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Author Topic: Lythes Idea Box - M LF F - Wall of Text! [31st Aug]  (Read 827 times)

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Lythes Idea Box - M LF F - Wall of Text! [31st Aug]
« on: August 31, 2010, 05:19:21 pm »
Introduction and Background
This is a mirror of my IM board.. I hope that's legit, I didn't see any rule posted against it, despite looking! Look how fearful I am of godly wraths! :p

Hey there!

My ad is long, but this first bit's the important stuff, the rest's just ideas... Do please read stuff before you message me!

In a nutshell, I'm here looking for a detailed, exciting RP, based on an IM of your choice - preferably AIM - or via forums, email or PMs!. I'm a straight male, but am not opposed to NPCing females and futas. I also lean towards the dominant; be that a master/pet, master/slave, or master/plaything kind of relationship. They're all good, though I do insist my subs are more than just a sack of meat, and take an active role and personality.

I'm usually available between 6ish and 12ish GMT (1PM and 7PM for you yanks!) most days. I'm here for longer hours on weekends, certainly much earlier and typically a little later, too. Unfortunately, I still don't line up very well with Americans who are only around in their evening time  :( . If you're looking for IM RP, make sure these times line up with yours, goddam! : )

My kinks are wide ranging, and I love variety. I don't particularly dislike vanilla, but I tend to indulge in the kinkier, more erotic sides of things given a suitable scene and partner.
I adore, in no particular order: spanking, bondage, excessive cum/pre-cum/other fluids, causing humiliation, playing monsters/beasts, group scenes (or just threesomes), receiving oral and lots of rough shaggin'. Big bonus points for those that can make their characters sound sexy, too, apart from describing her as big-titted somewhere in the past and calling it quits.
The only things I really -don't- like is ageplay, scat, and gore; and gore is fine within RP, it's just not gonna turn me on any. I'm not big on watersports but if you really wanna get pissed on, it doesn't bother me.

What I'm looking for is hard to say. Partners need to have an interest in long-term scenes, be well-written (Paragraph+ of well written stuff, please!), and above all be imaginative enough to keep a story or scene flowing. I'll have plenty of input, too, but I'd write a book if I didn't want you to help move things along from time to time! I also really enjoy well planned out characters with a bit of depth to them.

Here follow a selection of ideas. Feel free to change bits, add bits, remove bits, reworks bits, or suggest something entirely new! Roles are highlighted at the top, my character first, yours second. The linked images are basically just guidelines, and obviously in roles where I'm gender-flexible they'd swap around! Enjoy!

Example Ideas (More or less ordered by level of dominance!)

The Unlikely Pair [M x F Romance.. wait whut?] - Modern Day
Paul and Sara were about the two most different people you could imagine. For the longest of times they've been at school alongside each other, and spared barely a word toward each other. That's not to say the pair had any real falling out, rather he had his friends, and she had hers. There was never any real reason for them to mingle - perhaps save a small crush, though that passed before it amounted to more than a few subtle glances from one to t'other.

Cut forward seven years, however, and the pair are going to University together. What's more, they're housed on the same corridor as one another, sharing a kitchen and lounge, along with several other first year students. How could they possibly keep up their silence now, awkward though it might be to introduce themselves to someone they've known practically their entire life?

Vague caption ahoy! I don't often fancy romance, though I'm told I'm very good at it, but someone might just be in luck! It should be mentioned, though, that romance is no fun without drama, intrigue, jealousy, rage, falling outs... As well as sappiness and shags. Oh ho the fun to be had. I'm not going to expand right here, since it kinda depends what character you'd like to play, but if interested let me know and I'd be happy to work out a few more details!

Tier Two  [M Switch] x [F Switch] - Modern Day / Sci Fi-ish
The worlds population had boomed, there was too many mouths to feed and not enough land for crops. Something had to be done. There were ships scouting for new worlds throughout the galaxy, but without luck... It takes a very specific kind of land to house humans, and the cost of terraforming made it the impractical option. So they drilled. They drilled, dug, and hollowed, a vast, vast network of caves under every inch of the surface. Enormous rock pillars held up the surface, and the massive caverns played home to farmlands.

