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Thank you for taking the time to look over my offer/request. This is my first request on Elliquiy. I'm going to be using this thread as my main request thread. As far as kinks and what not, they are more the character's reasons than my own and they can vary greatly. As far as offs for myself I haven't yet seen something that I immediately didn't like except for Gor. I believe that I've covered the basics now on to the main event, but if by chance I over looked something feel free to speak.

Alright these three are my babies and they are to be lent to you. That's why I'm not really listing anything personality wise I think it would be interesting to see the interpretations, but if I can get something that you want to use one of them for some other plot you think would suit them; that would be fine too. These character I will always crave to play they are my oldest opus please don't do anything to them that I wouldn't >:)

The character who I will give a brief history and a physical description of will be listed from oldest to youngest.

First we have Tobias Fenrir. Tobias was thrown into responsibility early, at the age of thirteen he was raped by his stepmother. His real mother died early on when he was four, his father remarried when he was 10. His father and his stepmother were trying to conceive another child. So when the stepmother became pregnant because of Tobias's rape, his father thought the child was his. The doctor had told him that it was near impossible for him to get her pregnant. The stepmother knew and planned to tell her husband this right after she gave birth. However due to birth complications she died, although the letter explaining everything was still delivered to the husband by the doctor.

Tobias's father went into suicidal mood due to the way his wife had explained it, saying that the life she had with him was miserable and she would leave the babies to him and run off. He turned to alcohol; getting one his guns a few days later thinking it would be better to just end it. Knowing that his son was raped he thought that Tobias would have no objections to going with him. He tried to kill his son but did not succeed, he thought he did however and turned the gun on himself taking his life in front of his son.

Tobias got through all this thanks to the help of his friend Rebbecca who helped him raise the twins and helped Tobias by being there for him. Unfortunately fourteen years later Rebbecca died in a car accident. Without her to help carry the burden and her death reminding him of his past he crumbled. Becoming a depressed mess not even going to Rebbecca's funeral, for fear he wouldn't be able to take it. Tobias is now 37 years old and is getting a bit better thanks to his daughter Anna. Tobias stands 5'4" with black hair and green eyes.

Alright now right here I want to get into an alternative Version of Tobias that I think has more of a chance of some happy ending. I want to note that this Alt-Toby isn't for other hands because he is still fairly in development and I need to have a better grasp on him before I make him for everyone's use.

Alright the deviation Starts right where Tobias' stepmother begins to molest and rape Tobias only the pregnancy never comes, and her death never happens allowing her to torture Tobias for about 3 years... During this time Tobias cannot tell his father and any of his friends don't pry into his bouts of depression save for Rebbecca (yes she is here too), now Rebbecca isn't nearly the friend that she is to him anyway, his long abuse has made him averse to women in general. But Rebbecca manages to get some concrete proof that Tobias is being abused... Although when she finally convinces him to go to the police with her to put her away Tobias knew that things weren't going to become better over night. However he didn't expect his father to shun him after finding out about it himself. The reason for this is because the father had noticed the Stepmother shying away from him and they eventually gave up trying to have a baby which made her really stray away from the bedroom. And he stupidly blames Tobias for this...

The result of the end of this is that Tobias' aversion to women is still very strong and the school makes him go to counseling now to try to help him, which doesn't help significantly at all. Rebbecca tries to keep him in touch but their relationship is frayed as Tobias really isn't comfortable with her even with her having helped him stop the abuse.

This Tobias will be 16 fresh out of being freed from his stepmother. I am thinking he might try to find some comfort in his fellow man but I don't think he truly swings that way....

Next up are the siblings Anna and Souren, I'll tell their story as one because it's mostly the same, I'll pick it up right at Rebbecca's death.

The two of them of course affected by Rebbecca's death as well. She was a surrogate mother to them, often taking care of them when their father was out trying to make enough money so that they could eat. So they take a hit, plus they see their father breakdown in front of them, someone who they look to for comfort. So they take comfort from each other something that they build upon from that moment, because suddenly their father isn't there for them. Souren soon begins to despise his father seeing him as a weak man who loses it over something him and his sister got through. Anna accept this point of view although isn't as ashamed of her father as her brother.

