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Author Topic: Griffin Order Interest Check, (Elements of Persona, Harry Potter, Men in Black)  (Read 588 times)

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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

The Griffin Order
The Order was established three thousand years ago when the first explorer found a gate leading to different worlds. Initially it was only a collective of scholars and heroes willing to brave the different plains and learn further. It wasn't until Lucas Aldria took advantage of the fourth plain and discovered how to take elements of that world and use them to his own uses that the possibility of danger was brought to the attention of the founders. Soon a split was made between the division. Those who wished to tread lightly, keep such secret, and protect the Earth plain from the harm that the other plains could bring onto it. Though the wars were great, the Founders were the victors and as such the Griffin Order, the Plains they traveled, and the abilities they gained were to be kept secret.

In the present this order has grown to large heights. They are establishments in every major civilization and are often known to help look after missionaries with some of their greater members in the less fortunate countries. They have begun recruiting the most gifted individuals in the world, those champions who clearly stand above the rest of the world. These individuals are usually found in their high school years and invited to the Workshaw Island, which is where the headquarters are based. Here they are evaluated and the few that make it beyond such a point are invited to join the Order.

Those that join the order will be sent back to various gates that have been discovered and will be kept responsible for keeping the peace and balance in the area. As a Member of the Order there are a variety of roles that one may have. There are Guardians who work only on the Earth plain and protect it from outside sources that cause harm. Seekers who study in other worlds and work to adapt the best of all plains for their own. It is through that a civilization that advanced so much in the course of 2,000 years when before they moved little by litte.Walkers are the final role, they are responsible for protecting both sides of the Plains, they make sure no plain is found in chaos and provide protection for Keepers.


The plot stands as a group of new Walkers are sent to Aria, a city in the middle of the united states that has grown considerably thanks to the influence of the Order. Here a large number of different beings from other plains have been reported, and there is a suspicion there is something at work behind the increase of problems. The recruits will be expected to maintain a normal social life with school or if they are graduated work. While leading their dual identities.

In town there are many different legends and rumors of all sorts. People have spoke of seeing elves, vampires, werewolves, big foot, any number of different creatures. The overwhelming mystery will lead the group into the surrounding Forest. And into many different plains in search for answers. They will discover a someone who is behind the events taking place, and eventually the goals and intentions. And at the heart of everything a truth that has been buried completely.


More or less this is kind of a collection of different ideas in which I've seen. Like Shin Megami Tensei's Persona 3 and 4, the different characters live a normal life, and then a life with the Order in which they work at after school. They will all share a dorm/apartment building in which they can keep an eye on each other. And have constant access to resources to make their normal lives easier. Like Harry Potter and many other adaption, the goal is to keep all the magic and mythical beings a secret. Using magic and others for no reason in front of "the ignorant" will result in immediate actions and punishment.

The Elements that I'm taken from Men in Black is that the Order doesn't kick everything off the Plain, if individuals can live a normal life and simply wish to explore a new world, they can be keepers on the Earth Plain. So long as they don't abuse their situation they are treated like ordinary Order Members. So if you don't want to play a human there are certain races that can co-exist with humans and have "genetic mutations," to explain features like "pointed ears," or "a intolerance to sunlight."

If we don't have a great deal we'll make a single group of members, which will have a Mentor, who is generally older and well accomplished. They offer guidance and help when needed but tend to do little else. A leader, in which directs where their investigations take them and when to fight retreat etc. There will also be a Vice Captain in case the Leader is tangled up or emotionally unstable. The rest just help and follow orders. If we have more groups then they will be set up the same, but we'll see.

For the sake of a keeping most things a mystery if you're interested in playing on the antagonist's side or being the being in charge of the other groups send me a PM and we'll discuss in more detail what they are doing and what I have in mind.

This RP will have magic, and a great deal of other elements that I'm more then happy to let people come up with ideas for different plains and different races. So I think Freefrom will be the best way to go about this. so long as people don't get power happy there shouldn't be a problem. So feel free to add ideas to this. Below I'll post a profile layout so you can get a better how to imagine your character(s).

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Profiles should include

Character Name:
Level of Education: (Meaning grade of highschool/college or graduated)
Special Ability: (Every Character has at least one magic that they can use, it can be big or small, just don't be invincible or have instant kill,)
Skills: (What everday skills do you have? Computers, First Aid, Medicines, Mechanics, Survival, etc.)
Magic: (What Magic have you learned and discovered how to use? *note you don't need to have anything outside of the special ability*)
Weapon: (What weapons are you best with, swords, guns, staffs, etc.)
What Got you Noticed: (What did you do to get the Order's attention? Not just anyone can join the order)
Picture: (A picture describing the character)

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

An example of what a profile might look like is this

Username: Untamed_skies
Character Name: Samuel "Sam" Reichert
Age: 20
Level of Education:  2nd Year of College
Special Ability:  Catch Breathe- Meaning in highly stressful, frightening, or mentally exhausting situations Sam can take a moment too focus his thoughts. This makes him much harder to charm, enrage, scare, depress, or confuse him through magic.
Skills:  First Aid, Martial Arts, Languages, Literature major.
Magic:  Sam’s only magic power is Wind
Weapon: Sam knows hand to hand martial arts, and elected to train with a staff.
What Got you Noticed:  Sam was noticed for a large heroic feet when he was 18. A large fire broke out in a dorm building. Sam went in and out 25 times and saved a total of 30 people without ever being burned or harmed himself. This was surprising beyond reason for the fact he had no protective gear. Furthermore he displayed a extreme calmness in spite of a very trying and intense moment. After his academics were put to the test it was decided he had the ability they were looking for, and he only continued too exceed from there.
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This definitely has my interest.

Username: TheHangedMan
Character Name: Richard Knights
Age: 22
Level of Education: College
Special Ability: Font of Life. Life energy courses thruogh his body and soul, saturating it. Because of the amount of Life in him, he heals very quickly from injuries (about 4x faster than the average human). Additionally, he can tap into his reservoir of power, and use it to heal another person. Doing so, however, fatigues him, and repeated uses of the power can cause him to "dry up", losing his fast healing and ability to heal others for 24 hours.
Skills: First aid, medicine (general), computers, driving (Motorcycles), gun use (rifles, revolvers), gun maintenance, cooking, chemistry.
Magic: Animation. Breaths life energy into an object, animating it, and endowing it with a specific task and minimal will. Such an object is limited in what it can and can't do, and will be alive for up to 12 hours, or until he decides to end its life. He can only animate one such object at a time, and often prefers to use small dolls he has had custom made, often using them to run messages, or, frequently, as an alarm clock.
Weapon: Prefers guns, but is interested in studying melee weapon usage.
What Got you Noticed: becoming a local legend in his town when people found out about what he could do. The local church was saying he was blessed by God, and using him as evidence of God's existence. Of course, when such claims eventually left the small town he was born in, it was inevitably picked up by a member of the Order. When they confirmed that he truly was gifted, they moved in to get him. He was all too eager to leave.
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