1600s-1700s role play

Started by Tink, September 02, 2010, 09:00:47 PM

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Just an idea I got watching interview with a vampire. :)

Would take place in the 1700s or around that time area. I don't have a big wish to change the time period so if you are uncomfortable playing please do not message me.

They where madly in love, both in their early 20s freshly married. They didn't have a lot of money but they where happy and content with their little farm house, which they inherited from Dawn's father. Dawn was due to give them their first child in a few short months and life seemed perfect.

Then the killings began. All around the town almost every night a new body would be found, appearing to be either drained of blood or torn limb from limb. They both tried to ignore this and continue living in their perfect little world. Then the killings hit home, several of their workers where murdered. Then one night everything shattered. The night was silent, Dawn and (Insert character I seek) slept soundly till they where awakened by screams of terror. (Character) rushed out side to find his horses slaughtered and more poor workers drained. But the most painful thing was the final scream he heard, coming from inside their home.

Rushing inside he was too late, everything was torn apart and Dawn was no where to be found. The scene of furnature overturned or ripped in half was his final human memory.

Basically what I need is someone to play the young man, obviously he is now a vampire (If you have issues with vampires we can change it to something else) His years pass in torminting solitude, not even with the satisfaction of revenge. Then he finds a familiar face, the one of his beloved Dawn.

Message me for more details :)
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