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April 22, 2021, 12:24:50 pm

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Author Topic: Female requesting male or someone who can play male, partner  (Read 974 times)

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Offline April BouvierTopic starter

Female requesting male or someone who can play male, partner
« on: September 16, 2010, 07:13:13 pm »
Hi I'm currently trying to get back into role playing again. I took a break and ended a lot of RP's I was in. Now I'm ready to make a fresh start, and  Man I have a lot of cravings for all kinds of RP's. There are actually so many that it would be hard to list all of them, So I'll just list the one's I really want to do.

be sure to read my On's and Off's and if you can my Rabbit hole.

I Really want to do something with an Orc and a Human Mage or Princess, That pairing is always fun for me since I love Tall and badass, manly characters.

Now for this pairing I have several plots in my head for the Orc and the princess , most involving The Orc and his men presenting  a threat to all the human kingdoms with his massive army. He would order for all the kingdom to send there princesses to him as a gift for peace, if they complied there kingdom would be safe for the moment if not they would be destroy. So for this there will be a master and concubine theme where he would make my Princess bear his children and have sex with her constantly as he seems to have a unlimited libido.

I'll give the who plot to the person who request this RP

For the Mage and the Orc, this one is more consensual and romantic with passion. The mage needs a guide but not just any guide she needs some one who knows how to survives off the land and can fight. You see she is making a pilgrimage to a forbidden lands where the most powerful mage had died during a great battle. There she wished to study his home land and hope to find his old scrolls to learn from them be enlighten and possibly became as powerful as he was. There's one problem, the land is forbidden for  one reason, it was now inhabited by orcs, and humans where as war with the orcs. She didn't care about the war as she had nothing against the Orc race all she wanted was to travel to this land to earn enlightenment so she would have to hire some one tough who could be her body guard and keep her safe while she was in search for the scrolls.  So she would place up fliers with the promise of money for anyone help. And there she would gain the attention of your Orc guy, how is half orc and half human him self.  :D

I'll give the who plot to the person who request this RP

A Cowboy X Indian Girl.
I was doing a successful Cowboy and Indian girl RP and I miss it is was more of a romantic Passionate RP. The plot began with my girls village being attacked by bandits who killed every one while the leader was trying to force himself on her, with her fighting him every step of the way. And before he could brutally rape her,he is shot in the back leaving him dead instantly. Your Cowboy save her, she is internally grateful but he shows little enthusiasm. He's a troubled young man with a bad past he has a bit depressed. He doesn't know why he saved her, is it was any other girl he would have turn the other cheek but for her there was something enchanting about this beautiful girl.

Well that's is for now I'll update if I come up with more RP's I crave. And Please don't post here please just PM me. I'll be waiting.
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