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May 22, 2018, 06:43:27 PM

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Author Topic: RP wanted (MUL) Perverted Sesshomaru needed  (Read 535 times)

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Offline TamaRoseTopic starter

RP wanted (MUL) Perverted Sesshomaru needed
« on: August 30, 2010, 03:20:03 PM »
I just had an idea for an rp with someone else playing Sesshomaru.It would be in modern day Japan and Sesshomaru will have changed alot since the feudal era,except for his need to have and get what he wants out of life and his arrogant attitude that still shows from time to time.He hides his demon form with some sort of magic to make him look more human.(Yes,there are demons living in modern day Japan.They just have a way of hiding it so humans don't freak out....and Inuyasha is still alive as well.Probably,now working for his brother Sesshomaru.)

Sesshomaru is a big business mogul who is known all around the world.He has traveled many places,one of them being America to open other businesses.Anyway,he has come into liking some of the sexual kinks that Americans have and so at night when he is alone he changes his appearance so he can go to different clubs and indulge in his newly sexual fetishes he has.

The character I am playing is not a worker at this particular club but he does bump into her while he is visiting America for business reasons.Of course she thinks he is like every other guy and wants nothing to do with him but for some reason he is intrigued with her and wants her for his own.So,much so I figure he has someone follow her at all times and see who she is with and if she is spending her alone time with someone he doesn't approve of.He even has the person that follows her take pictures of her without her knowing it.

Ok,this rp won't have any rape in it but it will be alot different then what I am used to.Sesshomaru is of course  himself at work and when he is around others but is kind of perverted to the point where he fantasises and has someone follow this woman at all times.When he sees that she is hanging with a guy he doesn't seem worthy enough for her and he has her kidnapped and holds her captive in a room in his mansion (in Japan)where he does his best to prove that he is the right mate for her and that she doesn't need any other man.

It is a warped rp and as long as there isn't forced rape in this particular rp I am willing to have someone play Sesshomaru as dirty and nasty as they please. I like it kinky and whips and domination are allowed.Just no scat,gag balls/rings,vomit,or urine.She will eventually fall in love with him after awhile and get into the same kinks as him but that won't be until later on.Until then she will fight him and he will have to seduce her in ways of getting her to sleep with him.Even if that include drugs to make her relax enough to get her in the mood.

Anyway,I hope everyone understands this because I have so much going through my head at the moment it's hard to get it all down.If anyone has questions just ask.Thanks!

Offline Tritton

Re: RP wanted (MUL) Perverted Sesshomaru needed
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2010, 03:51:17 PM »
Adventure begins in the heart and is played out in the mind… and I would like to take on this theme with you if you will allow me the pleasure. I can only post during the work day and won’t be fast, but I will be steady. 
Just leave a post for me if you are interested
I mostly will work off of a post or e- mail

Offline TamaRoseTopic starter

Re: RP wanted (MUL) Perverted Sesshomaru needed
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2010, 08:09:38 PM »
I would love to rp with you and as soon as I can get a thread going I will send the link to you.You might have to wait though because we are in the process of planning my neice's wedding for this weekend so,we are really busy.As far as posting goes as long as you are steady I don't mind.If you get tired of the rp though just tell me because I will understand.I just hate being ditched,which is something alot of people have been doing to me lately.That or writing two/three posts and then leaving without telling me.Other then that I am fine and thank you for wanting to join!