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Author Topic: GeneTech: Project AE  (Read 974 times)

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GeneTech: Project AE
« on: May 31, 2005, 01:28:27 PM »
Genetech. A leader in the field of Genetic research and technology, No other company has come close to their level of experience and level of complexity. But no one understands how such advances were possible. How could they do these things without research that was illegal, But after many a government search not a trace of foul play was found. Genetech was clean. So they thought.....but they were wrong. The company using laundered funds from several sources created a facility in the mountains of the Rockies. Underground, self contained, and impossible to detect by any means the Facility is the home of over 5 of the worlds leaders in Genetics, scores of nurses and lots of guards. Excitement is brewing here at this place simply know as Research center 1. Project AE was coming to fruition....and they are all scrambling to study the Benefits. Adam and Eve were adults now there bodies finally starting to show what they wanted......progress.

As children Adam and Eve were normal in respects to wants and needs. And that was basically all. They were trained and tutored with a almost ruthless precision since they were born. Along with the Genetic enhancements from various animals. Most notably the Siberian tiger, Polar bear, Peregrine falcon, Anaconda, and also dolphin. They used the research and created the ultimate specimen which they than alter to carry specific traits. Anaconda’s strength in muscle, Falcons eyesight and light strong bones, Siberian tigers instincts and reaction times, along with there senses of taste and smell. The polar bears insulated skin to keep them warm. And the Dolphins abilities in the water, They didn’t give Adam and Eve fins. But they had the instincts of the Animal and knew how to swim quite well. They also altered the Genes of their human DNA to make them look practically perfect. Following the popular looks of the time both of them have dazzling blue eyes and Platinum Blonde hair.    

Adam is now fully grown and stands a tall 6'4. He is quite broad in the shoulders and has a defined body from years of Physical training. His blond hair is kept very short and is quite well kept. The boy’s face looks like someone sculpted it which is quite possibly true. A high forehead, Defined cheekbones. He looks like a knight from old.  He wears a simple white smock that covers the body and monitors his vitals at all times. He has a entire section of the building that is devoted to him and him alone. He is watched constantly and there are always guards with tranqs on standby to take him down if needed. They can’t let him escape, and they will do anything to make sure of it.

Eve is now a young woman and she stands 5'11. Her body is thin and graceful although muscled with seemingly feline grace. She also is kept to a strict Physical routine and is in very good shape. With blonde hair that is long and wavy and deep blue eyes no one denies that Eve is a Bauety. She could win any number of Beauty pageants hands down. She also wears a white smock that covers her body and sends all info on her bodily function to the various people monitoring her. She also has a section of the Facility devoted to her. Guards also are near her at all times. Neither can she escape, She is also to important to lose.


To the slight surprise of the scientists (Not that any of them would ever admit this) neither one of them have developed any animal parts. Different ears, a tail, nothing. They look and function like humans. Both Adam and Eve have I.Q. that literally flies off the charts. They can pass any test given to them with ease as long as they have the info needed to do so. Both are very polite and they study relentlessly to the utter delight of the Scientists studying them. Having no contact with the outside world the two almost believe that the world is the Facility. Though both know it is not true it is a little hard to comprehend anything else. In terms of strength Adam is the stronger with the people there measuring him to be about 5 to 7 times stronger than a average human.(Male)  Meaning he can more than likely bench press a small car. Eve is about 3 to 4.5 times stronger than the average human (Male) and she easily bench presses over 700 pounds. Adam can run 3 times faster than a normal human his leg’s and upper body sculpted for maximum speed. Eve can run about 2.5 to 2.8 times faster than a human. Both are ultra flexible and are Avid gymnast. They can climb rock walls, swim, stay warm in temps below 0ºF without clothing, survive in deserts without water for lengthy amounts of time, and work on limited amounts of sleep. All of these things have been tested. Yet they have not once laid eyes on the other. This will soon change......

Beginning of the Rp. It is a normal morning in the underground facility, all the scientists are awake and pouring over the data from the previous days. The nurses are going about doing there various chores and duties. The guards are watching the prospective test subjects closely quietly envying them for the abilities they have. Adam is in the gym room on the high bars being tested on various things. Eve being escorted by Nurses and Guards to the next test of her own....when her eyes turn towards the glass...and she sees the other........
Adam and Eve are taken :p

I need Docs, Nurses, and Guards mostly.
Docs can be male/Female and there will be a Max of Five.
Nurses are pref. Female but can be male.
Guards are pref. Male But can be Female.

Just need some more players before we get started ^^ anyone interested?