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Author Topic: I'a Hydra, I'a Dagon, I'a Cthulhu, I'a Pregnant!?! (Lovecraft themed myst/horr)  (Read 6091 times)

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Offline SabrielTopic starter

Once we have our compliment of characters it would be useful if everyone could provide the following information as it will aide in constructing and furthering the stories progress. Obviously I won't fill this in myself since well that would be kind of irrelevant so someone else will have to start the ball rolling :P

Everyone may also include some element of uniqueness in there character that further connects them to the story in some way.  This will have to be agreed upon obviously but so long as it fits in with the story and does not cause problems all is good.  It should be something connected obviously and it need not be weird, for example it can be something as simple as having been tracking and searching for the “Lost Girl” for most of her life, either because she is a relative or you are a PI hired by her family or even a rival Cult or other power.

Is there anything specail about your character ? If so what.

What would you like to happen to your character or see involved ?

What would you not like to happen to your character or see involved ?

Anything else ?

Offline schnookums

Is it too late to join at this point?

Offline misterg

Before we continue, I'd like to ask, how often is a post/reply required?

Is there anything specail about your character ? If so what.
None that I can think of, just a guy who's job is to investigate something on demand.

What would you like to happen to your character or see involved ?
Hmmm... I can die, I can become insane, I can become something else... everything the GM see's fit for my character, I like to handle any situation the GM throws at me, even if it ends with my participation on the RP, as long has it's for the good of the story ;)

What would you not like to happen to your character or see involved ?
No pregnancy please.

Anything else ?
I don't really know what to expect so, no.

Offline Tad

Schnookums, I think we could allow one more if you get your character in quick.  I'd like to see this game get started this weekend if possible.

MisterG, I think a post a day would be the most that's expected.  More likely it'll be a post every couple of days.  If you go a week without posting and no explanation, we'll start poking you, two weeks without any word and your character meets an unfortunate accident.  Sound ok to everyone?

Offline Tackyhillbilly

Is there anything specail about your character ? If so what.

Not really. She's here to do her job. Finding out the story of this girl might be the breakthrough story.

What would you like to happen to your character or see involved ?

Pregnancy, like I said. Anything else, I don't really mind.

What would you not like to happen to your character or see involved ?

Nothing much.

Offline schnookums

okay, hope I'm not too late

Name: Dr. Ilsa Amsel
Player: Schnookums
Gender: Female
Description: A well learned recent immigrant, Dr. Amsel mainly wishes to discover a place where she can practice medicine in peace.
Notable traits: Stoic, clinical, a bit detached, Scientific but not Atheistic (to subvert the usual cliche for such characters)
Motivation: To help her fellow person (medically), to dispel ignorance among the people.
Bio: Daughter of a wealthy German family, Ilsa never wanted for much. It was during her travels to India that she witnessed much human suffering, and returned home with a fire to do good among the world. Of course, there are some evils no amount of philanthropy will cure...

Is there anything special about my character? Well, she's a very competent Doctor, given the limitations of the time period.

As for what I'd like to happen to the character...well, hate to chime in with so many others, but pregnancy is a huge thing for me as well...the more exotic the better.  Willing to wait my turn though, given the probability that she'll be involved with the other character's pregnancies.

Things not to happen to my character? Don't like snuff or gore, but if the story calls for it I'd reluctantly be okay with my character dying.

Offline Tad

Sounds good.  Since we've got everyone else's character ideas posted, I've finally settled on mine:

Name: Jean Baker
Player: Tad
Gender: Female

Notable traits: Friendly and personable, but with an iron core.  Very protective of those in need or those being exploited.
Motivation: To prove she's just as capable as anyone else, particularly the guys
Bio: Tall and athletic, Jean has always striven to be police officer.  Of course it didn't help that she's the only child of the town's widowed police chief, who took her to work as often as he could.  Or that she became the unofficial mascot of the local officers.  They taught her to play ball, fish, whittle, and just about everything else.  She loved it, loved the attention and the freedom of being one of the guys.  So it wasn't any real surprise when she told her father she wanted to follow him onto the force.  What was was that he let her.

After high school she went to typist and secretarial school (one of the requirements made of her before making her an officer), then returned to Ashcroft as its first female police officer.  She's been on the force for the past four years, and is now generally recognized as the second in command after her father.  Her combination of strength and compassion make her one of the favorites around town, and she's the one most people turn to for help.

Is there anything special about my character?  Other than being a police officer in a time when that was a primarily male job, Jean is athletic and able to hold her own with most men.  She also refuses to wear dresses to work, maintaining that pants make it easier to pursue a suspect.

What do I like?  Pregnancy and transformation, particularly when my character doesn't piece together what's going on right away

What I don't like Sex-only interactions between characters (gotta build the relationship first), god-modding and mutilation

Offline SabrielTopic starter

Neat looks like we are good to go ill work on making the threads for our story and post them up here :)

OOC Thread:

Adding the the main thread soon as I have written up the first post :)

Not sure if another thread is needed for like IC info that is perhaps discovered or such but that is something for discussion in the OOC thread anyway, if its needed or not I will make it if not can just all be kept in the OOC one.
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 allright I changed her name to Annabell.

Is there anything specail about your character ? If so what. - nothing really special. NO

What would you like to happen to your character or see involved ?
 Well since she is an acrchologist perhaps she could uncover some strange artifact. I like loseing sanity perhaps pregnnancy I'm really up for anything.

What would you not like to happen to your character or see involved ?
I"m really up for anything so it dosen't matter to me.

Offline Tad

For all of you who voiced a desire for pregnancy and/or transformation of any sort, would you mind giving some clarifications as to what you'd be hoping for along those lines.  How big, how fast, with what...etc.  For example, my response to this would be:

I really like the idea of oviposition (egg laying), but I'm also a fan of live birth.  I tend to like my characters to have multiple births, particularly when each birth gets successively larger and harder to handle.  It creates an urgency for solving the problem which I think helps drive stories along.  I don't like them to get so large they are just a belly with a head, but making them almost completely immobilized can be pretty fun as well.  My favorite timelines are over the course of a day or two, providing plenty of time to figure out what's going on but also fairly regular growth spurts.

While I like transformation, there's a few things I prefer over others.  I love the idea of growing tails, horns, wings, claws, fangs, and funky ears.  I especially like it when they occur over a little while, taking many steps.  I also appreciate realistic physical reactions... scales itching as they come in, horns creating a splitting headache... that sort of thing.  I don't really go as much for tentacles and slime growing on my character, but if its important to the plot I can handle it.
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Offline SabrielTopic starter

OK all the OOC thread has been created and updated and I have made the first post in the IC Story Thread bellow are the links.

OOC Thread:

IC Story Thread:

Please read the OOC thread first before posting as there is relevant information there.

Locking this thread now, please use the OOC thread for OOC info and such now.

Offline SabrielTopic starter

OK, if you have made a character concept for this story and asked to join yet not posted in the OOC thread or PMed me or Tad expressing your interest to be involved in this story by Wedsday I am going to assume that you have withdrawn from the story.

This means that I will be opening up this to other players to fill the spots of those who have dropped out or not bothered to post anything.

If you are interested in this story please feel free to propose a character in this thread, spaces will be limited but the best characters will be picked, not first come first chosen. Please do not bother to apply to this if you have no intention of being involved or will not be able to commit to the story.