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Author Topic: MisterG's Cravings and Picture Plots (seeking female)  (Read 3503 times)

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MisterG's Cravings and Picture Plots (seeking female)
« on: September 17, 2010, 03:42:00 am »
Plase check my Sexual elements here.

These are my ideas, I've put some of them on hold but I am open to them again and or other plots it really depends on my mood and/or availability PM me if you're interested.

NEW The Curse - Modern
You're one of the most popular and gorgeous at school, you're not innocent but you are proud or your sexual chastity, you despise and think yourself better than those other popular sluts, and by having all the boys chasing you actually gives you that satisfaction by knowing they may crawl but will never have you like they had those other sluts. Because of that you've achieved a position of importance within the school(school Student's association President for example). Besides pride, you also have another vice, you value your beauty above all else.

One day an ugly gipsy old Lady crosses paths with you and praises your beauty, she says that she was once as beautiful as you and asks you to spend some time to help her feel more beautiful, you just shrug her off with how ugly she was that anything will not make her better, she curses you, the curse is supposed to turn you into what you despise most.

The curse gradually turns you uglier unless you drink a load of cum, in the beggining swallowing cum once per day was enough to keep you beautiful, but for every load of cum you drink to regain your beauty, the curse worsens and you start to turn uglier faster and need more quantaties of cum to do it. The curse also created a tattoo of a large white heart leaking cum on the words "Cum slut" on your pubic mound, as the curse progressed the words would start to erase and the white interior of the heart would become less full white and more empty, as you drank cum the heart's white interior would proportionally fill and once full again the leaking cum could be seen again over the Words making them visible again. In order to mantain your beauty, the heart must be full and leaking, but only when it's empty do you start to become ugly.

Alternatively, she might be a college student or not a student at all, might be a business woman, a milf, whatever, the student was just an example.

NEWLab Assistant- NC/Body/mind modification
I'm a Scientist who is looking for a lab assistant for his personal experiments in the field of genetics, you are interested and he gives you an interview, when the first day of work comes he drugs you. When you wake up you find yourself in an infirmary and find your body has changed.

In this story the scientist will transform you into his personal sex doll bimbo, modifying your body using a Bimbofication drug he developed, your character should gradually become dumber and hornier, gradually finding it hard to refute the most ordinary suggestions.

NEWComatose - NC/Body modification
You're small chested, glass wearing nerd but you've got a boyfriend and you two are happy with each other, one day on a date with your boyfriend you leave to go to the bathroom and get kidnapped, you later wake up briefly in a surgery room only to receive anesthesia and induced in a year long comma. When you wake up you find that your captors have modified your body(eye laser surgery, breast implants, piercings, tattoos, etc) and there's pictures and videos of them abusing you. Where are you? Will you be able to escape and return to your loved ones?

Night Terrors - NC/Body modification
One day your character has a rape nightmare, too real and scary, but you rejoiced since it was all a dream but the following nights she dreamed of rape again.

The idea is that someone is causing these nightmares(magic or tech), and is in fact entering her dream, this may be someone with a grudge against her, the dreams become more real each night and what happens in the dream starts to affect reallity(like scars and body modifications).

Family must stick together - Modern/incest/NC - The mother is divorced and single mother of two, one boy and a girl, the boy is 16 and the girl is older than him and a virgin. Unknown to them, the boy used secretly to peek when his sister or mother were masturbating, he had stolen underwear and pantyhose belonging to the women of the house, hidden under is bed which he used to fantasise. One morning a burglar invades their home and takes them hostage, he decides to abuse of the women, when he notices the young boy was getting an hard on he forces him to fuck his virgin sister and then his mother. The perverted burglar was enjoying the situation so much that he kidnaps the family and takes them to a warehouse for training and entertainment.

