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Author Topic: New Ideas from an Ewhore (M seeking F)  (Read 742 times)

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New Ideas from an Ewhore (M seeking F)
« on: September 10, 2010, 12:42:27 PM »
All names subject to change as seen fit by interested partners.

All ideas are basic ideas. Can be tweaked and twisted to better suite your desires.

All kinks involved in each game are not set in stone either, can be changed to suite our needs.

Please send me a PM if interested. Make sure to clearly state which game you are interested in.

Do not respond in this thread.

Back to School -=Looking for the Teacher=-
Teacher/Husband, Infidelity, Light Bondage, Affair

Mark was heading back to school. At 28 years old, that was a big deal for him. He had been married for 4 years now and continuing his education hadn't been part of his plans. But his wife had encouraged him to do it, as getting a college degree would allow him to get a better job and pursue his dreams.

Mark had dropped out of college due to drugs and a partying lifestyle. It was either drop out or fail out, so he had chosen to go out on his own terms. He had not regretted the decision for the first year, his life spiraling into an out of control drug and alcohol binge. He stayed on campus, sleeping with a different girl every week. College girls were easy once they were drunk or high - or both - especially the freshman girls. He had been living the life.

Then his parents cut him off, discovering that he had dropped out of college. It forced him to clean up enough to get a job working at McDonalds. But his drug habit made him bounce from job to job. He moved from home to home too, not having his own place, his paychecks all going to his drugs and addiction.

And then he met her, his saving angel. She had been a one night stand that just didn't go away. She was studying psychology and was drawn to him for some reason. Neither of them could explain it but she started to change his life, started to help him get clean, hold a steady job. They married two years later and he moved in with her, the love of his life. She straightened him out and was now encouraging him to go back to school. He was nervous of course, going to be spending so much time around beautiful, young, horny girls. So he had opted for night classes.

The entrance exam to pass certain classes went better then he expected though he was certainly behind in some areas. A teacher would give him focused, private lessons every day for a week to get him up to speed. She, of course, was stunningly beautiful (around his age) and intelligent. She saw him struggling and found he stirred certain desires in herself. What better way then to satisfy them with some hands-on learning?

Teaching by Reward -=Looking for a Domme Teacher=-
Teacher/Student (HS/College), Teasing, Domme/Sub BDSM, Punishment, Reward, Anal, Affair, Group, etc.

Drew was struggling in her class. He couldn't seem to grasp the basic concepts and was starting to get frustrated and panic. He couldn't afford to fail her class and have to take it over again. Not as this was his senior year. But he was just too distracted - distracted by sports, girls, partying, socializing. And by her.

She was, of course, the hottest teacher in the school. Every guy had a crush on her and the outfits she wore, they were borderline outrageous. But that wasn't an excuse - everyone else in her class was passing. His parents had taken notice too and decided he needed a tutor. He had yelled at them that he didn't need a tutor but they had insisted. He was shocked to learn that his tutor was going to be his teacher. His parents thought it'd be the best way for him to pass the class. She'd tutor him at school, at her home, and at their home. Whatever it took to get a passing grade.

She had a thing for younger men and well knew what she was doing in class, teasing and toying with the boys with what she wore. But she would never have an affair with her students, at least thats what she told herself. She reluctantly agreed to tutor Drew and instantly saw how his mind wandered, how his eyes wandered, where his eyes wandered...she found herself responding, offering him teasing little glimpses.

It wasn't helping of course, so she decides to take things a step further. She makes a deal with him - every answer he gets right, she'll undo a button on her blouse. Every wrong question and he'd have to take something off. She ends up with her shirt off and him in his boxers, both obviously aroused. Another right answer and she sits in his lap while he takes her bra off, letting him touch her breasts before continuing. The next answer he gets wrong but this time she removes his boxers, freeing his hard cock for her to suck him into oblivion.

Its the start of an interesting relationship, with her being Domme over him, punishing and rewarding his academic progress. Things get heated and kinkier between them, spilling into the classroom as she finds it empowering having this sort of control over him. Drew more then willingly submits to his teacher/tutor, the rewards well worth trying to pull his grades up.

Always a Slut -=Looking for the Cheating Spouse=-
Infidelity, Cheating, Drunk Sex, Anal, Cum, Group, Dress Up, Public

It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Some friends had come over to the home she shared with her boyfriend and all were having fun in the sun by the pool. Bikinis and shorts reign free as everyone has a good time by the BBQ - and then it happened. Her boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed to her, right there in front of everyone! She obviously said "Yes" and then the alcohol began to flow as the 'hang out' turned into a party of celebration.

As the pool party goes on into the night, inhibitions do too. She, along with the other girls get topless much to the amusement of the guys and she makes out with her very happy boyfriend/fiance in the middle of the pool. They eventually move back inside, tops back on, and she finds herself sitting on the couch between her passed out boyfriend/fiance and another guy. Sounds from the room next door suggest that at least two of her friends are getting it on.

