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Started by threeasfour, September 17, 2010, 01:14:41 PM

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All my characters are female, with very little exception. My roleplay scenarios almost always feature a one-on-one central heterosexual pairing but I have absolutely no qualms with playing a splintering of other supporting characters. Actually, I might even welcome that investment and development for the right story!

With that said, I’m looking for male characters! Open the gates and let the men file on in...brooding bravados, bombastic rakes, sweet-eyed intellectuals with soft hands and sweeter words...you get my drift.

I have a soft spot for heavy sexual tension, angst, something emotionally and psychologically restrictive before the physical release. I also have no desire to roleplay something with a lackluster plot and boring characters - no thanks to cardboard, cookie cutter smut for smut’s sake. My writing also may seem a bit cinematic. I flesh out nuances because as they say...god er...yahweh is in the details.

I also will politely say no to: Gary Sues, literary cliches (let’s live a little and challenge each other!), anything written entirely in first person point of view (sorry, when I read “then I put my XX in your XX” it just irks me), straight up rudeness, anime, crazy fantasy scenarios with neon sabres and elaborate apocalyptic battle scenes.

What I would request is creativity and at least one brainstorming session with moi. I find that playing canon characters all the time makes Jack a dull boy.

I enjoy twists, setting up the scenery and exploring the darker, seedier depths of characters. I also wouldn’t mind having a great writer to roleplay with on longer term roleplays...I’m not asking for a decade long commitment but at most several months and at minimum a few weeks. From my experience, not every beginning ends up to be an epic success but if you’re willing to try and cultivate something unique then you’re in the right place.

At first blush, my characters are usually very feminine, a little reserved and saccharine but venture a little further and you’ll realize that they’re all teetering on a darker, more perverse brink. My characters play mind games, they tend to be manipulative and are equally intellectually and sexually charged. If they start out as girls they always end up as women. I play submissive characters with dominant streaks.

Also, I’m a sucker for historical settings, so if you’ve got a RP that you’re dying to play set in any time prior to the present, PM me.

An Education - [English Regency, 1815] Tease - Older & Younger Pairing - Romance

Miss Helene Cadwell is a young lady on the verge of debuting in the ton. Unlike her more docile and obedient siblings, she’s cursed with a curious and rebellious nature which, stemming from the fact that she belongs to a notable family with ties to aristocracy, would prove disastrous if went unchecked. Her cousin (or family friend), a most eligible, handsome yet vehemently unattached bachelor has garnered a reputation among the upper crust as something that of a polished Lothario. Eager to dispel any tarnishment associated with being known solely as a rake, the man has resolved to eschew his former mistresses and hold off on any sexual temptations.

That is until one summer he is asked, in exchange for being able to spend a summer on an elegant estate, to offer German lessons to Miss Cadwell. Smitten with her cousin’s strapping good looks and gentleman’s charm, she childishly decides to seduce him and demands his help in her “education” of a more intimate nature. She’s revealed to be more “woman” than impish child and is on the verge of bewitching him but to what end? He has to decide whether to succumb to hold off on his cousin’s advances.

No One Has to Know” [Adultery, Modern Day] Forbidden Emotions - Angst - Voyeurism?

Lana and Tom bump into each other at the supermarket, they’re both newly married, late 20-something professionals. They politely smile and awkwardly untangle their shopping carts and move along their way but they both can’t help but feel that there was something incredibly attractive about the other stranger.

Weeks pass and they slowly forget about each other until one day Tom, while at work learns that they’re hiring a new associate at his firm - an associate who he’ll be responsible for training. Eager to mentor a young male whippersnapper (lol, love that word), he’s surprised when Lana walks in through his office door. They look at each other, knowing fully well that if she were to work “under” him they would have to address their increasing sexual friction and rising attraction towards one another despite their respective marriages.

I imagine there to be a lot of covert under-the-desk office and quickies-in-hotels scenes...

Other Ideas:
<> Lancelot & Guinevere
<> A reworking of the tale of Cupid and Psyche
<> Step siblings in the style of Les Liaisons dangereuses but set in England, 1930’s (think Atonement)
<> College Professor & Student
<> Psychoanalyst and Patient (Freud, Jung) 
<> An angel & Lucifer (rivalries who cannot stay away from each other)
<> Phantom of the Opera: Christine & Phantom Pairing
<> Vampire à la Anne Rice
<> Modern day aspiring ballerina & dance instructor pairing. As in Aronofsky's Black Swan with the seductive and sexual dynamic of Nina and her teacher.
<> Fantasy/Medieval or potentially Byzantine era setting between a Queen regnant and her body guard. PM with specifics about this story idea.
<> (This last one is reserved for you. If you have something superbly creative up your sleeve, PM me...I can’t promise that I won’t bite but you may enjoy it)
"He was powerless because he had no precise desire, and this tortured him because he was vainly seeking something to desire."

-Vladimir Nabakov


Hello. I am in real life a middle aged guy and I have an interest in exploring a role play with you. I can commit to posting on the average of every day, sometimes more sometimes less, but I would let you know in advance of any extended absences, and I would expect the same courtesy.   I think the peeping tom theme might work best as far as what you have posted, but if you have something else you would like with an older man/younger woman, go for it. For the peeping tom theme, I throw out this scenario. You and your husband have just moved next door to me. Our bedroom windows face each other and from my home office on the second floor of my house I can see most of your yard, including the area where you are in the process of installing a hot tub. You are very attractive and even though I am 20 years older than you, I keep in shape and you will find me attractive when we get to that  point.  After 25 years or so of being married I am somewhat sexually frustrated, and the site of you in the various stages of undress I am able to view makes my imagination run wild as to all of the things I would like to do to and with you sexually. You know I am watching enjoy it, and promote it. Maybe your husband works long hours and travels for business Whig leaves you alone more than you would like. I would be interested in hearing more about your character and   some of what you might like in mine.  I do tend to get quite graphic in my sexual descriptions and would like the role play to include very intense sexual encounters, consistent with the context. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.


Updated with new cravings. I prefer roleplaying on the boards but as for pre-RP, contact me via PM to set something up. -smile-
"He was powerless because he had no precise desire, and this tortured him because he was vainly seeking something to desire."

-Vladimir Nabakov


-Brushes off the dust-

Bumping this up with a new story idea. The majority of the ideas are still available...
"He was powerless because he had no precise desire, and this tortured him because he was vainly seeking something to desire."

-Vladimir Nabakov