I would like to use one of these mother types.
Possible mother 1
Possible mother 2
Possible mother 3 & Possible mother 3.2
Possible mother 4
Possible mother 5
Possible mother 6
Possible mother 7
Possible mother 8
Possible mother 9
Possible mother 10 & Possible mother 10.2

As for the Daughter, here are some suggestions but your own would be cool also.
Daughter Sugestion 1
Daughter Sugestion 2
Daughter Sugestion 3
Daughter Sugestion 4 & Daughter Sugestion 4.2 & Daughter Sugestion 4.3
Daughter Sugestion 5
Daughter Sugestion 6
Daughter Sugestion 7
Daughter Sugestion 8
Daughter Sugestion 9 & Daughter Sugestion 9.2
Daughter Sugestion 10 & Daughter Sugestion 10.2

(You will play as both the mother and daughter.)

The farm - Modern/Exotic/NC - Your character is a tourist on the countryside. Not far from the Inn you're staying there's a farm who provides a very delicious milk to the area and to the Inn, your character later meets the farm owner who gives you a sample of his finest milk, you try it and the next thing you remember is waking up on the Inn again, but after some time you noticed that your breasts seemed a bit bigger.

(Includes milking, women livestock, cowplay(or alternatively werecow), breast enlargment, non con, corruption, may include optional impregnation.)

Amazon Tribe - Modern/Human/NC - My Character and his wife are on their honeymoon in Amazon, traveling deeper on the forests they encounter a tribe of gorgeous Amazon women that kidnaps them. My character is taken for mating with every amazon on the tribe, I am drugged with a potent aphrodisiac that's the tribe secret that results in involuntary male erection while the drug lasts on the system, and raped. The wife is taken and tortured(Nothing extreme), she may be forced to watch me fuck the Amazons, forced to receive piercings(this may include nipples, clitoris, vagina, anus), marked with tattoos, have her ass extended, haver her vagina extended, forced lesbian intercourse and forced to be fucked by animals, etc. I am to be turned into a sex slave for mating and must be educated to obey them, in the end, My character either becomes a junkie to their drug and can't leave them or he has is will completely broken and becomes fully a slave. The wife can become the slave's toy or the toy of an amazon.

My character may be subjected to anal in this one, although I'd like for it to play a minor part since it's not a turn on.
I would be playing the man, you would be playing both the wife and the amazon tribe.

Inspirational image

Star Wars ToR - The Sith Mistress - Sci-fi/Exotic/NC - It is the year 3,951 BBY, five years after the Jedi Civil War, and four years after redeemed ex-Dark Lord of the Sith Revan's departure to the Unknown Regions, It is a perilous time for the galaxy. A brutal civil war has all but destroyed the Jedi Order, leaving the ailing Republic on the verge of collapse. Amid the turmoil, the evil Sith have spread across the galaxy, hunting down and destroying the remaining Jedi Knights. My character is a Jedi who is captured by the Sith Mistress, she attempts to turn him.

I'm willing to be subjected to pain and some anal on this one, Still I'd like to avoid some extremes, SCAT, mutilation, watersports.

Please sister! Don't! - Modern/Human/NC - I was 17 and had a 23 year old sister that despite being beautiful and hot was recently dumped by her boyfriend for another girl who was also hot but a slut, mad with hate for men and slutty women,  unsatisfied with weeks of soloing she found a way to blackmail her brother in order to satisfy her lust and to unload her anger. She decided she wanted him for her, and would scare/violate/torture any girl interested in her brother, and ultimately blackmail the brother, ordering him to obey or else she would do bad things to them like kidnapping them, deprive them, take their virginity with toys, hire goons, etc...

(I don't like receiving anal but I'm ok with fingering, small insertions, most small/normal sized anal toys and prostate stimulation, I wouldn't like being fucked with strap-on but being forced a small dildo or vibrator is ok. Everything else is ok for me.)
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Re: MisterG RP Thread (Craving a Dom F)
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2010, 08:55:12 pm »
Finished/On hold

Finished/Ongoing/On Hold Plots

Corruption - Demon/NC/Body/mind modification
You have an encounter with Demon(Either summonned by you or any other way), the Demon overpowers you and makes you his sex slave, you are kidnappned and taken somewhere unknow for who knows how much time. His body slowly corrupts yours and over some time you start to notice changes on it...