Emboldened by the booze, she and the guy-friend decide to peek in on the fucking couple, opening the door just wide enough to peek in. Both become aroused and when she feels something hard poking her in the bum she knows she should move away, stop things from progressing, but instead she presses back, grinding her shapely ass back against him. Then the enivtable hand sliding up under her bikini top to her breast and she just pushes back harder.

What was wrong with her? She had thought she had gotten over her slut-behavior! Her boyfriend - now Fiance - had straightened her out. But she was getting so wet, so aroused, and he was passed out on the couch while some one with a nice hard one was right there...moaning as his fingers slid amongst her wet folds. She turned around and kissed him, taking her top off before dragging him back to the couch, obediently dropping to her knees to suck on his stiff rod. He takes her from behind, right there on the couch next to her sleeping Fiance, and she loved every minute of it.

This would just be the start, she knew. Once a slut, always a slut...

Staceys Mom -=Looking for Stacey/Staceys Mom=-
Older/Younger, Seduction, Exploration, (Possible Mother/Daughter Incest if interested, not required)

Drew and Stacey had been dating for three months now but he had yet to meet her mother. He knew that Staceys parents had divorced a few years ago and that Stacey had chosen to live with her mother. But that was all - no mention beyond that about her family or personal life. He didn't mind really, being in HS he knew they weren't going to get married or anything. Stacey had met his parents, of course - he was rather sweet for Stacey.

School was out for the summer and Drew finally got to go to Staceys house to swim in the pool. To call it a house was an understatement - it was a freaking mansion! He was awed and impressed but quickly saw Stacey was embarrassed by it. Stacey was far too cute when she looked embarrassed. The two quickly strip down to bathing suits and take a dip in the pool. Things get frisky once they get out, resulting in Stacey on her knees in front of him, assuring him that her mother wasn't home. But she was and, unknown to Stacey and Drew, she was watching them.

Staceys mom was an older version of Stacey and a Cougar. That night, Stacey has a few friends sleep over including Drew. He gets up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom but gets lost in the large house, wandering in on Staceys Mom having a drink. He is instantly drawn to her and she reels him right in. She wants to get to know the man who was going to pop her daughters cherry, afterall, and wants to make sure he gives her daughter a good time while doing. Before Drew knows it, she has her lips wrapped around his cock.

It starts an illicit affair - younger man, older woman - where Staceys mom teaches Drew how to please a woman, how to fuck, how to make her orgasm. All of this is done behind Staceys back. Drew uses this knowledge when Stacey tells him she is 'ready' and gives her some toe-numbing sex. But how will Stacey react when she catches the guy who popped her cherry balls deep in her mother?

The Devil In White -=Looking for the Devil=-
No Limits

Lillith Vilde is not your typical teen age girl. While most girls her age were interested in boys and partying, Lillith focused on staying a virgin and opening herself to God. It was quite shocking, really, for she was perhaps the most beautiful girl with a body that every woman envied. Most didn't believe she was as innocent as she came across but she was, devoting her life to the church.

But lately Lillith had been having feelings she couldn't explain, urges she couldn't control. She touched herself for the first time, feeling like she was on fire, touching herself until she had a powerful orgasm. Horrified by what she had done, she goes to the confessional to seek guidance from her pastor.

Her pastor had long lusted after her, as all men did, and was more then happy to hear her out. He knew her innocence and it attracted him to her. But as she started to confess he found himself increasingly aroused by what she told him. He quickly ushers her into a private room so that she can show him exactly what she had done (all in the name of the Lord, of course). He is shocked when she grabs for his erection and even more so when she expertly gives him a blowjob. She claims not to know how she knew how to do it but secretly loved the taste of him.

He tells her to meet him later that night if she wanted to learn more about this feelings. She turns up, of course, and willingly givers him his virginity but it only seems to wake some sort of desire in her. She sneaks out of his room and returns home, dressing up in revealing clothes before heading out to her first club. She had a fire burning in her crotch and knew what she needed to satisfy it.

She wasn't picky with whom she picked and didn't wait long to get him outside in the alley before jumping on his cock, riding him to orgasm before going home with him. It felt wonderful and she couldn't imagine how she had gone so long with out fucking before. Every night, it seemed, she needed to be filled and stretched.

She wasn't picky with who she picked up - married men, nerds, jocks - she just needed more of it. She was soon branching out, going to parties, having sex with multiple men, her first threesome and more. But she was a Succubus and needed their seed to survive. It invigorated her, made her feel alive. But she was also falling in love with her Pastor, a man who was starting to get sicker and sicker for some mysterious reason. Would she realize that by having sex with him she was slowly killing him? How would he react if he found her sleeping with other men?