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Started by Esoterrorist, September 07, 2010, 07:02:29 PM

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Welp, this is my first post on Elliquiy so let's get this started.

I only sexually rp man on man*
I consider myself at least semi-literate. I can link you to hot ogre and darfellan rp to prove this.
I do NOT care what gender/sex you are in real life as long as your character is male.
I love plot. Honestly, I do.
* I will do f/f for an Exalted setting ONLY. I have a plot ready for it.
If there are any questions about my likes and dislikes we can discuss those via messages and I can link you to various ideas. Whee.

Okay, now, I am slightly (by my reasoning) eccentric. Here are what I view as my eccentricities:
1: I do NOT like the terms seme/uke. They are not analogous to top/bottom or dom/sub. Yes I know English tends to take words and rape them into forms that better suit itself but I cringe at those terms because they have built in meanings such as the seme always being taller, heavier, and more masculine (and older) and the uke being shorter, feminine, weaker, and all around bitch. I do not want that in a roleplay and believe such attributes weaken characters.
2: I do not like the spelling "cum." I really don't know why, but I don't. I literally do not mind any other term, really. This is kind of weird I guess but I will love you if you don't use it.
3: Please don't quote my entire post in a PM or a reply. Please? I'll give you cocklate.

Race for Cyber Godhood: I have an idea for two demigods trying to gain access to the power of divinity and live forever as Gods themselves. Of course playing this with a Greco-Roman idea is dull. So I figured why not try to go for a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy? Basically we'd be playing demigods (I think you have this idea by now) but not of the typical earthly pantheons that are known. Perhaps an alien child of some far away planet that is trying to decode the binary aspect of divinity or a cyborg demigod of the Prototype Machine Lord who is desperately seeking creations of his divine parent to replace his failing flesh. Or even an android devised by the Deus Machina who must combine its infinite self with the fallible wisdom of flesh races to spur on a final process to download ascension.

This can also be a modern/fantasy or high fantasy idea if you'd like. Pretty much anything without the Greek or Roman gods.

Vertigo Comics/Surreality: I have been reading a lot of Vertigo/Grant Morrison recently. I want to do something along the lines of their offbeat, odd, and sometimes down right surreal worlds. If you have read any of Morrison's works (especially his Doom Patrol run or The Invisbles) I'd love to do something quirky and odd like that. I have no concrete "weird" ideas and worlds but if you know of something like that or wish to do things where people fight against ancient semi-chthuloid conspiracies by using the powers granted to them by the nascent overworld feel free to hit me up!

World Clash: I'm generally not much for furries but I have had an idea I've wanted to run for a while. I have been wanting to play a human in a world that has both furries and humans and a great amount of animosity with the races. This didn't stop our characters from playing with each other as kids (maybe even into early/late adolescence) before being separated for whatever reason.

Then, years later, tensions are at a head. Anthro and Human activist groups are lobbying for "equal" rights or even to keep the status they want the most and are using all sorts of reasons behind their decisions. Some humans support the Anthros and vice versa, but these people are often outcasts of some type. Yet, somehow, during what is leading up to the head of the tensions, our two meet up again somehow. It had been years but they could still recognize their old friend (and maybe had given a trinket to the other that they kept). They start meeting more frequently and eventually realize they love one another, yet how can they be together in a world like the one they live in?

I'd like to discuss the finer points (such as which race is the dominant one if we wish to go that route or perhaps have different countries have different power structures) and what past interactions our characters had. I'd like them both to be college aged (around 20-28) and I have a preference for wolf, dragon, bat, arachnid, and equine furries for this idea but will not discriminate if you can help flesh this out more.

Exalted: F/F
I have a character pre-made for this. Her name is Olian and she is a Dawn Caste. She is bisexual but I have always seen her ending up with a female as a main lover. Her Lunar Mate is not the one she is going to be with (already made up) but I will gladly pair her with any non-Dragon Blooded female if you know this series. I'd love to go into detail with this one and, in the game she is in, the Eclipse caste is not yet created so that may work. I will describe her to anyone interested in this one.

I am willing to do m/m Exalted. I will be much more flexible with any type of male on male exalted that there is. So please feel free to inquire about it.

My own Brainchild: I have been working on a "fighting game" lately and want to flesh out some of the characters more. For sexual rps I have a gay Native Canadian hit man and an omnisexual blind gypsy man (weird I know, I know, jeez) but I would like to flesh out a few more as well. Theme wise I think this resonates well with Guilty Gear as a type of story with it. For example: One of the characters is a drug user trying to go on a dream quest who fights with a battle hookah. Another is a telepathic/telekinetic persian cat named Smooshface. While the fight scenes may be odd and the plot bizarre(ish?) I would love to develop some stuff. This needn't be sexual at all and could encompass quite a variety of people.

High Fantasy: The one pure plot idea I have is for some demon-spawn or lesser demon looking to try and capture the full demon status of what amounts to a God. I'd like to play a man who meets the lower demon on the path to his divine right and help him earn/steal/capture his divinity. I'd like it to end up more that for his efforts the man is transformed into the demon's avatar or representative and is kept as either his only lover or at least the preferred one. This can be as brutal as necessary to npcs (does my guy have to collect a village full of innocents to be raped/slaughtered/whatever for the demon man he has grown to like? Sure. Need to invent a ritual that transforms human waste into ambrosia by force feeding a pregnant woman and making her miscarry the impurities into sacredness? I'm down) and the love interest between my guy and the demon can be somewhat twisted or a very bizarre parody of romantic, monogamous love as they speak sweet nothings to each other while severing the ears of orphans to create a portal to the nether depths.

Please no typical uber sexual Incubi. Those are way overdone.

Sci-Fi/Steampunk(possible high fantasy): DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEPS? (zomg, Philip K. Dick reference y'all)
I've been wanting some kind of "artificial lifeform" on a living man for a while now. This is I think more common in sci-fi with androids but I was also thinking that a steampunk type of fantasy could be made with a clockwork golem of some type, or even a type of artificial life form created thus. I'm looking more to play the artificial creation than the creator and would like to have it actually sapient and in control of itself. This will hopefully be a look at how artificial life can feel, care, and otherwise experience emotions that are often deemed only for fleshy creatures.

The medieval fantasy one is a D&D concept honestly. I could easily do this with a Warforged and some kind of male character if you know Eberron at all. This would be somewhat the same as above but with more light heartedness I suppose? Unless we really want to focus on the differences between the living constructs and other races. Either way, the differences between the warforged and a fleshy creature should be lovely if done right.

I shall probably update this later but I believe this is a good start.

Sloppy toppy for papi, I leave sloppy Joe shook - I only call you Captain because your dick off the hook!