The Tentacle creature - Modern era/Exotic/NC -   A Female character gets lost in the woods/island and tries to find a place to spend the night that's when she will encounter the creature, a lustful shape shifting creature that can generate many different kinds of tentacles.

Makeover - Modern/NC - Your character is drugged and kidnapped, when she wakes up, she finds she was subjected to some kind of operation or operations that altered the shape of her body, her breasts were expanded, her lips were more voluptuous, she was slimmer, her waist was narrowed and her hips and ass were widened. She is then forced to slave training and unconsciously administered libido enhancing drugs in her meals, so despite her denials, her body responds to the sexual training unwillingly.

Feline Love - Modern/Human/NC - My character is a 25 years old and works on the human resources department of a big company, he's got a big house and his job pays well, despite seeming to be a normal person he only had one girlfriend when he was 13, she left him for another boy and he wasn't able to handle it mentally and turned to his female cat for attention, he talked to her, he petted her, he fed her, she was everything to him and she was always with him, she was at home when he arrived and would lick him and cuddle on lap, she wouldn't leave him, she would be loyal.
When one day he awakes and finds that his cat was dead, he becomes depressed for some weeks, until he gives an interview to a beautiful girl that was in fact is ex-girlfriend, he only realized it when she saw him and thought that she could take advantage of him by seducing him, since she knew him from childhood and that could make it easy for her to enter this big company. Seeing her made him angry, but he didn't let it show, when she asks for them to go on a date, he grins and accepts it.

Includes kidnapping, rape, BDSM Kitten Play, possible training/indoctrination and optional lesbian acts.

Star Wars ToR - The Sith Master - Sci-fi/Exotic/NC - It is the year 3,951 BBY, five years after the Jedi Civil War, and four years after redeemed ex-Dark Lord of the Sith Revan's departure to the Unknown Regions, It is a perilous time for the galaxy. A brutal civil war has all but destroyed the Jedi Order, leaving the ailing Republic on the verge of collapse. Amid the turmoil, the evil Sith have spread across the galaxy, hunting down and destroying the remaining Jedi Knights. My character is a Sith claiming to be a Sith Lord and have adopted a female dark jedi as an apprentice, I will train your character in the ways of the sith and use her as I see fit.

Hypno Slave - Modern/Human/NC - My character is a Psychiatrist who studies hypnosis, he has recently divorced from his wife and felt down and angry. One of his clients was a woman in her 20s that is a virgin terrified of any kind of sexual intercourse(for whatever reason), my character decides to put his research in hypnosis to use on her, at first he just tried to make her overcome her fears, after some successful hypnosis sessions he decided to take advantage of it and make her his slave to satisfy all his needs, all his desires all his fantasies. He slowly corrupts her unconscious mind while he teases and tortures her conscious mind, who becomes confused from her erotophobia and her slut/slave trained unconscious.

(I'm looking for something rough with this one, no holding back, no romance, I'll avoid extremes though like Vore, mutilation, extreme pain)

Dragon Age - Blood Magic - Fantasy/Demon/NC - A female Mage who was recently raised from the rank of apprentice to Mage of the circle, this would happen months before the fifth blight. The female Mage maybe out of curiosity practised blood magic once, trying to summon a spirit but it failed and she thought best not to keep practising this forbidden school of magic. Later that night she had a sexy erotic dream and on the next day she was hot and horny. The next few nights the erotic dreams kept returning and become more real every night, while the effects during the day also increased and she would find herself increasingly sensitive and needy. One night the dream was taking longer than usual to end and she would realize something is wrong and would learn that she was dreaming and stuck in the fade unable to wake up, the blood magic she tried some days ago allowed a demon to bond with her soul and once she realized it she had to find a way to escape from the demon on it's own home and defeat it to wake up and be released from the demon's control.