Cities sprouted up under there, too, and people moved to live in Tier Two, as it came to be known. Though massive UV lights gave some poor imitation of permanent sunlight - tricking plants, at least, into growing - living conditions were poor. Down here the law is poorly regulated, the conditions are awful save for the most fortunate, whom are corrupt and well spoiled. This is the worlds new slum, and travel between the levels is strictly regulated.

Within the slums lie a great number of bars, selling the cheap, unregistered booze produced from the vast farmlands cultivated down here. One of these bars in particular, the Three Stars, was playing host to rebellious thoughts of reform and freedom. Adam was sick of the semi-darkness, the stale air and above all the knowledge that even if he wanted to, he couldn't see the surface.

He, along with his drinking pals, were hatching a plan to head to the surface. For now this was just another somewhat hairbrained scheme; little did they realise the trouble it would land them in.

This is just a setting I've had rattling around, which I'd love to play in, but don't have specific ideas for. The above is cobbled together to provide a starting point, from where I'd love to explore the setting. Again your character is up to you, and what you pick will likely define their interactions, but I don't plan on playing a full on dominant here. He'll have a streak, certainly, and I'm not ruling out some kinky stuff, but that's all.

Trapped [M - Mildly Dominant] & [F] - Modern
Brad sighed as he boarded the train, knowing that it was already late enough that he going to miss his meeting. With a briefcase in one hand, and his expensive suit folded over the other arm, he wandered the too-narrow corridor in search of seat 49A. He was a successful man; a senior manager of a middling sized firm, closing in on a deal to propel them toward the big-time. His lateness wasn't going to ruin it, of course, but that didn't stop him cursing as the train finally moved off, another couple of minutes later.  Ten minutes later, a merger was the least of his worries.

Nobody on board knew the cause. The driver spoke a few times over the tannoy, informing them that their impromptu stop in the middle of the long tunnel was being sorted out. A few minutes late it was revealed that, in actuality, it was not being sorted out, and the train had lost contact. Several of the train crew had marched down the tunnel, while the passengers were left grumbling even more acutely.

The next announcement was the moment when Brad forgot all about his meeting, and instead started worrying for the entirety of his life. "We, ah, the tunnel appears to have collapsed, ladies and gents. Both ends. We'd like to ask everyone not to panic, the rest of the tunnel is perfectly sound..." There was a slight tremble in the man's voice that the tinny electronics did little to mask, then he continued. "We're opening the doors to let passengers off if they wish to roam, and we will provide complimentary meals in a few hours time if nothing has occurred. Once again, our apologies for the disruption to this service."

The carriages had erupted, shouts, complaints, and worried shrieks split the air. Most of the stewards and stewardesses did their best to calm things down, but it took a long while before people started adjusting to the dark. How long were they going to be down there, trapped from the outside world, reliant on the train for light, food, and comfort? How long would there be food? And why was there still no word from outside?

That's the deal; life underground! My character will likely try to take charge to some extent, though he's quite nervous about things himself... I'd also suspect he'll find himself a cute girl who's perhaps a little impressionable to pass the time with!

The Puppet Queen [M/Fu - Master] & [Fu/F - Pet/Slave] - Fantasy or Modern
Robert was a peculiar fellow. Abandoned at a young age, and with a wiry, slight frame, any with any knowledge of the streets might've marked him down as a victim of the waves of poverty sweeping his section of town. Certainly he wasn't a particularly skilled thief, and he certainly lacked the muscle to fend for himself, and that had spelled the end for more than a few unfortunates.

But not he. He, instead of being lost to the ravages of a cruel, dog-eat-dog society, got the dogs to eat one another while he swept up the rewards. A neatly trained charisma, coupled with pleasant looks and a sharp wit, saw him flourish. When others scrounged for scraps, he talked his way into banquets with doting noble ladies willing to share their wealth with this golden boy. Of course, he soon learned not to get too attached - he was not built to be a noble proper, though he did enjoy the trappings that went with it.

