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Started by kaz, August 29, 2010, 08:02:00 PM

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The ship wasn't very large.  50 passengers had been placed in the sleep pods.  They had paid a small fortune to escape the hell hole that Earth had become.  They were expecting a wonderful new life on a paradise planets.  But that wasn't what the awoke to.

The ship encountered a micro meteor shower, the tiny but deadly space rocks caused so much damage the ships piloting and control computer failed.  The ship was sent into a decaying orbit of a planet.  This planet was in an unexplored region of space.  It seemed to be alright.  There was green grass, blue skies and areas of water that seemed to be filled with a variety of marine life.  But when the ship crashed, the pods released their sleeping passengers.  They woke confused, not understanding what was going on.

Out of 50 sleepers, maybe half survived.  A mixed bunch, they would have to work together to survive.   And hope there weren't any other things or beings out there, watching, waiting.

Needed characters

A selection of passengers
A couple of military types

I am looking for an equal mix or more males than females.  I would like to see a mix of Doms and subs, maybe some switches.  We will need people who could lead, people who will panic, someone who is an antagonist.  Just think about what sort of character you might like to throw into the mix.

The idea of this is to see how people react in this situation.  Sex will be involved, but its so much more than that.  There might be aliens in the future, but I haven't decided yet, for now its about survival...


Position: Military/civilian



Sexuality: Please include likes, dislikes, all sexual info,


[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Position: [/b] Military/civilian
[b]]Occupation: [/b]

[b]Appearance: [/b]


[b]Sexuality: [/b] Please include likes, dislikes, all sexual info,

[b]Background: [/b]

This might not become anything, but I would like to see if there is any interest.
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


Peeks into the interest check.  Sounds like it could be an interesting game.  Will keep an eye out on it seeing what other interest it gets. 


Will keep an eye on it, we'll see what happens when I get my charger in a few days :)
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Looks good.

I will work on this, hope to have it finished by tomorrow.

Name: Jensen Scarborough
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Position: Military
]Occupation: Sergeant



Sexuality: Please include likes, dislikes, all sexual info,



Name: Illara Mayfield
Age: 19
Gender: female
Position: civilian
Occupation: heiress(family came into money shortly before the launch)
Appearance: 5'4" about 110 lbs. Her hair is a light brunette, almost blonde. It is framed around her face, then reaches to a point in thelower center of her back. It is mildly volumtuous, giving body and bounce to the waves that accent it, with light blue ribbons streaming from it. Her body is slender, making her look slightly younger than she is. measurements: 32b, 28, 34(inches). She has hazel eyes, almost amber in color with a hint of green in them. Her long thick eyelashes make it seem like she's constantly wearing mascara, though she rarely ever wears make-up anyway. Her skin is on the pale side, though not ghostly, with only a slight natural tan to it. She's wearing a cute, southern belle-styled mini dress with light blue ribbons, and thigh high white stockings with matching gloves and a white pair of nice shoes(not high-heeled, but still considered dress shoes). Her family insisted she looked nice for paradise.
Personality: Actually is more of a tom-boy, but her family likes to dress her up like a doll since they came into their money. She isn't afraid to get dirty, though her parents would have been angry, getting her nice new dress all muddy. She IS an innocent though, her parents raised her "right" even before the inheiritance, though that doesn't mean she isn't ever curious. On occasion, she always imagines the worst case scenario, making her scared often, BUT she knows the adrenaline rush when she's made it through so tends to at least act brave. She can be resourceful at times, as she used to enjoy hiking and reading wilderness survival guides for odd reasons. Not to mention learning about all the different animals was her passion.
Sexuality: straight, for the most part. As I said, she can get curious. dislikes:anal, not even curious about it, doesn't want it period. likes:men vocalizing their pleasure
Background: She came from a middle class family, which isn't saying much since there was poor/middle class, then upper class/rich... Whenever she could, she would get ahold of survival guides and animal guides, learning about nature in any way. When an uncle who she didn't even know existed passed away and left all his money to her mother, it seemed things were finally turning around. Her family tried to teach her to be more lady-like, but after 17 years of rough housing with the boys, it just wan't going to happen. They would dress her in fine clothes and jewelry only to have her come home covered in mud and dirt, with another broken necklace. They even went so far as to get her pedicures and manicures, thinking it would keep her from rough housing, but it was merely more money down the drain as she would come home with broken nails. When they heard about the ship, they were more than prepared to spend it all to get them away from this hell hole, and all the rufians that were "corrupting" their daughter. So, they dressed her up nicely, and made sure she was wearing good jewelry and had her nails all done, so that when they awoke in paradise she would be beautiful and everyone would know they weren't scum.
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Name:   Nichole Durand
Age:   27
Position:   Ex-military
Occupation:   Security Detail
Appearance:   http://i799.photobucket.com/albums/yy272/Major_Teroh/Adult/CatgirlWithGun.jpg
Nichole was a stern woman of average high and weight, standing five feet and five inches, weighing around one hundred thirty-five pounds. Her body was fairly toned due to her constant activity in special training. Despite her activities, her body kept its womanly curves, her breasts firm and rounded and her hips wide. She couldn't be described as womanly in her personality however, as she was prone to being one of the guys amongst her friends. Her hair is of a slightly pale, dusty purple hue, kept short and above her shoulders. She had miraculously kept her body free of tattoos through her wild youth, but had attained several scars from this period along with more during her military career. Her eyes are sharp and observant, occasionally holding a fierce demeanor in their orange-hued depths. The company for the voyage hired her to work discreetly so she is wearing her normal clothing, which normally consists of a relatively masculine wardrobe. At the time of the crash she is wearing a pair of worn out blue jeans and a simple t-shirt.
Sexuality:   Bisexual. She much prefers women due to being used by men while younger, but she isn't shy about admitting the attractiveness of a man.
Background:   Nichole was once a member of the military, and she had seen a fair amount of action. She was a good soldier, but never an exceptional one. She never carried her entire squad out of battle or saved an operation all on her own, but she was a good leader and kept her troops motivated and doing their job properly. It didn't hurt that she was a hard person to rattle, and that she was naturally a survivor and good with a number of weapons. She rose steadily in rank until reaching the point of Commandant, the equivalent of a Major in other military organizations. Though she was usually the ranking officer on the field for the operations of her  company, this didn't keep her from trying to remain involved in the actual fighting. These decisions were much to the chagrin of her commanding officers, and often kept her in a fair amount of trouble for dodging around direct orders from a superior. The only thing that made them stop short of a court martial as disciplinary action was that her actions always seemed to lead to good outcomes, though she was sure that the moment one went wrong she would be in quite serious trouble. This constant state of being on the edge of insubordination wasn't the only thing that kept her from progressing further up the chain of command than she already had, she had absolutely no desire to be kept off of the field of battle with her friends and soldiers.

