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Author Topic: The Pheonix's current cravings.  (Read 1095 times)

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Offline Zhu QueTopic starter

The Pheonix's current cravings.
« on: September 04, 2010, 03:56:11 am »
Hallo Hallo... Thank you for looking...

I have been satisfied with my current RPs, but I am wanting to add something to my currents.

I have a few ideas, I will list them as I think.

Almost all my ideas can be M/f, F/f, or M/m... I enjoy Dom/Sub.. and I usually prefer to be Sub.. but sometimes I like Dom, sometimes switch. It just depends on the story. :D

I love anything Fantasy/Supernatural... I love mideval, modern, and enjoy a good furtury setting. It just depends.. Ask, I don't turn into a monster at a bad idea. I give what I get, if you are polite in asking, I will be polite in response.

I will put *'s with the ideas, one means "just interested", five means "extremely desired"..


~Setting~ (Supernatural, can be non-con.. can be any pairing) ***
The world has learned of Vampires. Now no longer feeling the need to hide away, Vampires have become a pretty dominate species. Only Humans who afforded the power to not be under Vampire law do not fear them.

Humans who can do nothing to gain that power to not fear the Vampire laws are stuck to follow them. If they do wrong, they can suffer the legal rights of falling slave to a Vampire family.

~Set Up, will be used somehow in the starting post~
A bit of laughter floated from a small group in the corner of the club, barely audible over the music. The group consisted of a few Afforded Humans, and a few not so lucky Humans. The group has kept to themselves pretty well, though it is obvious they are celebrating something.

A very beautiful exotic Human was the center of attention from the group. Today they turned of age, a time of celebration, as their family could no longer use them as wager to settle problems, their family could no longer control them, either. The problem with this celebration is if the exotic so happens to cause problems, they do not have the protection their family has afforded.

The exotic looking Human was beautiful. Light tan skin, almost considerably pale for their skin color. Bright green eyes accented by thick eyeliner. Lips brought out by a glossy pink tint. Long hair pulled back in tight, thin braids, all but the first inch back from the forehead, those bangs flow loose.

Dressed in a pair of hip-huger jeans, belt boots, and a black corset over a white turtle neck, the figure looked female, but looked to be flat chested. Though the beauty wore a sweet smelling perfume, the scent of their blood still wafted from them.

~Setting~ (kind of futury, based on a steampunk idea.)
Hell has happened. People have become divided, the continents have broken to tons of smaller ones. Many have taken to holing up in their homes or creating walls to block off their areas. Others have become sea bearers, living their lives out on the waters. The only problem with the way people live, is that there is a wide spread paranoia. Paranoia and mistrust breed hate, fear, and war.

Many havens have turn to war capitals, many sea families have become war vessels. Then there are those that enjoy the fear others are consumed by. These people are pirates, they use that fear to get what they want, though not aiding the warring families or havens. The avoid the conflicts, and sneak out what the find worth the problem.

~Set Up #1~ (M/f, Non-con to start)
She sat in her room, not sure what to do. The haven of Lorpesta had sent up the warning bells. Her only happy thought was that her best friend had just left to join the Intelligence Council for the Havens. Sighing, she looked out the window of her room, seeing her father out with some of the other guard. Her mother was already at the walls, watching for the attack.

Little does she realize, this is where her life changes. She doesn't suspect that she'll see her father caught in the crossfire. Not a clue does she have that that night she would not be in her own bed. Neither does she realize she may be in a bed with someone else there, too. Her life is about to be flipped, how will she deal?

~Set up #2~ (This one can be M/m or M/f. This will be one of my romantic Doms. :D) **
A frown was strong on his lips, eyes burning holes in the floor. He hated what was going on. His brother was captain of their pirate crew, and he was first mate. He was not happy being first mate, he wasn't happy being a pirate. He was definitely not happy being about to raid another haven. His brother had a fetish for havens it seemed, as this was the fourth one in a month, a record for their crew.

Will this raid change his mind? Will he see something that makes him long to steal it? Will his passion be renewed?

