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Author Topic: Dragon Riders of Pern (Interest thread)  (Read 4400 times)

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Offline bluemoon

Re: Dragon Riders of Pern (Interest thread)
« Reply #25 on: September 24, 2010, 11:09:43 am »
Character Name: Rhiuna Nick: Runa
Character Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Candidate

Appearance:  Runa stands at approximately 5'9" (about 175 cm)(I hear they are taller on average in Pern than on Earth) weighing at around 135 lbs (about 61 kg). She isn't overweight, but is slender in form. The majority of her weight is muscle, causing her to have smaller-than-voluptuous breasts. Her curves match her age, as she is starting to get the truly womanly shape, but still is in that scrawny teen phase. Her skin is at a mid tone tan color, not too dark, but not pale either, a healthy glow. She has round, hazel eyes which though she finds them quite plain, seem to attract plenty of attention. She wears her long, wavy, mahogany colored hair up in a high pony tail, which then comes down past her shoulders to her mid-back in tight almost ringlet like waves and then tied again near the bottom.

On a normal day, her attire isn't too 'out there', not to her anyway. Her top consists of a leather bodice with black strings worn over a simple white blouse.  She also wears a rather odd looking skirt that has two layers. The top layer is white, matching the blouse. It splits off down the front to both sides in an upside-down V, tapering down and around to the back of her knees. The under layer is black, and cuts upwards slightly at an upside-down u near the knees in the front where it can be seen. She wears simple lace-up boots that are good for working in, and match her bodice.

Personality:  Runa loves dragons, and is near obsessed by them. Even the fire lizards she loves. She can be a bit of a loner, spending more time watching the flitters and dragons take flight. She tends to trust most people until they give her a reason not to, but if she has a 'feeling' about you it may take longer. She is somewhat shy, but when she has something to say, she blurts out whatever it was. People often call her weird for adding strange, seemingly random things to a conversation.

She enjoys herself when there is a calm, and sits as close to nature as she can get. She loves nature as well, often sneaking food out to animals that may be hungry. She gets along with males more often than females, when it comes to humans, so most of her friends were males. She wants more than anything to be chosen as a dragon rider at the next hatching.

History:  Runa  was born to a simple house wife and her dragon rider father. Her father rode a blue dragon, maybe not the most impressive, but it was amazing to Runa. She was always interested in the Dragons, they fascinated her so much she constantly begged her father for a Flitter egg to raise. She wanted to be like him so much, she would follow him around all day when he wasn't flying.

When she was 12, and was not chosen that year at the hatching, her father finally got her the Flitter egg. It hatched into a beautiful blue fire lizard, looking just like a miniature of her father's. She was ecstatic about it; it made her feel more like him than ever. This didn't mean that she wasn't hoping to be chosen another year, but for now she had her fire lizard, and raised it as best she could. She hopes that this year will be her year to become a dragon rider, as she is running out of turns and will not qualify in a few turns.

Cross Impression: No preference
Colour Preferences: No preference

(Pet if candidates are allowed to have one too)
Name:(Are flitters like dragons in that their names must end with th?) Seffi(if no) Epharonth(if yes)
Age: 7 Turns
Colour: Blue
Appearance: Include the hex code here (Hex code?) like this but blue.
Personality: Dislikes strangers most of the time, sneezes at them when they come near Runa while he's with her. Warms up quickly with food, though.

Offline Zelric Miras

Re: Dragon Riders of Pern (Interest thread)
« Reply #26 on: September 24, 2010, 02:10:52 pm »
Heres a few things I should have mentioned.

All male riders have their names abrviated down, so Maricus would be M'cus, or Davoud becomes D'oud. 
All dragon names end in TH so Ivinith, Souivith, Kelith etc.

Young people are 'SEARCHED' from their homes to be candidates.  Blue dragons are extremely sensitive to whatever makes a good rider.  They are then bought to the Weyr and will stand on the hatching sands at the hatching.  No one knows what makes dragons choose their riders.

If you have never played PERN or read any of the books I would recommend you do some research online, there are loads of Wiki entries out there.

If you could post all characters here first, then I can check them over.

Leo = you need to change your guys name and the dragons name  :)

Rank is if you are a rider, candidate, Crafter etc.
I'll change their names, I forgot those details. ^^;
Anthying else I should correct?
« Last Edit: September 24, 2010, 02:12:51 pm by Leorobin »

Offline Isengrad

Re: Dragon Riders of Pern (Interest thread)
« Reply #27 on: October 07, 2010, 09:02:09 pm »
Hmm, very interesting. I did enjoy the pern books books and was up to the white dragon when I stopped reading(because I lost the book) one thing to note about dragons, though they are intelligent they don't have a concept of when. They are very much like dogs in the sense that they live in the moment, in fact to date the only dragon that could understand when it was is the white dragon.

additional note on "between" for those of you that don't know. The Temperature there is abosolutly freezing.. so much so that if a dragon gets hit by thread they go between to flash freeze it. It is also possible to go "Between" times though it takes much longer and is VERY dangerous.

and kaz, mark me down as interested, and one quick question? would this be done during thread fall? and is it before the bugs?.. its late so ill look more into a profile after work in the morning.

Offline bluemoon

Re: Dragon Riders of Pern (Interest thread)
« Reply #28 on: October 07, 2010, 09:28:52 pm »
I never got any feedback on my CS, is this still gonna happen?