As time passed as his sweet boy demeanour left him, his tact changed. His silver tongue continued to see him through, but instead of going for their heartstrings it was blackmail, utilising addictions, and trickery that got him what he want. Some might call him a conman, but he considered himself far more advanced than that.

He's used to getting his way, likely because he's so good at it, but this is bigger than anything he's tried in the past. His eyes have fallen on a powerful, but wonderful, young lady. He wants her, and, more importantly, he wants control of the power she wields.

Your character will be some sort of queen, empress, or other figurehead. Alternatively someone in charge of a large company. Or a celebrity. The idea, though, is that you've got -power-. Power that my character wants. Beyond that, I'm not picky, and I'm going to continue with my theme of make-your-own-damn-characters. The plot idea is, as you should've noticed by now, that my character targets your character and, through various means, takes complete control of her and, crucially, her power/money/etc.

Hellgate  [M/Fu - Master] & [F - Willing Pet] - Modern Fantasy
It's been ten years since the portal to hell opened, and the spawn humans collectively called 'demons' came surging forth. Ten years since the day most hailed as the end of the world. Demons - beings whom revelled in all those things people consider evil, from rage and jealousy to lust, pride and gluttony - were not quite the disaster the world had initially assumed. It was true that there had been a short war, and a great deal of violence had followed their immediate arrival. But, following the failed invasion from the underworld, the overwhelming number of people on Earth restated their dominance.

Despite the humans continuing to hold precedence over the world, many demons remain living on the surface. Most of those who remain are shape-shifters, or able to remain hidden, or simply set up out of the way of humans. These remnants continue to spread their vices as best they can, to try and settle on the surface despite everything. They are hunted when they raise their heads, of course, but most of those able to elude the authorities thus far are proving just as difficult to catch now.

Of these, one demon is particularly ambitious. Dissatisfied with their loss to the mortals, Reitan is driven by his desire to claim dominion of the overworld. One of few demons blessed with blood potent enough to turn mortals toward his own race, he is building himself an army; converting the strong to demons, and using the weak as mortal pawns. Of Reitan's new zealots, however, there is one in particular he has taken something of a shine to.

I'm not in the business of describing other peoples characters, or I'd go on. But the idea is for you to play one of his newly turned demons. We'd start off with you as a mortal, play through the whole corruption dealie, and see how things are going. I think I'd enjoy it most if his chosen one enjoyed the perversion, the servitude, but also the knowledge that she is at least elevated above most of his minions. Eventually I'd rather like for her to settle as his favoured succubus, set firmly beneath him, but spoiled when it doesn't directly conflict with his needs, though if the plot goes a different way, so be it.

The Slave Ring [M - Master] & [F - Slave] - Sci Fi
On a large, dilapidated space station rests a large, powerful criminal cartel. Their trade? Humans, aliens, and from time to time beasts, too. There is a large - albeit illegal - market for livestock, particularly after said livestock has had their desire to escape stripped from them. This enormous space station hangs on the edge of police control, well armed and just distant enough that it is yet to attract any attention it can't deal with. Traders stop often to get cheap deals, or indeed deals on outlawed goods. Slaves are just one of the goods on offer, though they are perhaps the most valuable trade for those willing to risk it.

Tam originally signed on to try and free his sister, who was being processed by the group. The station is, however, an enormous place, and he stood no real chance. So while he worked, and tried to spread himself out and keep an ear to the ground, he never did find her. By now she's likely been sold and moved on, or lost to the streets... But he had no plans to leave. He has too much fun. And now that he's just starting to scrap his way up through the ranks, the perks are growing more plentiful, and gets to be the king of his own small harem.

Your character is yours, but a few suggestions:
- A trader who didn't manage to carry out her business
- His sister, as mentioned above
- An official investigating the place who gets in over her head.

