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Author Topic: Exit Music for a [Roleplay!]  (Read 1859 times)

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Exit Music for a [Roleplay!]
« on: September 16, 2010, 06:58:47 PM »
Hello Elliquiy!

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my list of ideas. Some of them are more vague than others, and this is intentional. I'm not looking merely to enact a pre-written script which I have scribbled out in my head. I deliberately keep most of my ideas brief, because I'm seeking a partner who can help me build and elaborate on certain scenes or inklings that I might have.

If you want a greater understanding [which in and of itself, is likely a good idea] as to what my more finer elements are, please check out my Ons and Offs thread:

That being said, let's get to the list.


Stories I am interested in building from the ground up, from scratch, based on something I saw or heard, that inspired the muse inside of me.

Fiery Passion

See pictures here:
One, Two

See video here:
Vincent Kartheiser

This can go in so many different directions. It sort of has an "If I can't have her, no one can!" ring, to me. But the possibilities are endless. Help me build this story from the ground up!

* * * * *

If I told you reasons why, would you leave your life and ride?

See video here:
Cary Brothers - Ride

Two lovers, hopelessly in over their head, have to find a way to escape their old life, and start anew. Help me decide exactly what is in that fateful trunk, what mistakes they made, what or who they are running from, and where they are going!

* * * * *

The Highwayman

Read poem here:

A bandit, a highwayman, having found his love in the face of a peasant girl. A forbidden romance, finalized only in the moonlit darkness and the whispered footsteps of secrecy. He returns one night, to find her being brutalized by soldiers.

* * * * *

Oryx and Crake + The Year of the Flood

If anyone has read these books [both by Margaret Atwood], I have been dying to do some sort of scene based around this dystopian world.

* * * * *

Aeon Flux

The animated series, not the live-action movie. I would love to do a scene set in the world of Monica and Bregna. I would be willing to tackle either fan-grown characters, or even do a typical Aeon/Trevor type thing. Love love love this universe!


Cinema Rip-Offs:
Stories I would like to weave around themes I have "borrowed" from movies. As an aside, if you haven't seen any of the below flicks, they come highly recommended.

Black Book or Lust, Caution
    • A woman is enlisted by means of an underground resistance to infiltrate the enemy forces. There will be scandal, and seduction, and romance, with the ever-present fear of being found out. If you are willing to play two characters [the "enemy", as well as someone within the resistance], it could be explored from both ends.

Das Experiment, or it's American counterpart The Experiment, which is loosely based off of the Stanford Prison Experiment
    • An ad for a psychological study is placed in the local paper. You respond to it, and learn it is going to be a sort of prison simulation, with one group being presented as "guards", and one group presented as "prisoners". Things get out of hand, quickly, as one can expect when normal people are suddenly handed unbridled power. I would be willing to play either side on this one.

Funny Games
    • Simply put: a completely psychotic group [or individual] chooses a family [or person] at random, and decides to terrorize them [or her] mercilessly, simply for the entertainment value.

The Grey Zone
    • This would very specifically take place during WWII, in a Nazi concentration camp. I would play a Jew, you would play a Nazi officer. The prisoners have slowly started to gather a secret cache of weapons and gun powder to prepare for an upheaval. This would be loosely based off of the true events which happened at Auschwitz, where the prisoners managed to blow up one of the crematoria and kill dozens of their captors.


Cinema Spin-Offs [Canon]:
Ideas which popped up as a result of something I saw, or a character that lended itself to the production. If you don't know any of the characters/situations below, first and foremost, google is your friend, but if you aren't able to glean enough information that way, I would be happy to elaborate.

Amon Goeth from Schindler's List
    • I crave a plot revolving around him and his house maid, Helen. I want to explore the horrors, from Amon's hideous temper and own personal disgust in being attracted to a Jew, to the seemingly almost tenderness he exudes towards her at times.

Archibald Cunningham from Rob Roy
    • A murderer and a rapist, Cunningham is a hideous little corrupted Lord who is utterly high on himself. I am interested in playing any sort of partner for this, whether it be a servant or one of the unfortunate local women.

Commodus from Gladiator
    • A lecherous power-hungry whelp ready to inherit the throne of Rome, with an unhealthy sexual attraction to his sister.

Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs
    • I can't help it. I just think having a nasty sex scene with this guy would be delightfully abhorrent.

Norman Stansfield from The Professional
    • Same as above. He is completely off his rocker and it's always fun to flirt with insanity.


Random Tid-Bits:
Pretty self explanatory. Random ideas that I would like to see fleshed out and played.

Prison Break [One]
    • Two enemies having been thrown into the same musty cell by a mutual threat. They must somehow work together, against the odds, in order to escape.

Prison Break [Two]
    • In a world where men and women share the same detention blocks, a group of criminals have banded together in order to plan an elaborate escape from one of the highest security prisons in the world. Having sufficiently bribed some of the guards, as well as utilized their civilian connections, they seem to have it all figured out. But.. how will it pan out?

