Romantic Tragedy with a Medieval Fantasy Setting(Need a male character)

Started by CrimsonLotus, September 14, 2010, 09:18:05 AM

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 Plot outline:

Once the region was at peace, governed by several lords of varying class, land and trade capabilities. Over a course of five years an invading 'king' has, by force, claimed most of these lands as his own. Those who resist die, others have bent to his will and now live under his rule. Some have given up much to secure their land from his hostile nature. The few lords who had held out the longest now have no choice but to surrender or fight not only the King's forces but those they once called brothers.

The last to submit, a minor lord named John Marlot lost most of his people during the take over. He fought the hardest and tried to keep morale even when the out come was always dire. To pay for his sins, the King has ordered that Marlot give his only daughter to him as his bride or the rest of his land will be turned to ashes. Rose Marlot has earned her name well, as the rumors say. It has been said she is the most beautiful woman in the combined lands though only a few have actually seen the girl. These rumors however have intrigued the King who has a particular interest in conquering all things beautiful. Lord Marlot relunctantly agreed to the terms given, offering his daughter his love and guilt on her journey.

To gather his prize, the King sends his nephew, a young man torn by family loyality and his own morality and four other men of his choosing. He is sent to gather the young Lady and one of her own servants and make the week's journey back to him. The young man is not to even gaze upon the face of his future queen or the punishment will be severe, and any other man who happens to do so will be punished in the same manner.

The story will take place as the nephew comes to pick up the future queen and the week (or more) that follows. Basically the nephew will somehow fall for the woman which will cause all sorts of problems for him, her and the region itself.