Pursuing the Dark prisoner. (Seeking M or F character.)

Started by Alexander, August 31, 2010, 05:03:09 AM

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With the world of the living and the soul society in the middle of preparing for a war against the espada, and Aizen sosuke, a lone woman who was left a long, long time ago to wander the world of the living alone made her presence known… Shizuka Kunakita did her best to just stay out of everyone’s way… Dressing as a high school student when it was needed, hiding out in a faux body thanks to Urahara, everything seemed to have been going smoothly enough… until a battle in the world of the living forced her out of hiding, and made her presence known to the very people she once belonged to… She had fled the soul society, once she had become what she was… She was a Vizard now, a shinigami with hollow powers, but what she could not understand, is why she was so important to anyone. Hollow came for her sure, but she never expected the Shinigami to ever come looking for her… It had to have been because she deserted. There was no way she could go back, and continued to hide in the real world. Though that fateful battle that had forced her to choose between an innocent young girl, and letting her die had forced her to use more of her power than she ever wanted, and as a result, they were now onto her… No matter what she would not be going back, even if she had to kill whoever they sent…

This as you can probably tell is an RP idea set in the Bleach universe, and I would be playing the part of Shizuka, the young woman Vizard who merely wishes to be left alone. What I am looking for is a counterpart, Male or female doesn’t matter, real gender is irrelevant in an RP. Either a male or female character is fine as well, but I am looking for this character to be sent to the world of the living for the purpose of bringing Shizuka back with him/her, and leading into quite a bit of conflict. I would prefer it to be an OC like my own, because lets face it you can only toy with canon settings so much. This character would have to be quite powerful to stand up to a Vizard, so I would suggest someone at least on par with a captain. I have a character sheet-ish thing made up for her with a bit more detail on her ability that I would be more than happy to show as well. There are many ways it could go, and it could stay 100% vanilla or develop into a romantic/slightly erotic theme, all to be discussed by someone that is interested. A note on a few things. I am looking for a longterm RP to come from this. Please do not under any circumstances PM me or post about the idea if you are looking for a quick one shot. Id like a bit of detail in posts as well. I have begun to take a liking to at least 2 paragraph-ish long posts myself, that’s what I try to pump out on average these days, sometimes more or less depending. I am looking for conflict in the RP, be it emotional, physical, and I can promise you there will be plenty of that, she is not a peaceful girl by any means.

If you are interested in this Idea, as well as Bleach as a whole, kudo’s, and I look forward to hearing from you. As I said its open to any character, male or female. If you wish it to develop into any kind of romance, and do not mind that a male is at the helm of a female character, you earn my respect in more ways than one. Thank you all for reading!