Street Adoption [M - Master] & [F - Reluctant Slave] - Modern
The streets are a hard, cruel place. With so many orphans, runaways, and other forgotten teens it is no wander the crime rates in this part of the city is so high. Most folk take no notice of the terrible, degrading ways of life of so many. But there are a few, a very few, who take pity on the street urchins, and provide them an alternative way out...

Mark Savoy is considered a real pillar of the community. Born into wealth, he spent his life honing his charisma and then using it to promote charities, fight against injustices, and campaign for all manner of causes. He is widely regarded as something of a national treasure. His most recent campaign involves taking teenage girls from the streets, and rehabilitating them. They are taken into his home, weaned off whatever dependencies they may have, and converted into respectable, law-abiding citizens. It is said that Mr. Savoy himself takes an active role in each girls rehabilitation.

It is true that he takes an active role in the girls. It is less true that they are all released a changed and wonderful young lady. Mark, lead by delusions that his good work outweighs whatever 'petty' evils he undertakes, is not the saint he appears to be. Several women are simply... Lost in the system. These girls are turned into his playthings, kept as something between prisoners and pets, treated to a lower standard of living that his animal pets. Rehabilitation for them means adjusting from being a free, if unlawful and struggling, girl, to being a captured and bound toy of some megalomaniac.

Again, your character is yours to invent. I'd suggest someone punkish/gothic/emo with a bad streak, and possibly some sort of addiction to be exploited, but if you want to surprise me, I'd not object.

Other Delicious Things to Include

Here's a few other ideas that aren't fully fledged ideas, but could be excellent fun worked into a proper idea. Or just ideas that I need to expand on in the future. It doesn't mean I want to do them any less, it just means I haven't got round to fleshing them out yet; express interest, and I'll come up with something fun!
  • Pretty much anything involving adventurers, space or the like
  • An apocalyptic or zombie-apocalyptic universe
  • A girl literally addicted to cum, potentially from a rather unsavoury source (demon, orc, as examples)
  • Addiction to anything else, for that matters; drugs, power, pain etc.
  • The rise of a sort of 'sex cult', and having it either be infiltrated or attempted to be stopped

The Old And Outdated

Not really interested in these any more, but I'll leave them for posterities sake!

The End of Days [M - Master] & [F - Slave]
The Kingdom of Pelon had been a fair land. Mostly plains and rolling hills, the people had enjoyed prosperity, safety, and an easy way of life. The tall mountains in the East formed a natural barrier, deterring their neighbours from attacking, so the King's army was small. In a word: Idyllic.

That was how it had been. How it is is a different tale altogether, and one rather more pertinent. A man calling himself the Lord of the Dead had walked a narrow mountain pass, and began bringing the fallen back to life. The vicious zombies, ghouls, skeletons and worse hunted every living thing maliciously. Demons were raised in places of great suffering, and those few animals that survived evolved in just a few generations to great monstrous beasts. Pelon is on the very brink of annihilation.

Villages and hamlets, as well as farms, are near enough all dead, losing themselves to the ravages of time with their owners rotting, or walking alongside their killers. A few towns made it, and most of the walls cities stand still, bastions that the shambolic legions are unable - and seemingly unwilling - to assault. And so it is that the entire population of Pelon, such as it is nowadays, is divided into their fortresses, staving off attacks and surviving as best they can from day to day.

There are a very few who still walk the wild-lands. One such is Atran; a former soldier, and one of the last to try and make passage between two of the greatest cities. It had been a doomed mission, for now his company are dead, and he has forsaken his mission, his king, and his honour. All that remains to this wily, manic man is to kill as many as he can before they take him. He cares little for humans, and when he occurs another survivor, it is not an act of charity that spurs him to save her, but rather a more physical desire...

I'm not going to dictate who you play or what direction things will go, but it wouldn't be a large jump for him to rescue a damsel in distress just to have her follow him along and provide some good old fashioned fun each evening, whatever she has to say on the matter. He's not going to care for her, certainly not to begin with - though it might be fun if she became the angel on his shoulder - but rather he'll look after her, keep her, and expect.. favours in return.