(Since this is a dream world and anything can happen, this may include any kind of my kinks, anal, tentacles, monsters, demons, bestiality, shapeshifters, sex toys, machines, orgy, etc. For more details check my roleplay preferences, anything unwanted can and should be planned through pm.)

Despite having the same appearance in the game, the ingame codex tells us that demons are spirits with no body and thus their shape varies so if you'd like, you could choose one or more of the following demons for me to be:
Rage Demon
Rage Demon 2
Pride Demon
Pride Demon 2
Desire Demon
Desire Demon 2
Desire Demon 3
Desire Demon 4
Hunger Demon

Genetic research - Modern/Exotic/NC - My character is a human genetic scientist with no moral, he just cares for his results, he's eccentric and was turned down by every woman he dated because he has no social skills, one day my character gains an interest in a female character but is arrogantly turned down and he decides to get revenge, he kidnaps her and experiments on her as punishment.

This could have animal rape(Dogs, horses or whatever you'd prefer to rape your character), transformation(your character becomes a half human, animal person), maybe hymen and anal regeneration, breast expansion or any other genetic changes that you're okay with.

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Bondage - Modern/Exotic/NC
I'm looking to create a roleplay for original characters in the harry potter universe where you, a female student or teacher will become my slave and will be taken to a secret dungeon/chamber of hogwarts. It will all begin with blackmail and the ordeal escalates from there.

The Symbiote - Modern/Alien/NC - Much like the spider-man's symbiotes, this symbiote is a black goo/slime alien entity that landed on earth inside a meteor fragment. Your character sees the meteor fragment land near her that night and decides to go check it out, she sees the rock in the middle of a small crater and takes it home as a souvenir. During that night the rock in her room "bleeds" that black goo who begins to crawl towards your character and covers her body, attaching itself to her skin like a skin tight suit, becoming a second skin. The alien fed on her hormones and so it increased your body's sensibility to get sex in order to feed. Your character first tries to get rid of the suit to no avail and only making things worse, then she tries to resume her normal life with the suit.

(The alien makes a symbiosis with your character's body becoming part of it, it can slightly manipulate her genetic code(optional) to slightly enlarge her breasts and regenerate parts of her body and wounds quickly, send impulses to her brain suggesting desires but unable to control your character and it can take any shape like any type of clothing, shoes,accessories and even sex toys. )

The Symbiote
The Symbiote 2

WoW - The gathering - Fantasy/anthromorphs/Bestiality/NC - 10 years have passed since the battle at mount Hyjal, the night elves were still adapting to a new way of life, among them the recently awakened druids were the ones having a harder time than most of the night elves because of their centuries long emerald dream stasis but an order was established and they were also slowly adapting to the new Night Elf civilization. But some of the druids didn't fully recover from being shapeshifted in animal form for centuries and were more savage than most druids, these druids didn't like how much the elves philosophy changed these past years and decided to form a new secret druid gathering. Some rumors of this gathering emerged saying that the gathering was behind some missing night elves but other than that, the gathering was able to maintain it's secrecy and open to only a handful of members.

(You will play a female night elf of any class who will be kidnapped and raped by the druids of the gathering, this may include bestiality or shape-shifted sex.)

Starcraft - Fury of the Swarm - Scifi/Alien/NC
You will play a female character, who may be a local from a secluded farming/mining Colony. The said colony comes under attack by the Zerg and is overrun by the swarm, most of the human denizens would be slaughtered but some would be taken alive to being fed to the swarm or to be infested. You would be part of the group who were being taken for infestation and in your days of captivity the Zerg would Rape you as part of the infestation process.

This may include optional body modification, impregnation and oviposition.

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Re: MisterG's Cravings and Picture Plots (seeking female)
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2012, 09:13:30 pm »