Batman: Arkham Asylum the game ( Killer Croc ) Master X Slave RP

Started by April Bouvier, September 15, 2010, 12:18:07 PM

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April Bouvier

I must say I loved the Video game, and I would like to do a video game about it with some one who willing to play my favorite character Killer Croc. I mean I think I would be cool to do an RP like this with such a cool and scary character :D . I think Killer Croc is sexy !

What am I planning for the plot? Well I want to save that for the people who respond to this post, I want to be sure that your willing to play the 8'7, green harden skin, Killer croc. As for my character Don't worry I'll make her very attractive and up to your standers, And I'll probably make her into a doctor. But nothing is written in stone about that yet I want to make sure she is tailored to your taste and what your looking for. Oh yeah and before I forget this would be a master slave kind of rp, with Croc as the master and My doctor girl as his slave.

So please  read my Rabbit Hole and On's & Off's, then Pm me if your interested I'll be waiting

April Bouvier


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Hello April,

I have yet to ever do a master / slave RP but I find this one very interesting and can only imagine what Killer Croc would do with a slave. It is something I would be willing to try out. Again I haven't done a master / slave before before so if you do accept me and I'm not doing it the way you would like by all means let me know and we can stop the RP or I can try and adjust.