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Author Topic: Random Acts of Violence (Ideas from Vanilla to F/F Clonecest)  (Read 969 times)

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Random Acts of Violence (Ideas from Vanilla to F/F Clonecest)
« on: September 01, 2010, 11:07:42 PM »

In an effort to streamline this request page and hopefully get more people to browse through it, I've decided to cut down my introduction.  I'm Violence, obviously.  If you want a more personal name to address me by, Michael or M works just as well.

To try and quickly explain why I did what I did with the colors, lemme elaborate:
Roles that I would like to play are Orange
Roles I would like others to play are Red
Roles I could play or let others play are Purple
Games that I'm especially interested in trying are listed as Green
Blue text is probably a link, give 'er a click if you're curious.  It usually links to extra information or character description in the event that I want to use an original character.

Current Game Biggest Cravings::
*Sam I Am*
Taking Pointe
Heartbreak Hotel (One Shot)
*In the Garden with Eve (One Shot or Long Term)*
All the Queen's Men (One Shot or Long Term)

Current Theme/Fetish Cravings::
Mild-to-Heavy Torture
Any Game that lets me play Eve

Avatar: TLA
Despite how popular it is, I never seem to be able to get a satisfactory roleplay out of the fandom from this series. *sigh* Obviously operating under the assumption that the characters are in their later teens, and disregarding some of the last season to create a still-open ended storyline.  I would greatly like to play (and this'll probably turn a few people off ~.~;; ) Azula with Zuko, or Azula with Ozai.  I'm also slightly VERY interested in a non-consent scene about Azula and Kitara.  Really... um... Azula with just about anybody...

Blood that Boils [F/F][NC-H][Fighting/Action][BDSM][Abuse][FemDom][Fireplay][Electric Torture][I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THIS ONE!!]
cast: Azula & Kitara
As graditude for her part in helping foil the Black Sun plot by the resistance, Azula was promised any prisoner for her own.  Eagerly she selected the water-tribe maiden Kitara.  Finally a chance to bring all that animosity to a boil.  I'd really hope for somebody who doesn't mind a bit of excessive abuse... I don't imagine Azula being at all gentle about getting what she wants out of Kitara.

Admittedly, while this idea is based around a lesbian/bondage relationship between Azula and Kitara... I could probably rework it so that any character is in Kitara's place.  Even an original character.  Though depending on who it is, my interest might wane.  The best bet toget me to jump and say 'oh yes', though... is Kitara. ^.^  This one is probably always going to be on my "wants" list, and even if I ever ended up playing a version of it... I probably still wouldn't say no to another version of it.

I like a variety of costumed heroes, mostly from the two titans of publishing.  Typically, I like to bring my own flavor of the character into the room with me... most notably unique has always been my portrayal of Eddie Brock / Venom.  Though, I like my use of Superboy, as well... ^.^;

You'll also be able to tell just by looking through here that I really really like Black Cat and Rogue.  But I'm also really keen on Wondergirl and Starfire. ^.^;  I don't think there's a comics fan that would pass up a *ahem* 1-1 game with Wonder Woman, either...

The Sin of Pryde AKA Untouchable 2 [F/F][Light Bondage][X-Men Setting (Preferably Evolution)][Possible Cheating][Some Abuse / Torment][Slow Burn]
cast: Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) & Rogue
This one is probably more appropriately titled "Untouchable" than my current X-Men game called Untouchable. ^.^;  The two are captured somewhere, Kitty could escape, but it would mean leaving Rogue behind, or she could give her powers to Rogue and Rogue would have to leave her behind.  But neither is willing to leave the other.  Isolated together for days that turn into weeks that turn into months... possibly even into years, the two rely heavily on one another for both survival and for keeping one another sane.  They share stories and tell jokes and just console one another.  Over time it buds into a romance.  I don't want this to turn sexual until well after it turns romantic, but I like the idea of exploring how they could be intimate with one another.  Kitty can touch Rogue while phased, but can't actually make physical contact with her bare skin anymore than anyone else can.  I'm signifigantly more interested in the intimate/soft/romantic side of this game than the actual sexual portions.  A lot of holding, a lot of ghost-kisses, a lot of petting, things like that.  I could easily be convinced to turn this into a more fairly vanilla game just featuring them both in the X-Mansion falling in love.