They plan to run away from their father in high school right after they graduate. They steal some money, two their fathers guns, and runaway to the city. However life in the city isn't easy and soon they come to lose almost half their money to a mugger. Anna was mugged at gunpoint right before she was going to deposit the money in the bank. The mugging is important because she nearly snaps, she rushes back to their tiny one room apartment and goes right for Souren, she wants to go away wants to just get away from it all, so she kisses him telling him she needs this. Soon enough she ends up giving and taking both their virginities that night. The next morning Souren doesn't remember anything about the night before, however Anna remembers. She realizes that part of the reason she slept with him was because she was attracted to him.

A few years later life is a bit easier and Anna is making a career out of journalism. One of her coworkers finds something about her family name which leads her to investigate her father causing her to learn of her father's real past. This news and her feelings for her brother cause her to go back home, saying to Souren that she needs to help her father. Souren is devastated by this completely alone he begins to not care about things and slowly loses interest in advancing himself to a career. While Anna does visit him the visits slowly grow further apart. Three years later he is stuck into a stagnant lifestyle, working just to survive, barely getting by even after severely cutting into his budget. Souren stands 5'7" has nearly black hair and hazel green eyes. Anna stands 5'6" has light brown hair and gray eyes.

The incestuous story line is one I'm not uncomfortable doing although it would be very carefully done. You are welcome to any criticism in this.

Other character who I have are as follows, I will explain their setting and such in the descriptions and unlike the other three I won't be as open to the concept of letting you take them out for a stroll, unless you can do some real damage >:)

Now I know that a bit of this is about just one character but I would also like to say that I think that the setting could be run on it's own...

Okay next we have a character called Penelope Wratise. Penelope is one of my more hedonistic characters, in short she is a very violent 25 year old mage with the scars to prove it (oh boy does she ever) she also is a character who I think would be good for BDSM and might have already participated in via her brother but I'll get into that later. First off the setting she lives in is in most ways like Modern Earth, which will here by known as Pelo-Earth or Pelo for short, but there is magic but rather than being integrated into Modern day society it is rather nearly phased out, modern technology is more consistent than most  Grand Magic is, and the education of magic really wasn't the top priority for  most people, leading to  very few books about only a few 100,000 books surviving on Pelo, and most of them being hoarded by companies who employ people who are skilled with magic in order to make money off their skill and to have a powerful influence in the world. To put into the perspective of the power of magic in the world, the greatest undisputed claim of magic is when a single man during 700 AD managed to make a 100 square mile oasis in the middle of Sahara desert and that land is still very fertile and flourishing to this day. For that to even be attempted today one would need at least 50 men trying to attempt this and it wouldn't ever last as long as it had.

There are various forms of magic, some of which I will go into at the moment. Healing magic exists in the world but it is very dangerous to use and because of the risks it really isn't used by anyone but specialists, and they don't use it past Restoration of three minor organs tops. The reason for the potential lethality is that at the best results of a screw up in a live subject they would become highly cancerous with the cancer growing and killing them in a matter of hours. Needless to say though it could be a very effective killing tool except it's not at all discrete and because it works in hours it will not be able to paralyze someone or anything... so effective in theory until you enter in other factors.

Curses are a thing of the past with the last successful documented curse being done in 1700s, the reason for a lack of curses is the amount of magic you need to have gathered and then pin point and control is so vast just to make it last... you can have an effect that lasts a day at most but it's not a real curse. The single organization that has been documented as to performing the most curses is The Vatican Church.

