Orphan Boy (M/M)

Started by boyblue23, August 28, 2010, 07:32:17 PM

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Hey there!! I'm just throwing this out there,  but if any man is interested I'd like to try this roleplay. I need someone to play a rich lonely business man who finds a young boy (me) of 19 off the street and take him in, perhaps with other intentions then just to give him a warm place to stay. The man tells everyone publicly that the boy is is his son.

By the way I'm a submissive male looking for a dominate male. If have have any other ideas that you may want to add I'm totally open for suggestions. And I'm pretty open to different styles (like traditional, bondage etc.) just ask me about it :)

Jason Masters


Ugh... Work and life have been consuming my life everything on here is on halt... sorry everyone