The Legacy Children [M/F][Light - Heavy Bon][Possible S&M][Modern Sci-Fi Setting]
cast: Superboy (Conner Kent) & Wondergirl (Cassandra Sandsmark)
Conner Kent and Cassandra Sandsmark are the teenage heirs to two of the most prominent names in the world.  One day, Conner will be Superman.  One day, Cassie will be Wonder Woman.  Today, the two are just lovers playing with fire.  Cassie's love of being tied and taken seems to grow as her powers grow stronger.  The more invulnerable she becomes, the more she wants to be hurt while making love.  Given that the two are trying hard to hide their relationship from all but those closest to them, the game becomes more and more difficult.

This one could be retooled easily to be more Vanilla than the implied storyline.  But the "Wonder" family is very very deeply rooted in Bondage and S&M, so it seemed like an interesting idea to explore.

Probably my absolute favorite game franchise of all time. ^.^ Now in Roleplay format... sort of.

The Rockman Files [M/M/F][Parody / Humor][Detective][Robots][Slow Burn][UN]
cast: Megaman and Protoman & Any Female Video Game Character
In the world of Video Games one Detective Team stands above all the rest.  Rockman and Blues!  These two robotectives solve the crimes and put the bad guys behind bars.  Kidnapped princess?  Murderred mentor figure?  Lost Relic the only way you can save your dying sister?  Rockman and Blues are on the case!  There's a lot of different ways this can go.  Samus Aran is the new Rookie on the Video Game Police Force training with Rockman and Blues.  Rockman and Blues are assigned to protect foreign diplomat Princess Peach from being kidnapped while on holiday from the Mushroom Kingdom.  Rockman and Blues helping Tifa arrest Sephiroth for murdering Aeris and turning Cloud into a whiney emo douchebag.  Somebody stealing bikinis on that DOA Volleyball island?  Lots of ways it can go.

It might be ambitious of me to ever expect to get to play this game.  Mostly because there aren't too many people who want to mix up concepts of humor with sex, at least not in the experience levied on my travels.  Also, admittedly, Megaman isn't exactly the first source people think of when they think "sexy video games".

Sailor Moon:
Admittedly, I'm not an obsessive follower of the series, but as far as characters go, I adore some of the girls.

All's Fair... [F/F][Some Humor][Light Bondage][Romance][Rebound][Possibly Cheating]
cast: Aino Minako/Sailor Venus & Hino Rei (look how appropriately the colors lined up.  Almost intentionally, no?)
Yet another of Minako's disasterous crushes comes to an end.  As she reflects over the nature of her ever-failing love life, she starts to slowly come to the realization that it might be the curiosity she has for other girls.  She explores the idea by fantasizing about her friends, finding that she consistantly keeps coming back to thoughts of Rei.  Declaring that Rei is her 'new crush' she tries persuing her friend.  With all the humor and sweet cute moments that the series is known for.  I wish I had a better way at fleshing out this idea, but like most of my source-based ideas it's kinda intentionally vague so that it can be reworked a little for a potential partner.  I adore the pairing of Minako and Rei, and eagerly hope that there are others who feel the same. ^.^

Original Ideas: Both Mundane and Exotic
{Where Names are given, in most cases they can be changed for the game itself}

The Last Best Hope [M/F or F/M or F/F][Idea for Kevin, Paul or Shana (maybe all 3 if a player wanted to go big)][Super Hero][Romance][Action][UN]
All the other superheroes on the planet believed the real threat was at the other end of the solar system.  But your character knew better.  She knew damn well there was a greater danger that needed to behandled at home.  Unfortunately once everybody else was gone, the only hope she had left to handle the return of the Demon Lord was... the Tadpole (or Pollywog if a player would rather have Paul, or Vermillion if a player would rather have Shana).

The other character can be another super-hero/heroine, or a super-villain or anyone that might have knowledge about the return of an ancient demon.  I would greatly like a player who would be willing to toss in as much humor and pun work as I would be trying to do. ^.^  The description seems short, but I actually do have a lot of little ideas for this story, just maybe not enough that I could be 100% in control of everything, so a player with a few ideas of their own would be really really ideal.  Of course, isn't that always the way?

