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Author Topic: The Sorrows of Ranma  (Read 842 times)

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The Sorrows of Ranma
« on: September 16, 2010, 12:46:04 am »
Full character sheet can be found here

The following takes place immediately after Season 7
Ranma lived a fairly normal life, expected to wed Akane Tendo.  However, at the end of Season 7, Ranma and Akane were travelling when a bus hit them both.  Ranma lived, but ended up in a coma, while Akane was sadly killed.  Upon awakening from his coma, Ranma was hit with the truth of what had happened.  He fled Japan for a while, becoming a martial artist in the United States.  He also became an alcoholic, and was unable to cope with reality.

Eventually, Ryoga tracked Ranma to America, where he angrily confronted a drunk Ranma.  Ranma tried to attack Ryoga, but swung wildly and lost his balance.  Ryoga, unable to fight Ranma due to being drunk, began to carry Ranma back to his hotel when it began to rain.  The cold water turned Ranma into a girl, and Ryoga into a small black pig.  Unable to carry the heavy Ranma, Ryoga none the less managed to push Ranma just enough to get her under an overhang, where Ryoga used his own body heat to try and keep the shivering Ranma warm.

The next day, Ranma awoke to find herself holding Ryoga, but very weak from her bought with hypothermia.  Ryoga found some hot water and turned back, and helped Ranma to the airport to board a plane for Japan.  Ranma was delirious from fatigue, and in Japan was kept in bed for three days with a raging fever.  On the fourth day, it broke enough for Ranma to attempt to bathe.  Unbeknownst to Ranma, Cologne had finally found a way to permanently stop the curse and allow Ranma to remain a man.  But Ranma, still holding a high fever, settled for a cold bath.

The vial containing Cologne's potion fell into the bathwater, and Ranma was permanently cursed to remain a woman.  This led Ranma to attempt suicide, earning several scars on her wrists as a result, before Ryoga all but forced Ranma to listen to reason.  Ranma wanted to die, to end her suffering, but Ryoga stayed with her, letting her cry on his shoulder when needed.  Eventually, Ranma got better, and began to lead her life as a woman.  She was seen as odd, but she soon earned a reputation for fighting that was unmatched.  Again, Ryoga challenged Ranma from time to time.

One night, after another pointless spar, a storm came up that was quite intense.  Ranma suggested Ryoga stay the night, and even offered dinner.  Ryoga reluctantly accepted, and the two sat down to a meal together.  At first the conversation was friendly, but Ranma teased Ryoga from time to time, and finally Ryoga confessed to his long-time friend that he was in love with her.  Taken aback, Ranma could only stare as Ryoga stood, his face a deep red, and head for the door.  Ranma was hesitant, but finally chased him, wrapping her arms around him and clinging to him, hard.

That was the first night they spent together, and after almost a year, the two former rivals finally became husband and wife.  Together, they formed the Saotome & Hibiki School of Mixed Martial Arts.  Each of them fights the other from time to time, but their love is something they both cannot deny.

What I want: Someone to play the GM as Ranma's brush with karma again takes a turn for the worse.  Poor little Ranma-chan is due to experience more disappointment in life, and might turn back to alcohol and being depressed.  Will she be able to cope with things as they turn bad?  Or will she have the strength to face them head on?  Please have a little experience with the show, though if you don't have any and would like to try it out, please do so anyway.

Also, I'm willing to listen to any ideas you might have involving Ranma now stuck in a female form.  Please PM me.  I'm lonely :(
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