Growing up, Nichole had been a bit of a renegade, acting more like one of the guys at her school than what was considered a proper lady. She had come from an upstanding family of high influence in the city that she was born and raised in. Her family did their best while she was a young girl to instill the values of a woman of high society into her being, and she did very well until her teen years. As she began to discover her independence and sexuality, the budding girl rebelled against her parents and their teaching. Hoping to remedy this, her parents sent her to one of the finest all girls' boarding schools in the country. This only served to help speed up her rebellion though, as this is where she learned of her strong attraction towards members of the same sex, and she went through numerous relationships with her fellow students before the faculty discovered this and her parents had her removed from the school in an attempt to quell the unflattering behavior. No matter how hard her family tried, the only succeeded in alienating their daughter further. Therefore, when Nichole told her parents that she was leaving and planned to go to London, they were more than willing to help her and hopefully remove her negative influence to the family's name from the equation.

The environment of London only helped her rebellious personality to flourish, as she was away from her family, she no longer hand any restraining factors on her behavior. She no longer hid her attraction to other women, and she went with the times and experimented with the drugs of the time and alcohol. It wasn't long however before she found herself running out of money and stuck in unpleasant situations. While this made her slow down, she continued to live wildly and during these times she was forced to learn to live without the luxuries of living with her family and suffered several unpleasant sexual experiences and was put in her place more than a few times before she learned how to defend herself properly. When she was financially at the bottom, with nowhere left to go as her family would not take her back onto the estate, Nichole was forced to turn to the military. She naturally took to the physical aspects of her training, though she had many issues during this time adapting to the chain of command, as would be evident even late in her career. Through various acts of innovation and courage, she advances quickly through the lower ranks and finds that she excels at leading others once she has her first command. While she is almost perfectly suited for the military, it becomes too much for her commanding officers to struggle with controlling her and she is given an honorable discharge after one of her decisions leads to a less than perfect result. Even after though the objective was completed and with less than the expected casualties, her actions led to some uncomfortable political ramifications that the military would have preferred to avoid. Once out of the military, Nichole finds herself lost. She had grown accustomed to the structured life to keep her in line and away from her past temptations. While she holds to her disciplines as best she can, she finds herself drinking more than is healthy. She keeps away from the drugs of her past and stays on her own in the various temporary lodgings that she affords with the military pay she has saved over the last 10 years of service. She is now in her mid twenties and at a loss for what she is to do. 
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