Raison d'ĂȘtre [F/F][Idea For Samantha][Fighting][Action/Violence][Cheating][Training][Emotional Abuse][Possible Fireplay][UN]
Samantha Leroux is the reigning Queen of Mixed Martial Arts.  All of her fights have ended in a knock out, except against one girl.  One girl that keeps going the distance with her.  One girl that never submits, never surrenders, and never has the courteousy to just stay down.  Their rivalry has become the stuff of legends... and defeating the girl has become less and less of a goal and more of an obsession.  Samantha eats, drinks, sleeps and breathes her rival, causing a constant strain on her relationship with her fiancee.  This obsession takes a turn for the worse when her rival is injurred and Samantha is told that the other girl may never fight again... more determined and obsessed than ever, Samantha sets to rehabilitate her rival.

This game would probably require both myself and a player to occasionally NPC other opponents for eachother.  I want this game to have as much, or even more fighting than it has intimacy.  Their relationship should go from rivalry to obsession to sexual then to romantic... and I'd like a player who is capable of pacing things out slowly. ^.^

Sam I Am [F/F][Idea For Samantha][FemDom][BDSM][Clone / Twincest][Non-Con / Mind Control][Voyuerism][Possible Fireplay]
Once during a Question and Answer game, Samantha Leroux let it slip around her future boyfriend that her darkest sexual fantasy was a lesbian affair with a perfect reflection of herself.  Unfortunately she didn't know that she would end up dating her boyfriend, and she didn't take into account that his family was the lead in BioEngineering.  For an engagement gift, Samantha recieved a perfect clone of herself modified to be completely unable to resist any verbal command given by Samantha herself.  At first she's hesitant to engage in her relationship with... herself.  However, what starts off as a simple masturbatory fantasy escalates into a bondage nightmare.  She abuses the clone in ways she's only ever thought about letting be done to herself.  Though the clone can resist, protest, and feel shame and sorrow over what happens... her brain is completely unable to say "No" when her mistress asks.

It should be noted that I wouldn't expect the clone to act just like Samantha.  I would very much prefer she develop her own personality and interests that seperate her from Samantha, something which probably will go unnoticed by Samantha who as the story progresses views the clone as less and less a person and more as a sex toy.  If it interested my partner, a secondary aspect could be worked on with the clone falling in love with a third party.  She could "cheat" on Samantha with someone else, either engaging in a very vanilla relationship or maybe even domme-ing and taking out her frustrations on somebody who can't just command her.

Taking Pointe [F/F][Idea for Morgwen OR Lucy (if somebody wants a vampire)][Obsession][Romance][Possible Non-Con][Ballet / Modern Dance][Rivalry][Possible Abuse][Possible BDSM][Possible Unrequited Love]
A famed coreographer has come up with a bold new show that requires two Primas.  For years Gwen has been trying to get a Prima part over her rival within her troupe.  Now she has a chance to share equal footing with her.  The show calls for Gwen to play the part of the Black Queen opposite her rival's White Queen, in a dance allegedly based on one of the greatest Chess Matches ever played.  However it also requires that Gwen work very very closely and more intimately on stage with her rival than ever before... leading to many practices that rely solely on the two of them getting to know one another's moves.  Long hours alone together and the intensity of their dancing causes the rivalry to become romantic obsession... at least for Morgwen...

Admittedly, this idea is very similar to Raison... but I think they're different enough that I would be able to do both stories without overlap in concepts.

This game was originally kinda designed as specifically as possible to play with a friend of mine who takes ballet.  Yet she stopped playing, and despite my best attempts to lure her back she doesn't seem especially eager at the moment so I'll open this up for any interested player.  Though, it should be said that as much admiration as I have for dancers... I'm not one and I'm not particularly familiar with the terminology.  So if somebody is the "expert" and that's what draws their attention to this game, it's awesome, but I'll probably need them to take the lead on most things and be understanding if I'm fairly vague in some descriptions. ^.^;;

Pierced [F/F/M or F/F/F][Idea for Shana and/or Eve][Mild Gore preferred][NonCon and/or DubCon][Superhero][Some Torture]
Desperate to unlock the secrets of super-human regeneration, a foreign governmnent abducts the superheroine Vermillion and the vicious bio-weapon Theta Weapon Eve.  The two awaken at a facility on a boat in the middle of the ocean, a travelling laboratory that forcefully subjects them to brutal experiments trying to unlock the secrets of their DNA.

