The Real Story of Peter Pan and James Hook (Extremely Violent)

Started by AithinTheElf, September 17, 2010, 08:01:11 PM

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Peter is a wild and dangerous 18 yr. old assassin from a far off empire.  He is the leader of the assassin guild called the "Lost Boys", a group of teenagers who kill ruthlessly for a living.  James Hook, Captain of the Leviathon ship, is their arch enemy, and a long time rival of Peter's.

Peter is slender, strong, and has the ability to melt away like ice into any shadow.  He is lightly tanned, with messy black hair that falls halfway into his face, the rest tied up in a ponytail.  His face is green eyed and heavily scarred at the side of left eye and cheek; white slices line his flesh.  He is often wearing a sleeveless black shirt, black pants, knee length boots, and carries a single Scimitar strapped to his back.

James Hook is tall, strong, and rather quick himself, always clad in black pants, boots, and a dark, silver lined Captain's jacket.  A leather tricorn sits atop his shoulder length, wavy dark hair.  His face is stern and harsh, thin lipped with light stubble and deep eyes of an unknown color.  James is also ruthless, violent, unforgiving, and vile.

This is a violent, bloody story, just letting you all know.

James Hook wants to kill Peter.  He hates him.  He wants to fight him, he wants to cut him, he wants to make him scream.  But most of all, he longs for the forbidden.

Warnings: Bloody Violence, Language, Peril, and Rape.

I need someone who can play a ruthless character (Hook) and who is plenty literate.  I prefer rping through Pms or email, but we can talk. (: