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January 23, 2018, 08:23:01 AM

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Author Topic: Reggie's Roleplays (Male in search of Females)  (Read 445 times)

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Offline reggiethelastTopic starter

Reggie's Roleplays (Male in search of Females)
« on: September 16, 2010, 02:07:37 PM »
Hey. Thanks for checking out of my request thread. What sets me apart from these other hundreds of other guys looking for a roleplay partner? To be completely honest I donít think anything does. Iím just an average guy. I canít tell you how long Iíve been roleplaying for sure. Itís somewhere between three and six years. Iím definitely literate. Is my writing flawless? Of course not, thereís quite a few areas where I could improve but the only way to do that is to do a few RPs together.

One thing Iíll warn you right now though is Iím a full time student which Iím assuming a lot of you are in the same position. You know how busy that is. I also work part time, have to complete lots of community service and go to the gym a few times a week. Itís very busy. Hang outs with friends on occassion too.  But my free time outside of that doesnít have a whole lot going on. Usually consists of me watching Seinfeld reruns with a couple glasses of whiskey. So where RPs come in. Something to do in between all of that. I will stick with the RP though and if Iím not feeling it or something comes up Iíll try my best to let you know.

I never intentionally leave anyone hanging and if I do just send me a message asking whatís up. Iím probably one of most chill people on here. I donít get annoyed or angry easily and if you need to take two, three weeks off for exams or whatever or just a week on just to focus on other RPs thatís totally cool to me. I RP over PMs, Threads and IMs. I have MSN, YIM, AIM. My most preferred is probably PMs and my least is probably threads.

My Dos are simple. Iím willing to try about anything except for a few excepts which are my Doníts. Those would include bathroom play, any RP involving underage people, or Rape. I donít mind non consensual but I donít want to have some violent rape scene where your character is crying and screaming for help. If you have any other questions just PM me.

Historical ideas:
1930s Mafia:
Gangster x Witness to murder
Gangster x Waitress
Gangster x Club singer
Gangster x My Don's daughter
Gangster x Enemy's Don's daughter

70-90s Crime(Think Scarface, The Warriors, Reservoir Dogs):
Gang member x Fellow/Enemy Gang member's sister
Gang member x Police Chief's daughter
Gang member x Club girl
Gang member x Police Officer/Detective
Police Officer/Detective x Police Officer/Detective

Nazi x American Nurse
Nazi x Jewish Woman
Nazi x French/Dutch Woman
American x French/Dutch Woman
American x Nazi Nurse
American x Vietnamese Prostitute
American x Vietnamese Civilian
American x USO Entertainer

1700s Pirates:
Pirate x Captive
Pirate x Stowaway

1800s Western:
Cowboy x Saloon girl
Cowboy x Farmer's daughter
Cowboy x Sheiff's daughter
Cowboy x Mayor's daughter
Cowboy x Native American

Modern Day Ideas:
Lawyer x Defendant/Witness
Wealthy Man x Maid
Cook/Waiter/Customer/Manager x Waitress
Employee/Boss x Secretary
Fan/Manager/Celebrity x Celebrity/Fan
City Boy/Country Boy x City Girl/Country Girl
Trucker x Hitchhiker
Pilot/Vacationer x Flight Attendant
Vacationer x Vacationer (Island Paradise, Europe, Cruise Ship)
Vacationer x Receptionist/Waitress
Movie or Music Star x Receptionist/Waitress
Neighbour x Neighbour/Neighbour's legal daughter (Married or Unmarried)
Famous Politician/Actor/Musician x Reporter
Cop x Citizen
Parent x Babysitter
Teacher/Student/Professor x Student/Teacher
Out of town Biker x Local girl
Politician out on the town
Father's Friend x Daughter
Brother's Friend x Sister
Husband x Wife's Sister
Husband's Brother x Wife
Boyfriend's Friend x Girlfriend
Friend's Boyfriend x Friend
Boyfriend's Brother x Girlfriend
Sister's Boyfriend x Sister
Repair/Salesman x Woman(Married or not)
Stranded (Jungle Island Plane Crash)
Directer x Actress

Survivor x Survivor
Police Officer x Survivor
Soldier x Police Officer
Soldier x Survivor
Soldier x Scientist

Sci Fi:
Human x Human
Alien x Human
Human x Alien

Iím open to any ideas whether original, movie, television etc.