There are lots of ways this idea can go.  Either a hero that rescues one or both of the ladies and interactions can build on the way back to a safe place, or a violent tale of the torment the girls undergo during their forced stay at the facility.  Likewise, if a player wanted to double up (or if we wanted it to be a 3player game) both a hero and their captor could be played.  If asked which I most prefer, I think the 3player game option sounds the most fun.  It puts a sense of two sides fighting over Shana and Eve.  I would like, if anybody plays their captor, a bit of charisma... work the girls psychologically and try to use their personalities against them to win them to your cause.  Make them understand how and why you could do this to them.  It's something that would take a different approach with each of them... and I would still like a bit of looking the other way while some guards have their way with the girls... <.< >.>

Original Ideas:: One Shots:
{Sometimes these are "scenes" that are mostly about getting a quick trist played out.  Sometimes they're experiments with ideas that I'm not sure I really want to explore.  Regardless, a One-Shot or Quickie Game is a pretty good way to test out playing with somebody to see if you like playing with them.}

The Curiosity Club [M/F and F/F and M/M possible (read: please include) Futa][Cheating][Audience / Voyuer / Exhibition][Open Fetish][Smut][UN]
Between three and five couples (depending on how many people my partner is willing to play) all attend a swing party without seperate rooms.  With just a single bed in the middle of the room, the couples enter well aware of the point of the party.  A swing party designed to test the limits of each person's sexuality.  Every person in attendance must sleep with every other person in attendance, no exceptions.  They must reclassify themselves from Curious to Experienced, and they must do it in full view of the other guests.  Likewise, when it's their spouse or signifigant other's turn... they have no choice but to watch.  Despite my labelling this as a "Smut" game, I would like to toy with the range of emotional responses that can come from this.  Reluctance, excitement, etc.

Because this is designed to have lots of interactions between different pairings, this could be a long one depending on how it's played.  I'm putting it in one-shot mostly because I just really don't have that much of a plot in mind for it.  It's really just a game designed to play every kind of smutty sex scene imaginable, and I definitely would want a player comfortable with doing M/F and F/F as well as one who's going to encourage me to include M/M aspects on this game.

The Heartbreak Hotel [M/F or F/F or (possibly) M/M or any combination of partners][Idea For Any Character From My List][Negotiable][Most Likely Van through Dub-Con rating]
The concept is that a player picks one of the OC's from the list.  The set-up is something akin to a "swing party" with the characters not having any aforeknowledge of who might end up in the room with them.  I would prefer somebody take into account the "types" of the character before putting them in the room with the character of their choice.  But if somebody is charismatic enough, I would consider putting them in with a more Non-Consent feel.  Yes Eve is also available for this game, but I'll tone down her bloody violence most likely. ^.^

Since this one can be so many different things based on who the player wants to play with, it's probably going to always be on my "current cravings" list.  I also figure it's probably the best way for somebody to test whether or not they would like to play with both me as a player and any of the original characters that I have on my list.  So this is the best place to start if you're wondering if you would like how I handle different scenarios, or at least variations on different sexual tones.

In The Garden With Eve (or Lilith) [F/M or F/F][Idea for Eve (or Lilith)][Rape][Brutality / Mutilation][Heavy Bloodplay][Possible Hard Vore][Metahuman]
I'm not anticipating that this gets requested in my lifetime. *laughs* This is a very dark game, the set-up is pretty simple.  Someone, either a soldier sent to retrieve her, or just a hapless victim in the wrong place at the wrong time... ends up alone in a park with Eve.  I would prefer a character with some ability to fight back against her, and another metahuman with a particularly powerful evolution would be ideal since that would make her want to attack the person all the more.  A character with some ability to heal would also be preferable, unless my partner is turned on by the idea of Eve killing her partner.

