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Author Topic: My Official Idea Thread  (Read 589 times)

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Offline CrimsonLotusTopic starter

My Official Idea Thread
« on: September 16, 2010, 11:44:29 AM »
 Instead of littering the forum with posts I'm just going to write all my ideas in one post and keep it updated. If any ideas interest you just PM me.

 Sci-Fi/Mass Effect Style RP (Looking for a male to play a Turian)

 This takes place in the first contact war when the turians invaded earth. I want to RP a female doctor who meets one of the invading forces as everything around them gets caught in the grips of war. I see him as a young turian soldier who (kinda like Garrus in his ideas about humans) at first takes her as a prisoner but finds a certain interest in her. The plot can be further worked out as the story starts. I'm not sure if it will be a long running RP but it could be with enough imagination.

 Friendship turns into Romance (Looking for a male)

 Basic as the idea itself. Two friends since grade school find out they might just be a little more when the male gets a job out of country. Again, might not be a long story but always wanted to see how that would go.

 Conflicting Worlds (Male Roles)

 Had an idea about either a vampire meets werewolf tale or drow meets high elf story. Either or both would interest me.

 The vampire/werewolf story would be based in mordern times, both would be set apart from their species. Which means both are fighting their own blood lust while fighting those of their kind to keep humanity safe. On occasion they are forced to hunt and kill those of the opposite species, hence how the two meet. Both will mistaken the other that's murdering innocents in the city. They'll fight, then realize, somehow, that neither are the monster they are looking for. What happens after is up to story. I'd prefer playing the vampire, just my preference.

 The elf story would be a male drow, no longer accepted by his family for personal reasons, takes up a job as a hired hand. In which he would kidnap/assassinate or whatever the money tells him to. His latest job is to kidnap and bring an elf priestess to a very bad man to hold as ransom over her people. This elf priestess is merely a symbol of hope for her people and carries wisdom beyond her years. I'm even considering putting this story in the NC area for plot reasons.

Anime/Hentai Style With Comedy  (Need Male Adventurer)

 Though I'm not a fan of too much RL exotic movies I am a fan of many hentai/anime. This will probably be my most extreme idea leaning towards the Exotic/NC. I need a male adventurer type with a big ego in more ways then one. His companion is a half human half cat who for the past years he believed was to be a male. He's never seen the thing without it's mask off and it's never spoken to him. He purchased it's services as a ranger type long ranged fighter to compliment his straight forward fighting style. The cat girl probably also kept this info hidden due to how big of a womanizer our hero is. Somehow he discovers that he is really a she and his little hero starts taking over. Just thought it might be a fun idea and let me test my writing in other areas.
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Offline CrimsonLotusTopic starter

Re: My Official Idea Thread
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2010, 12:35:06 PM »
 Updated, added ideas.

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Re: My Official Idea Thread
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2010, 01:56:47 PM »
 Updated, last idea for the moment.