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Started by padwen, September 06, 2010, 10:31:33 PM

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Now that I find myself with a little more time on my hands, I'd like to add on more roleplays. Unfortunately, I am only interested in lesbian roleplays now. The following are a couple of ideas that I had:

1) Star Wars roleplay featuring as characters, two female characters. I would like there to be a plot; some action with obviously some romance. The female characters can be Jedi, bounty hunters, trooper, anything basically. I'd prefer that the character be human or at least humanoid; so please no tentacles or some other appendage that a female human would not have.

It can be during any period, but I think it'd be interesting to have the story set at the beginning of the first KOTOR or the second KOTOR game. I am a big fan of the Old Republic era.

2) Harry Potter: It would be a story between two teachers or an auror and a teacher set during the War. I would like the characters to be original characters, the only exception I can make is if somebody would like to play Tonks.

Here is a sample:

Kate stiffened as she walked past Amycus Carrow, the new “DADA” professor, to her office on the 3rd floor. She shuddered in disgust at the blatant and undisguised lust in his eyes. She forced herself to ignore his beady little eyes trained on her backside as she stalked past him. Hogwarts was very different from the time she had attended it. The Dark Lord had risen once more and his filth could be seen and felt in the school and out. His Death-Eaters had infiltrated the Ministry. Consequently, Snape and his cronies had been put in charge of the castle.

It was going to be a very difficult year but her task was clear. Professor Flitwick had approached her earlier in the year offering her his position. The old Charms master was stepping down, feeling himself inadequate to protect the students from the tyranny of the new Headmaster. Kate, not wanting to associate herself with the mockery of the Ministry any longer, had immediately quit and accepted the offered position. She would try her very best to ensure the fragile safety of the castle.

This, of course, meant she had to keep her temper in check. Though she was itching to hex Amycus’s balls off, She would not and could not compromise her position when it was hanging already by a thread. Her anti-Voldemort sentiment was by no means a secret. Snape could have removed her from her functions long ago but curiously chose not to. Anyhow, she didn’t want to give him a reason. The Order depended on her.

Once she was in the safety of her office, her proud posture dropped and she slumped in the nearest armchair. By God she hated feeling powerless. Those bastards would get what they deserved and more soon enough. She ran one hand through her brown wavy locks in frustration. It was the start of the year and she had to get it together for the students who were to be arriving soon.

Sighing, she rose and pulled on her dress robes. She needed to make it to the Great Hall now. With a whirl of her wand, her hair was done and she was ready to go. Magic certainly did have its uses. As she walked out, she noted with dismay that Carrow was waiting for her.

“What are you doing here?” she spat out, not bothering to greet him or slow down for that matter as she walked past him for the 2nd time in the present evening. She hastened her walk, trying to get to the Great Hall as fast of possible where she would be rid of his company.

“Walking you to the ceremonies, of course,” he replied lecherously. “I rather enjoy your company.” He placed his hand on the small of her back.

She slapped it away and grabbed the front of his robes. “Don’t you ever touch me again,” she hissed in his face. He smirked and grabbed her wrist, squeezing hard enough to force her to release his robes. She stifled a gasp of pain as he pressed harder as she tried to retract her arm.

“You might want to be more cooperative, Reyes,” he taunted as he let go. “Or your days will be numbered.” He laughed as she turned and went in the Great Hall in a foul mood. With that unpleasant incident, Kate thought she would be late but to her relief, the students were just filing in. A lot of curious glances were cast her way as she sat down where Professor Flitwick usually sat. She narrowed her eyes as she saw Amycus’s twin sister Alecto Carrow, the professor of Muggle Studies, sit beside her. She gripped her goblet tightly and gritted her teeth. Instead of the usual chatty and loud atmosphere, this year’s start of the year feast was in complete silence. As she gazed at the many confused faces, she sighed. This was going to be a long year.

3) Bones
4) Grey's Anatomy
5) The Legend of the Seeker

Let me know what you think,


6) Dragon Age
7) Lord of the Ring