. He's crossed lines that shouldn't have been crossed, and now he's being tracked down for it... by you! The problem is that his counter-ego is entirely different: A perfectly respectable, polite, caring member of society. Regardless of if you know his true identity or not, it could be trouble to take him down either as a member of law enforcement or a victim of one of his punishments (or someone in revenge, for those who didn't leave his grasp alive.) But maybe that's just what you want...

You can take this man and do what you please with him, if you pull the right strings. You could make him regret everything. You could get him to help you, but be careful. You'll be walking on eggshells; make one slip up and you might find yourself prey to his darker side...


In the run-down city of Lenore, debauchery runs amok. The companies rule the city, but they're just a cover for the real businesses-- the drugs, prostitution, and darker side of the alcohol industry. Each group has their specialties and are constantly fighting as separate gangs, but the residents have no reason to worry-- if you live in Lenore, you're likely already sided with a faction.

Of the three gangs, the Durand hold the most power. Ruled by an elusive Frenchmen and never afraid to carry out a hit, they hold majority rule over the prostitute business in Lenore. They also hold the smallest piece of the city, but it's enough for them, considering they hold the most power.

A close second, the Issa sector controls most of the drug business of Lenore. They're ruled by an easily-angered man who insists on ruling with an iron fist, and they hold both an immense amount of power and the largest part of the city by sheer number. The son of their leader, Miraj, tends to take over the smaller tasks that need to be handled.

The third sector in Lenore is run by Flynn. They are the most business oriented of the three, with a hold over the alcohol industry. Their leader is mild-mannered but determined not to lose any land or power to either of the rival factions to the point of delving into dirty tactics from time to time. They hold the second largest piece of land in Lenore, though are often overlooked simply because they do not have much manpower. The leader's son, Adian, is set to inherit his father's legacy, but he's widely considered too soft and unfit for the job.

Recently, activity between the gangs has picked up. It's rumored that a few of the higher ranking Durand was killed while out on the job in the Flynn sector, and the Durand have in turn have increased hostility towards the Flynn. Transactions between the two are now closely monitored. The Issa, sensing weakness, has decided to attack. If they were ever going to take that power from Durand, now would be the time...

This is an open plot; a character may be put in at any point and place.

Currently, I am craving:

       Plot heavy game in which the 'good guy' ends up beaten or giving into 'evil.'
       Something with superheros/villains!
A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated.

Two Faced

Added 'Man's Best Friend.' c: I'm still looking for new games!
A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated.

Electric Balalaika

I'm pretty interested in the idea of a WWII Soviet roleplay, I must say.
I've got a good knowledge of Soviet history, especially of WWII. Also, I'd be interested in playing a male switch.

I'd love to give it a shot, if you're willing.
"Everything established, settled, everything to do with home and order and the common round, has crumbled into dust and been swept away in the general upheaval and reorganization of the whole of society. The whole human way of life has been destroyed and ruined. All that’s left is the bare, shivering human soul, stripped to the last shred, the naked force of the human psyche for which nothing has changed because it was always cold and shivering and reaching out to its nearest neighbor, as cold and lonely as itself.
-Boris Pasternak

Two Faced

It seems I've wandered back to the site, sweeties. That means I'm in need of new games to start... so without much else to ramble on about, interests, please?
A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated.

Two Faced

Added two more plot ideas. C: They're not in any real order... maybe I'll work on that next!
A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated.

Two Faced

Hooo I'm back guys. Most likely not for good because no mater how many times I swear that it doesn't happen, but maybe a good game can change that. I'm looking again! C:
A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated.

Two Faced

Mmm, looking for a game with superheroes and villains. Maybe even a tongue in cheek Dr. Horrible sort of scenario? That'd be pretty snazzy.
A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated.