Romantic Master desired for con. play with submissive maid

Started by Jessica, September 10, 2010, 09:02:34 PM

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I'm afraid this game's now taken folks

OK, first, apologies for the overly long title. I just gave up on it in the end and spouted it all out!

Secondly, all credit for this idea (and picture) goes to Brandon. He posted the idea up about a week and a half ago, and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, he found someone before me, but I didn't want to let the idea go, so with his kind permission I offer it here today:

"Over two decades ago David was born into wealth as the only surviving heir to the Branston family's fortune. Their lineage going back all the way to traders in the Mediterranean circa 1500. However the Branston family had also always been occupied by the Williams family, who had served the Branston family for all those centuries. Friendships between the families were common and sometimes lovers as well but they were never allowed to marry because of the family stigma. However a secret often hidden away from the youngest ones was the Williams family were really slaves, sworn to the Branston family centuries before in return for safety and prosperity. Both families had grown proud of their symbiotic relationships with each other.

As David grew into a man he was held to a high standard by his parents and grand parents. Always being forced into nothing beyond perfection in their eyes. The situation wore on him over time but luckily the Williams family had a girl, Emily, who grew up with him and provided the needed friendship and social connection to humanity that he desperately needed. They grew up together like siblings, gaining the same education but being held to different expectations

Just recently he had graduated from college, specializing in business and thanks to his grandfather has been given a nest egg to start his own business. However what was kept from him is finally revealed, now he must take Emily as his servant."

I'd be obviously looking for someone to play as David, a man locked into a bond with Emily due to the two family's long-standing tradition and duty to one another. As a slave from the Williams family she is expected to be loving and caring, devoted almost to a fault, but the nature of the two families means marriage is completely forbidden between the young pair.

Much like Brandon wanted (the reason I was drawn to this game), I would be looking for a romantic game in which both David and Emily live their lives out as Master and maid, able to satisfy physical but not emotional needs. As his slave she is there to serve his every whim, but with their lifelong friendship and devotion to one another he can never bring himself to treat her in a cold, offhand manner.

If you've ever read any of my roleplays you'll be surprised to hear I'd prefer to keep the play elements light- light bondage, collaring and leashing, unforced oral and anal sex, and other lighter kinks. I'm open to ideas, if people are interested in the game.

Normally I'm happy with the length of post my partner writes, but ideally, for this game, I would want someone who enjoys offering a good, detailed description of how David feels and his actions, and they can expect equal detail in return  :-)


The plot sounds like a humble torture. given the past and all the rules, I'm sure david is to be quite confounded with himself and his obligations.

As a writer, I tend to write 3 or so paragraphs. Given the plot I think I would be writing more, as this is a very internal story.

What other characters do you plan to have in this tale?