The Kitten and the Cougar [VAN] F/F - Taken

Started by Zeitgeist, September 18, 2010, 12:18:21 PM

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** Story is closed, taken. Deliah and I will be writing this story ***

The city councilwoman and her cute intern. Hmmm, definite possibilities there! Don't have much more than that right now, but could be easily fleshed out. The height and age difference is quite appealing  ;D


Well, the idea sounds very nice, Zeit. How would you feel about a shy Intern assigned to a councilwoman who definetly knows what she wants and knows how to get it? :P


Yes, that is what I had in mind. Though I would like to see both take the initiative at times. I could see the intern getting careless with her affections, risking outing the couple and the councilwoman being a bit cross with her. There should definitely be some danger and risk their little tryst being exposed and made public.

I'd like to leave it up for a bit longer, see if others too have some ideas. Possibility though. Thanks.