Going back to our character Penelope is a mage in a very loose term of words basically she has the talent but lacks the drive to pursue this as something to revolve her life around, she sees it as a tool that can work sometimes better than other things. Penelope was born to a middle class family living in New York City, having an older brother of about 9 years her senior. Penelope was a handful to begin with being a very willful child and only getting worse as she aged. She quickly took to the streets challenging any and all to fights and often losing often coming back with various scratches bruises and gashes to make her family faint but none of these ever deterred her from going out to attempt it as soon as she was well. When she eventually started winning she was about twelve and she quickly learned of other things one could experience in life... and sometimes she could coerce others into such things as well. One such occasion did occur when she was thirteen having grown quickly and as a result was stronger, although still very selfish, she forced her Brother's friend and colleague into intercourse before this broke her brothers leniency, in the next few years her brother was harsh to her but couldn't get her under control until she was about 20, by this time she had grown to respect her brother and didn't mind taking orders from him. Along the way the two formed a relationship of sorts started by her detail of why are still unknown. Anyway getting a bit long, so her brother who works for a company who outsources mages to who ever pays them is killed during an accident during the casting of a Small sort of Grand Magic.... She is devastated and goes straight back to her old lifestyle just to take her mind off the loss.

Oh I might as well give her current appearance, she has a lean but muscled physique. Her torso (from her shoulder to her pelvis) is covered in scars of different shapes and shapes (and some colours as well) a good deal of them are knife marks, some are puncture wounds from sharpened pipes, and a few are from her brother's magical experiments that she participated in. She has a few scratches and laceration scars along her arms mostly near where her ulna is. Her legs are covers with fewer scars but there are a few from when she had been held down and tortured, those are new her shins and are deep and some are in patterns where they thought would be a fun way to kill her. She stands at 5'8" weighs at 150lbs, has grey eyes, medium light brown hair and is olive skinned.

Wanted to do something with this post that I did for a game that didn't make it past the second post, The post is a bit character centered but I think we can use it... 

Money, money was the necessary evil. Even in a time when most people were more concerned about losing their lives and the survival of their families. Money could still entice people and make the more ambitious of men jump at command. He was one of them in a sense that he was a part of their group but he did not have their ambition, their dreams. He merely possessed a fear that had been placed into him when he was young. He remembered his father working the hardest for the smallest amounts of money, explaining that he would do the same someday. He often wished that would've come instead of the reality.

The environment was quickly becoming increasingly hostile. He always could remember the warnings that the scientists carried to the masses. The evidence was piling up against the opposition. He remembered soon enough when he reached his teens that it wasn't alright for pregnant women to leave the house. However there was still a certain life to be lived on the surface, although everyone knew that the end was fast approaching.

It had started to become lethal in concentrated spots; the spots would grow little and little each day. However you couldn't see any signs of anything being wrong at first. The deaths weren't linked at first; his sister was one of them. The doctors said that it was poisoning, she wouldn't hurt anyone. He had idealized his sister, may have even had a crush on her. She was dead and that's what mattered, kindness didn't matter to poison. His father happened to end up in the area of one of the spots. Business meeting, he got the news of his death a month after it happened.

He was about twenty-seven when he got the letter in the mail. Money and social status was what it promised. He really didn't care for such things but he was taught that money was important. He was trained by a sub branch of the company MOL. He never heard of them before, didn't matter now they were his employer. The people that were with him in his training all differed except for one aspect, ambition. He pretended to be as ambitious as the others, although it seemed that they were not fooled. He didn't care, he just wanted his money and safety promised to him. The day came soon after his training was completed. He was herded into the giant ship told that he would act as a shepherd for the now. He sank quickly into the motions of it all. He didn't know exactly what was in store for him on this ship. The doors opened and more people shuffled in, more sheep for him to guide.

I've recently been reading the Difference Engine and have had the urge to do something with a Steampunk sort of setting, with either a adventuress or maybe a well connected business merchant that's line of work takes her to interesting places around the world... Albeit this is a lot of about scenery building too but I think it will be fun. I would be playing a sort of apprentice or maybe someone who owes her debt and thus is forced to work for her (kicks self for horrid cliche) and maybe some sort of sex takes place, it depends on her character for how fast it will come. I'm putting this up as something that I thought came frighteningly close to what I had picture


Alright listen up people if I get two people interested I will then start a separate thread to plan out the ideas this is just kind of like a bulletin board. IE Post what you want but no organizing of games in here, it would get too confusing.