Film Noir -
    • Two detectives, partners for years, are on the trail of an infamous serial killer. He has eluded the grasp of authorities for years, and his methods are executed with likes of depravity they have never seen. The problem is.. one of the detectives seems to be closer to the case than anyone could ever imagine.

Bounty Hunting [One]
    • Two rival bounty hunters [and likely more] are fighting for the same mark, worth an incredible amount of money. Who will get to the target first? [Can be played out in any 'era' or universe!]

Bounty Hunting [Two] -
    • Two bounty hunters, working as a team, seek their latest and greatest fugitive. I see this as being a very 'Natural Born Killers'-esque theme, with both of them being very hardened assassins with little reservations. The twist here is that the hunters, have now become the hunted, and they must find a way to shirk the bounty that's been placed on both their heads. [Can be played out in any 'era' or universe!]

Bounty Hunting [Three]
    • A relatively new bounty hunter has managed to earn his wings, and hunt down one of the most highly sought after fugitives in the system. The problem is, she isn't going to go without a fight, and the bounty clearly states she needs to be returned alive. As well, she has friends. Lots of friends. And they aren't going to make it easy. [Can be played out in any 'era' or universe!]

Arranged Marriage
    • A prince is nearing ascendance to the throne, and as such, a proper wedding must help to instill the loyalties between his nation and another. Thus, a marriage of wealth and prosperity is arranged. The woman is sent for; she is young, beautiful, educated, but, a complete stranger. Will they learn to love each other for the sake of their own heritages, or will a conflict arise, and tear everyone's hopes asunder?

Of Lords and Gypsies -
    • Gypsies have always been the center of myths and magic. As well, hated and loathed for their free spirits and seeming promiscuity. So when the Lord of a very large manor finds himself enraptured by a young gypsy girl, will he pay heed to his upbringing, his status, his very soul and ignore her? Or will he travel down a rabbit hole of seduction and flaming desire to indulge in what he truly yearns for?

Undercover Agent
    • An officer is drafted to take part in one of the biggest undercover operations the agency has ever attempted. The end-goal being to take down one of the biggest mafia families still in existence. Very 'The Departed' theme here. I'd be willing to play someone in the family, or, the person assigned to do the infiltrating.

    • A journalist is taken captive behind enemy lines and held as a political prisoner for ransom. The problem is, her nation doesn't deal with terrorists, and will not humor bribery as a form of negotiation.

    • A love affair with illegal substances. A man convinces his lover to start using with him, expecting it to lead to a closer connection on a deeper level on consciousness. The unfortunate reality is neither of them can handle the addiction, and they end up falling down a black hole of debasement and horrors in order to sate their lust for the substance. I want to explore the more darker situations of desperation and debauchery.


If you have any interest in the above, or perhaps would like to share an idea of your own with me please, PM me - do not respond to this thread. I'm widely open to many ideas, and, of course, my true goal is to try and flesh something out in greater detail with my partner(s).

Thank you for the interest, I look forward to hearing from you! 
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Re: Exit Music for a [Roleplay!]
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2010, 08:55:03 PM »
A new idea to possibly try out!

Man vs. Wild

See video here:
Man vs. Wild

A group of scientists, or scouts, or soldiers, who have landed on an amazing alien planet. Lush and beautiful, completely wild and untouched by a humanoid race. They soon find out why: the planet itself is seemingly alive, and very particular. They quickly find out it will try to kill anyone it doesn't want around.

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Re: Exit Music for a [Roleplay!]
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2010, 06:09:03 PM »
Annnnnd another idea....

The End of the World As We Know It
    • This would be a pre-post-apocalyptic story. Set in the few days before the world is doomed to end. I don't care how it does: massive volcanic eruption, asteroid smashing into the planet, 2012-esque, man-made genetically-fashioned plague released out of control, etc, etc, etc. The news has spread, and, we know it's coming. There would be complete anarchy: looting, violence, religious overhaul, as everyone desperately tries to find a way to save themselves, or at the very least, save their souls. Depending on how it goes, it could then progress into the days after.

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Re: Exit Music for a [Roleplay!]
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2011, 11:39:32 PM »
It's been a while, I'm looking to start up some new threads now that I've got some time again and my muse is freshly renewed. I'm still interested in all of the above ideas, but I'd like to throw another into the mix:

Tenuous Pact
    • Two thieves, experts at their trade, with a past. Having worked together on previous heists, but never having really got along. Only, for the sake of the paycheck. They are summoned to fill the needs of a plan which outlines the theft of something magnificent. A prized jewel, an ancient artifact, anything really. The plan will go off without a hitch, and really, was there any doubts? They are experts. The best! The problem is, once the heist is complete, my thief decides to hightail it with the booty, leaving your thief in the dust. A brutal punishment will follow, possibly, with him barely escaping with his life. The client, naturally, assuming your thief was in on the entire con from the start. As such, a caper will ensure. They do say revenge is a dish best served cold.