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September 27, 2022, 09:30:19 am

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Author Topic: Capes and Cowls [Looking for F]  (Read 491 times)

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Capes and Cowls [Looking for F]
« on: August 27, 2010, 02:21:07 pm »
Masks. What a world this has become because of them.

People that could be called Superheroes and Supervillains have really been around in the west since Galileo's assistant used his master's inventions to fight crime in his home city, with unconfirmed rumors of such people going as far back as before the first Emperor in China. Their use in political matters, while never completely absent, didn't take off until World War 1 with the heightened reflexes of the Red Baron being matched against the Allied Air Ace for domination of the skies. Teams start taking off during World War 2 with the Axis "Bruderschaft des Ruhmes" versus the Allies "Freedom Fighters". With the teams taking an active role, in the end there had been major Axis attacks in 5 American cities but the Allies won the war with Germany and Japan's simotanius surrender on September 17th, 1944.

Today there are four major superhero teams, famous or infamous depending on your point of view for getting along with the other teams much better then their host countries get along with each other. The territorial disputes on paper are rigidly controlled- in practice as long as a member of the team whose territory they are in can be sold as the one who made the command decisions they tend not to care.

Protecting the far East and Australia is a "The Great Twelve", officially based in Beijing with a secondary headquarters in Sydney. Made of mostly Chinese heroes there are representatives from Japan, Vietnam, and Australia among their numbers.
Protecting Africa, the Middle East, and what parts of southern Asia the Great Ten doesn't claim is "The 99"- based in Saudi Arabia and named for the Islamic belief that god has 99 names they also are known for encouraging world peace. Not all 99 members have powers, or are Muslims, but they are sincere about what they do.
Protecting Europe and Western Asia is "Ligue de Liberté", a Paris based team of mostly western European heroes who specialize in the stranger threats to people and the planet.
Finally, in the Western Hemisphere, there's "The Justice Battalion"- based in New York with a secondary headquarters in Brazil. They're also considered the most powerful of the four teams, the Battalion is to Superheroes what Broadway is to Stage Actors.

At least, that's what they sell to the world. Truth is, most of the world's superheroes aren't nearly as noble as advertised. For some, the only difference between them and a supervillain is they have a better PR system behind them. Many see it as little more as a paycheck, if a really nice one. Some justify it with a "work hard, get to play hard" response and maybe they have a point- but the point that few superheroes are actually as heroic as they are sold to be stands.

Case and point, "Ligue de Liberté" member Dynamo. London-based, the british electric superhero, is sold as one of the planet's most noble and principled heroes. In reality he may be better then most, but what the people think is principle is really more personal pride. He is in reality Lord Charles Annsbury, technically in line for the British throne though so far back you'd have to have a nuclear weapon go off in London before he even begins to have a chance, he doesn't go out of his way to hurt others- but he's an idly rich thrillseeker whose future plans include little more then womanizing and the occasional charity he attends to keep the image of the nobility better then "mud".

Believing his powers are the result of being a mutant, he is unaware at the moment that his biological father was in fact Zeus disguised as a hired archeology guide to take advantage of Lady Sofia Annsbury's interest in Greek Archeology. Now navigating a world of supervillains, corrupt superheroes, and women in skin tight outfits with bodies of goddesses- one superhero is about to have his world tossed around.

[Alright, basic idea at the moment is that my character is a womanizing superhero whose about to discover his father was Zeus and just how far the depravity of his comrades really goes. We can talk about details in PM. Kind of looking for a GM, system like M&M nice but not required.]