[Interest Check, MUL] Urban Fantasy Clash (Supernatural, BtVS, Angel)

Started by ManyMindsManyVoices, September 07, 2010, 03:34:26 AM

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"So, I just had an idea for a game, something I usually don't do (or haven't done for a long time)."

"The idea is simple, an RP blending the mythologies of various pre-established Urban Fantasy settings, such as Buffy and Supernatural. I will accept suggestions for other similar series to add to the mix, so long as the style of show doesn't clash overtly. I also want to know if people would prefer to play something which uses pre-established characters (something that intrigues me particularly in this rare case), or OCs, or a mix of both."

"I'll tally up votes and interest as I go, and note, I am only trying to generate interest and a world (most of which is pre-built), I have no desire to take on a full GM role. I will figure it out as I go, some people can play villains (maybe temporarily, or as the game goes, I'll take requests)."

"Here's the preliminary idea: The setting is modern day Earth, no more or less the world we live in than we can prove. Monsters lurk in the shadows, ghosts haunt the darkest corners, and superstition is rampant, but no one can really prove a thing."

"Hunters and Slayers exist to protect us from these things. Hunters (see Dean, Gunn, or Giles) are humans, and the ones that survive, are experienced, strong, agile, capable, and very good at pretending to be something they aren't. Then, there are the Slayers (see Faith, Buffy, and in this case, Sam and maybe Connor), people with demon power in their systems. They can read minds, hit hard, move quickly, and a number of other useful abilities. They are rare, chosen by any number of  circumstances."

"Much of the world of the Supernatural needs human bodies to effect the world we live in. Vampires sire new creatures, some learn to control their bloodlust (see Angel, to a lesser extent Spike, and Lenore from Supernatural (one shot character)). Lesser angels fight alongside Hunters and Slayers (see Castiel), to protect the world from the dark things that lurk in Hell. Some wield magic (see Willow, Tara, Giles, Wesley), but the magical arts take time, and control."

"Notably, I'd like to avoid huge power discrepancies (such as Xander to Buffy to Willow), so no super, Apocalypse witches, no Angels that can be anywhere they want all the time or travel back in time, save the really powerful stuff for plot devices and villains."

"Okay, I'll leave it at that and see what interest it generates first."

"Below, list any other shows you might feel fit this archetype and whether or not you'd be interested, and if you would prefer OCs or series characters, or both."
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