How we met? Why do you ask? [UN; BON?]

Started by Hemingway, September 02, 2010, 05:28:49 PM

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Here's a specific idea I've been toying with for some time. It takes place in a modern day city, and involves two vastly different women. Bondage is optional, but definitely wanted.

One works as a secretary, or some other office job, and leads a very nine-to-five lifestyle. She's the more reserved of the two, and keeps a fairly low profile. She tries not to draw attention to the fact she prefers the ladies, and is sexually inexperienced.

The other one is an exotic dancer, or rock star, or some other, similar profession to make her essentially the opposite of the secretary. She's a far more sexual character, the type who isn't shy about her collection of sex toys, and is familiar with the use of even the more complicated ones. If bondage is to be part of the story, she would also be the one with experience, and the one to introduce the secretary to the world of collars, leashes and chains.

Either character can take on the role of the dominant and the submissive, or they can be in a constant struggle. I would prefer to play the secretary, as a switch, but that's not to say I won't play the other. It's more of a guideline for the indecisive.

As for the story: These two women were introduced by a mutual friend, and in spite of their differences, clicked big time. At least it seems that way. Due to undetermined circumstances, the two decide to move in together only a short time into their relationship. The story would begin just after they've unpacked and settled in, probably before even spending a night together in their new, shared bed. What happens beyond that point, is what it's all about. How their relationship will turn out, all that.

So, if that sounds interesting at all, why not let me know?


This actually sounds like it could be pretty great - I think I might have a few ideas, if you wanna give it a try
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It's best if you PM, and I'll hear everyone's ideas. Don't be shy!