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Started by grayfoxz, August 29, 2010, 08:37:42 AM

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Hey there, after having been around here a week or so, I started realizing I just have to try some things to know if I like them. Therefore I  am looking for people who either want to try new things with me, or want to teach me things. I am open to nearly anything right now. So suggestions are greaty appreciated.
Only 3 things I don't do for sure
-extreme gore/blood
-male partner.  *futa is possible*

Been doing some rp's latey, and enjoying of course, but I've noticed I'm not much good at being dominant. I'm more of a follower, making other people enjoy themselves and such. Just so you guys know in advance ;)

-Anthro: cowgirls, wolfgirl, catgirl,... Anything of that category. Human mostly or animal walking up straight.
Been wanting to try this for quite a while :) pm me with interest

-strapon: I'd like to roleplay with a bit of a dominant woman, a leading role so to speak, who introduces my character to other sides of sex, like strapon and toys. Havn't tried it for real so a bit had to imagine, but very interested.

I would love to play with a futa girl. not knowing at first how or what she is. I probably won't let myself be fucked but you never know of couse. ;)

I hope to hear from you guys 'n girls soon :)


I would be interested....I also dislike those things as well so perhaps we can make this fun!
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Sent you a pm :)

Anyone else, feel free to react :)



hihi ^.^ I will go with Catgirl xD Nya! m.m~

Interested here! ^_^
No more RP's.I am swamped for now.