That is it for now, I will add more as I think of them, but these have been major in my mind.
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Offline Zhu QueTopic starter

Re: The Pheonix's current cravings.
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2010, 04:44:18 am »
New idea added to my list. ^_^

~Setting~ (Any pairing, I am interested in doing this as 1x1 or 1x1x1 ^_^)****
Set similar to Aquarion, the anime. Set in the future, the world semi-post-apocalyptic. With monsters appearing to steal young humans, to raise like cattle, or to eat adults in their prime, some humans have evolved to have powers. Though alone these powers don't prove much of a threat to these monsters, but there is an alliance creating items to increase the strength of a human's power. This alliance also takes in people with powers, in order to help them learn to better use their abilities, even if that means taking these people against their will.

The story will follow our characters, who, even though a dislike for each other, find themselves drawn together. They begin having memories from a past life come to them in pieces. From these memories, it appears that their paths passed intimately in the past, and seems like they are being drawn into the same situation again. How will things go, with them disliking each other, especially with being drawn together so much? What of when monsters come, will their feelings get in the way of their duties to help save others?

I would prefer PM's as it is easier for me to respond faster, but I will check here in case someone posts in reply.
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Offline Zhu QueTopic starter

Re: The Pheonix's current cravings.
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2010, 08:16:27 pm »
I am adding some more info/ideas.

I am craving a couple things and I will just hope something catches your attention and that you'd like to RP with me. Most can be Yaoi, Yuri, or Hetero, so just ask. ^_^

~Please PM if interested... Also, I have several ideas for each of these, if you like one of these and would like to see my ideas, PM me with which caught your interest and if you prefer Yaoi, Yuri, or Hetero..~

Gundam Wing *****
Most any pairing, mostly Yaoi or with an original charcter, my favorite character is Wufei... and actually, if it can be agreed upon and the pairing is good, I would even like three characters (possibly even five, but, heh, thats big wishes)

Naruto ***
Really into Sasuke pairings, but again any pairing, including Sasuke/Itachi

Princess Princess **
With this, we could be any of the Princesses or students, even OCs if we like.

Aquarion ****
Really interested in three certain pairings (and technically a fourth)

Outlaw Star ***
Pretty interested in playing Aisha Clan Clan.

Inuyasha **
This one I can go for a couple things, but we'd have to talk about it.

Fruits Basket **
I love Yuki, Kyo, Haru, and Momiji.. so yea. ^_^

Revolutionary Girl Utena **
Love a lot of the characters from this and would like to play almost any pairing.

Wolfs Rain *
I am recently watching this and am pretty interested in it... I kinda like the pairings below.

I also like the following settings

Supernatural, which includes humans, vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches/warlocks, stuff like that.

Fantasy, like D&D/Lord of the Rings type fantasy.

Mideval setting

Modern setting

Semi-futuristic setting

If you have an idea you think may fit with these, just ask. ^_^

Offline Zhu QueTopic starter

Re: The Pheonix's current cravings.
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2010, 03:08:19 pm »
New Idea Added

Okay, I have been reading some manga sets and have found an interest in some of their stories. I will list my ideas. ^_^

Oh, I am also still interested in anime based RPs... If you don't see one you know, ask, I might know one you like and we might be able to come up with something. ^_^

First Idea ~ The New Student (contains cross-dressing)
(This one I am kind of hoping for a M/F pairing, but can be F/F.. I am willing to play either the new student or the "prince" student... I am also willing to play male or female...)
   There is a new student in an all-boy school. No girls are allowed on the school grounds, and most the students live in the dorms. What happens when the new student gets involved with one of the "prince" students? Will secrets be found out? Will someone get kicked out?

(There is also a second idea to this... it would be M/M, and also I would be willing to play either character... The new student can dress as male or female, and that would determine if the other character is a cross-dresser or not)
  The new student would attend a mix-gender live-in school, where the dorms are separated by gender. The new student would be assigned to be the "Little Sister/Brother" to a "Prince/Princess". They would be at the "Prince/Princess" students side during the day, helping keep them on schedule and stuff like that..

Second Idea ~ Tutor (contains cross-dressing)
(This one can be either M/M, M/F, or F/F.. Again, I am interested in playing either gender and either character.)
  The tutor's dream has always been to become a teacher, so they took up being a tutor to get started. Well, their new 'student' has always been considered the one everybody wants. Will the tutor fall for the student, or the other way around? Or is the student only looking for sex? Will the tutor become a teacher, and if so, will there be anything between the tutor and student?
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