This idea could include (but by no means has to) themes of Vore and/or Snuff.  Even without those elements, though, I would prefer somebody willing to go into some aspects of gore... Eve heals very quickly, there's no reason you should feel squeemish about ripping her apart.  I think I have a much better understanding of Eve's character than I did when I originally came up with this idea... if that doesn't sound too pretentious.  Eve would probably approach sex the same way she approaches everything in life.  Like a cat with a mouse.  Eve is fascinated by overpowering things, in a fight she's more likely to injure somebody as much as possible before actually trying to kill them.  She likes to make things bleed more than make them stop fighting back... but when she's done with it, she wants them dead.  I think that would transfer over to sexuality.  On the other hand, if you treated her in just the right way... with the right mixture of admiration and fear but without flinching, she'd probably be more than a little turned on by that.  Everything is a toy to Eve, it's just a matter of how she wants to play with it.

If the concept seems fun to somebody and we can think of a good way to keep it moving, I would be easily convinced to make this a long-term project as opposed to a single interaction.  I really really enjoy Eve, and I think it would be possible to expand on the hunted/horror aspect of the story.

If somebody would rather play with Lilith, the themes of the game would be mostly the same, but the way things played out would be likely very very different.

All the Queen's Men [F/M+][Idea For Samantha (possibly with Shana and/or Gwen)][Gangbang][Slight FemDom Elements][UN]
No real concept yet.  I'm extremely curious about playing Samantha in a gangbang scenario, preferably with both men and women making use of her.  Or rather (for the scenario I would like to do) her making use of them.  I'd definitely want Samantha somewhat in control of things, dominant over a small group.  Like four or five male characters and one or two female characters.  The idea, however, hasn't really developped to the point where I've got any details beyond that, though. ^.^;; You know... 'cept the really sexy title...

I don't know if I'll ever find the player that understands exactly what I'd hope for out of this game... possibly because I don't know exactly what I want out of it, myself.  Most of the sexuality would probably be fairly vanilla compared to some of what I'm potentially known for.  Multiple partners, and mild-bondage, maybe some verbal abuse.  I'm hoping there's a player who brings some ideas to the table for this one.  I could probably be talked into turning this into a 3 player game, too.  Each partner handling a couple of roles while I play Samantha.  Likewise, I could be talked into doubling (or trippling) as Shana and/or Morgwen.  In fact, I think playing Samantha and Shana together in a game like this would be pretty fun.

Like the other one-shots, I could probably be convinced to turn this into an expanded idea and make it a more long-term game especially if I were playing either or both of the other girls with Sam.  This is one that I'm always very very very interested in playing, but I'm also kinda choosy about who and how I would probably play it.  Please don't be discouraged about playing with me in general if we don't click on this one, though, okay?  That probably all came out a lot more elitist than I wanted it to, but it's not because I don't think most players are incapable of handling it... it's just that it's more of a shy experiment that I need to be comfortable with a player or extremely intrigued by their ideas to play it.  For a long time this was a "friends only" idea, but none of my friends have expressed interest... so I'm hoping I will make new friends who have interest in it. ^.^;

You can post here or PM me if you have questions or comments or criticism or cookies... I'll usually probably be more prompt in getting back to PM's, since I can't miss the glaring notice that I have a message and I loathe leaving a message unreplied to (unless the sender was rude).

So... thanks for reading, if you did.  If you didn't, you don't get thanked, but you won't see this anyways.
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  • Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand.
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Re: Random Acts of Violence ver 2.0 (not -all- ideas are violent... per se)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2010, 09:25:49 PM »
Re-prioritized ideas.  Added new ideas.  Expanded descriptions of ideas currently on the list.  And removed some ideas that, upon retrospect, I probably wouldn't have been that interested in at the moment.

In short.  Updated.

Offline ViolenceTopic starter

  • Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand.
  • Lord
  • Seducer
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  • Join Date: Feb 2009
  • Location: At the foot of a two faced God straddling the border of Nightmares and Dreams.
  • Gender: Male
  • I want a girl in pointe shoes and a collar.
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Re: Random Acts of Violence (RP Ideas: From Van to F/F Clonecest)
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2010, 11:51:44 PM »
Added Games.  Streamlined to make it less "wall of texty".  Made my stupid color-code a little easier to approach.


Desperately want to play "Sam I Am" with somebody, but not likely to hold my breath. ^.^