Depraved SciFi anyone? [EX] (talented male writer wanted)

Started by wrathflame, August 31, 2010, 09:11:47 AM

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Okay, so I haven't been on this side of the forum for quite a while. My idea, although it is not really a full scenario as I prefer to discuss it with a possible candidate rather than spew it all here, would have a strong SciFi theme to it, and the action would take place either in space or on a fictional planet.

I am looking for male writers who can and will write grammatically correct posts, of a decent length. I am not a grammar nazi (well, maybe just a little), but I lose interest rather quickly if I notice the responses have an increased level of sloppiness. I do not have a problem with people getting bored and leaving a story, but please, if you feel you are no longer in the mood, do not let the quality drop. I am not a hypocrite, perhaps at some point, especially at the beginning of my writing on E I may have done this, but I have learned from my past mistakes.

Also, while I am a fan of RPs with strong (I do mean strong) sexual content, I love description and interraction, and a certain build-up to something mind-blowing. That is why I like to discuss details with my co-writers beforehand.

Some elements I want in this RP:

- abduction
- imprisonment
- experiments (both physical and mental)
- mind control/manipulation
- otherworldly pregnancy and body modification
- orgiastic scenes
- an extreme level of perversion
- sexual torture, forced scenes, public displays and breaking down
- etc as in whatever you may please and may find fit to the story except my offs which are practices that involve bodily fluids, incest and sex with animals one might find on earth (no pets, please)

Now, I am a fan of the alien abduction scenario, but I have yet to write a complete story about this. However, I am a fan of all things SciFi, especially if those things are coupled with all of the above. I could create a plot right now, but I am curious about the ideas you might get upon reading this. Please contact me if you are interested in anything from the Abducted Scenario, Dying Species in Desperate Need for Breeders, to anything else that could work with this theme.

Lastly, thanks for reading and I am looking forward to replies.
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I'm going to send you a PM...I'm very interested.  If you're curious about my writing style check out some of the games I'm in.